Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-07-23 

Azul gives the crowd a souvenir

Recapped: 07/23/2016

What happened: Diamante Azul (over Extreme Tiger) and Teddy Hart (over Rey Escorpion) picked up 3 points. The roster is noticable thin suddenly (partly because they booked another show the same day.)

What was good: Everything was good, nothing was great. I actually liked Azul/Tiger more than Escorpion/Teddy if you make me pick.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel and Elite’s main channel.

Match 1: El Bandido & Emperador Azteca vs Heddi Karaoui & Príncipe Orión
Arena México, 07/21/2016

  1. técnicos
    • Emperador Azteca fireman’s carry powerbomb Principe Orion (5:01)
    • COR Heddi Karoui (5:24)
  2. rudos
    • Principe Orion modified camel clutch Emperador Azteca (2:52)
    • Heddi Karoui cross legged seated tapatia Bandido (2:52)
  3. tecnicos
    • Bandido flying triangle Karaoui (5:24)
    • Emperador Azteca package piledriver Principe Orion (5:26)

Winner: tecnicos (1/3)
Match Time: 13:42

Review: [good] A standout performance from Bandido, looking like a future star at times during the match. Karaoui was more tolerable than in other matches, but still not the greatest base, and Bandido still pulled of a few fantastic spots. Both his dives were eye catching, with the first looking totally out control and more impactful for it. It’s a failing in CMLL’s system that Bandido isn’t featured regularly on the Nuevo Valores shows. Emperador Azteca switched to a black outfit for this match, which made him seem unrecognizable and fit with an unremarkable performance. (Using the package piledriver rounded out the anonymous performance well.) Principe Orion is very pale. He seemed fine.

Bandido just throws himself into this one
Bandido & Emperador with the Mr. Aguila type over the corner dive

Match 2: Teddy Hart vs Rey Escorpión in a Liga Elite match
Arena México, 07/21/2016

Winner: Teddy Hart
Match Time: 17:38
Notes: Teddy Hart starts by stepping over the rail and trying to intimidate a Rey Escorpión fan. Teddy sent Escorpión into referee Bestia Negra, fouled him, then gave him the Teddy Bomb backcracker powerbomb. Teddy had to drag the referee over to count, but it was only two when he recovered. Teddy stalled or a while, and Escorpiin fouled him for the DQ.

Review: [good] Probably will flow better as a highlight video than a match, because it was a highlight video with long pauses between moves. The pace was a problem, and maybe the unfamiliarity too showed up when they struggled setting up spot and spot. Teddy did some cool mat things early, with the escape of the boot choke into a leg scissors looking very smooth. Rey Escorpión was kind of the técnico in this match, an odd role for him which didn’t totally suit him well, and they mostly just spent the last 13 or so minutes taking turns doing big spots. It was much better overall than what we saw of the Teddy/Diamante match; Escorpión could do all the things, but it wasn’t as smooth as Escorpión with the flyers he’s used to facing. Rey Escorpion’s attempt on Teddy Hart’s springboard moonsault was the worst he’s ever had. Teddy seemed to have quite a few serious injuries which were miraculously healed within 15 seconds.

I’m biased towards over the barrier bumps
Escorpion flattens Teddy

Highlights of Marcela & Jaochita vs Muneca de Plata & Amapola and Super Crazy & Grond XXX vs Mr. Electro & Sharlie Rockstar are shown.

Match 3: Golden Magic, Metaleón, Titán vs Argos, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Magnus
Arena México, 07/21/2016

  1. rudos
    • three man 3D on Golden Magic (4:19)
    • Dr. Wagner moonsault Triton (5:02)
  2. técnicos
    • Triton guillotine legdrop Dr. Wagner Jr. (4:04)
  3. técnicos
    • Metaleon crade powerbomb Argos (6:59)
    • Golden Magic super cradle piledriver Argos (7:09)

Winner: técnicos (2/3)
Match Time: 16:15
Notes: Argos & Magnus give Triton a Spanish Fly to set up the first fall finish, but Argos is limping noticeably the rest of the way.

Review: [good] not an exceptional trios but a decently entertaining one. No one really stood out positively on either side (though Argos stood out negatively.) Magnus was solid as a rudo, and gets to do so much more on these shows than CMLL’s own ones. Wagner, Golden Magic and Metaleon were fine, but have done more. They got a lot of time and it held together better than the singles match that preceded it, though the execution wasn’t always so great. Wagner’s aim on his moonsault was fairly bad.

Hijo de Dr. Wagner takes this the painful way


Match 4: Xtreme Tiger vs Diamante Azul in a Liga Elite match
Arena México, 07/21/2016

Winner: Diamante Azul (German Suplex)
Match Time: 8:46
Notes: It not explained until they show the standings, but Diamante Azul has taken Cibernetico’s place (at least for the moment.)

Review: [good] Better than expected, and one of Diamante Azul’s better ever singles matches. They worked towards what both men could do best, Tiger hitting and running and Azul occasionally throwing him around. They did a better job of setting up a way for Tiger to win then his previously matches against large people, with him going after the arm early on. Tiger really had to carry the match with his offense, and did good work here. Azul remains much better as a rudo.

Tiger attacks the arm