CMLL on 2016-06-17 

Valiente Special, 2nd try
Valiente Special, 2nd try

Recapped: 06/18/2016

What happened: Ultimo Guerrero kept his title over Valiente. Sugehit challenged for her own title shot against Zeuxis. Cavernario was hurt in his match.

What was good: The title match was good. The opener was good, and the second and third match weren’t bad.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel with a couple iffy buffering moments. Read More

Elite International Tournament first round, CMLL tonight, CWC


ELITE (THU) 06/23/2016 Arena México [+LuchaTV, CMLL, Estrellas del Ring, SuperLuchas, Yahoo! Deportes]
1) Karonte Jr., Magnus, Okumura b El Bandido, Hijo del Pantera, Magia Blanca
2) PJ Black & Volador Jr. b Lio Rush, Kushida, Bram, Camacho, David Tita, Jinder Mahal, Tama Tonga, Veneno, Heddi Karaoui, Sabú, Michael Elgin, DJZ [seeding battle royal]
2) Bram b Zumbi [Elite Internacional, 8f]
4) Lio Rush b David Tita [Elite Internacional, 8f]
5) DJZ b Hip Hop Man [Elite Internacional, 8f]
6) Tama Tonga b Chicano [Elite Internacional, 8f]
7) Sabú b Veneno [Elite Internacional, 8f]
8) Michael Elgin b Jinder Mahal [Elite Internacional, 8f]
9) Kushida b Heddi Karaoui [Elite Internacional, 8f]
10) Volador Jr. b PJ Black [Elite Internacional, 8f]

This was another Elite event where the attendance felt like the biggest story. Last week’s show was one of the bigger turnouts Elite’s had for a midweek show. This looked like one of the worst, for a pretty expensive show. It looked dire early, worse than the depths of a dead Tuesday show. It looks more filled in in later pictures, though some of that may be people being allowed to move down (usually not permitted at lucha shows.) The concept, at least as presented, did not seem to be a draw.

And that’s too bad, because the show sounded weird and occasionally good, as you hope for with these international tournaments. DJZ/Hip Hop Man and Volador & PJ Black sound like they went well. Black Terry Jr. posted video of that first match and Veneno/Sabu. Sabu was one of the most over guys, which suggests the people who showed up were mostly long time hardcore fans, since you’d have to really dig for tapes back in the day to see Sabu in Mexico.

Zumbi was on this show, happening at the same time as the Cruiserweight Classic tournament he was originally scheduled for. PWInsider reported he didn’t make weight. I do not believe that is correct, and I do not think anyone who’s seen Zumbi would believe that is the reason. He looked like the same small skinny guy as always last night. “Not making weight” might be the public story to cover up something else. (I’m not even sure if he even ever made to the building; he and Jinzo weren’t getting there until Wednesday, and I’ve not yet seen a photo of Zumbi in the performance center.) As far as I can find, no one’s posted an interview with Zumbi explaining the situation yet, but it may be coming.

NJPW mentions the wins for their wrestlers, which suggests they expect this tournament to go well for them. (It’s also weird that, since neither CMLL nor Elite posts a recap of their show, the only ‘official’ recap we get is when NJPW is involved.) As best we can figure, this is how the bracket goes – they changed the order of the matches from the elimination order in the battle royal, moving the bigger names to last. The semifinals will be the winner of Bram/Sabu vs the winner Lio/Elgin and the winner of DJ Z/Kushida vs the winner Tonga/Volador. My guess is Sabu vs Elgin and Kushida vs Volador, then Elgin beating Volador in the final. One of the NJPW guys has to take a loss, and the Volador win could set up the Volador/Kushida match I’ve been expecting. Volador’s already talking about that match in his post match interview.

I’m skeptical all of this will air. This was a normal length show, if maybe even longer. I would expect the top three or four matches will air tonight on Lucha Azteca 7, and the rest are cut down to highlights.

Magia Blanca & El Bandido teaming up is notable, since Blanca is Magnifico I and Bandido is presumed to be Magnifico II. That may be an acknowledgement of their relationship, since Magia Blanca is almost never otherwise used right now.

It’s a unclear if any of the losing foreigners are sticking around. PJ’s surely heading to LA, but not sure about the others.

