lucha TV preview for weekend of August 12th


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CMLL is back on Fridays, just on YouTube instead of Claro. (I guess they just didn’t think of it last week.) Crazy/Bucanero in the lightning match and Lee/Mascara in the trios are expected, but it’s the stuff that doesn’t seem to build to 09/02 that might be interesting. Let’s talk about that in the morning.

Elite is airing two shows, as promised to make up for last week’s show being missed due to rain. It may not be the full shows. Last week’s show airs Friday night at 11pm, around the old time slot and heads up against the end of the CMLL stream. It’s only listed as an hour – Elite usually goes 75 or 90 minutes, and maybe they’ll just end up going that long anyway. The Saturday show is at the normal time, and should be the matches from this Thursday night. (It’s Mexico, so that’s all to change.)

AAA starts on the Toluca taping, some of which has turned up on YouTube handled already. As usual, we’ll have a better idea of what actually airs when AAA puts up it’s preview Friday night, but they’re in full TripleMania promo.

CMLL Azteca (US) airs the Leyenda de Plata this weekend, which turns out to be the Anniversary build.

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  1. Ugh. Remember when it seemed reasonable to expect a Rush/Volador hair match in 2016? Now they’re teaming up in the main event of a Tuesday Arena Mexico show.

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