Mas Luchas had good interviews with Michael Elgin & DJ Z from Wednesday. I assume those interviews are why Informa was pre-empted, but it seems more loosely organized than normal Elite press conferences. It works out for us because Mas Lucha got some good time with both guys, but the promoting of the show was shaky at best. After this show, PJ Black talked about wanting to come back for a rematch, even coming back for a month if Elite’s interested. He’s acted point blank about Lucha Underground and, while he doesn’t discuss details, says he’s in trouble for working with Elite.

Tonight’s CMLL show is a preview for the Gran Prix. Tanga Roa (or Tanga Loa) debuts, teaming with his brother Tama Tonga and Sam Adonis against Atlantis, Volador, and Diamante Azul. Everyone but Atlantis is in the Gran Prix next week. CMLL’s been calling the rudo trio “legión extranjera”, which is the name AAA used for years for their own evil foreigner unit. (I don’t think it’s a reference, just a common phrase.) Semimain has Kushida, Mistico and Marco versus Mascara, Shocker and Terrible; the preview notes Kushida trained under Arturo Beristain for at ime 10 years ago. The fourth match Rey Cometa, Super Porky, Valiente versus Cavernario, Felino, and Mr. Niebla in a preview match.

The one singles match on the show was Zeuxis defending her title against Princesa Sugehit, which CMLL’s teased as the start of a mask/mask match. It’s more credible than usual, since most of CMLL’s women end up unmasked, but I still expect Zeuxis to remain champion. The best match of the show might be the Fuego, Maya, titan versus Puma, Tiger, Bobby Z match, though they’ll be limited by being in the segunda. Opener is Shockercito & Stukita vs Mercurio & Pierrothio.

The show will start at 8:30 pm and air on ClaroSports as normal. Unless my plane gets delayed, I won’t be able to record it, but other people probably will. I didn’t plan it this way, but it seems generally a safe show to skip, with most things being held for next week and the women’s title match the only storyline that might progress on this show.

Tickets for the Gran Prix are on sale, and run from 997 MXP ($53 USD) to 185 MXP ($10), though they’re only selling the lower areas online. That seems like the lower side for a CMLL major show. By comparison, Saturday’s Elite show are currently going for 720 down to 180.

RobViper has highlights of 05/25 & 06/01/10 CMLL.

Letra Roja has a good column talking about the recent history of governmental officials holding press conferences promising better medical assistance for luchadors, and how it never quite turns out as promised.

A Bleacher Report article on Lucha Underground includes comments on what they look for in casting luchadoras.

Lucha Libre elsewhere

Last night was the first taping for the Cruiserweight Classic. They taped four weeks of TV with all the opening round matches (4 per show.) If I’m not going to post Lucha Underground spoilers, it doesn’t make sense to be posting spoilers for that show either, but they’re pretty easy to find. (Start with this Twitter account.)

There are some useful not result details. Photos showed them listing Mascara Dorada’s name on the screen. I imagine it was a deal similar to Prince Devitt/Finn Balor, where they showed both to make sure everyone understood the guy’s other identity. Assuming they air the matches as taped, Mascara Dorada/Gran Metalik will appear on the July 13th show. Jinzo/Raul Mendoza will appear on the July 20th show.

I am told the order of the matches don’t necessarily set up the second round matches (the winner of the first match may not face the winner of the second match.) They’ll run a tournament preview show on the WWE Network on July 6th, and that may be when the entire bracket is revealed.


DTU (FRI) 07/01/2016 Arena Femenil, Monterrey, Nuevo León
1) Licántropo vs Drolux
2) Fly Danger, La Maligna, Tiburón vs Jimmy, Kevin (DTU), Zuzu Divine and Destello, Krystal, Niño De Cobre
3) El Gio & El Jr. vs Kastigador & Vengador
4) Black Fire © vs Moria, X-Zafiro, Lokillo, Tony Iron [DTU AI]
5) Drastik Boy & Ronnie Mendoza vs Pesadilla & Rocky Lobo
6) Cíclope (DTU) © vs Sharlie Rockstar, Miedo Extremo, Ángel o Demonio, Ovett [DTU]

First of a run of DTU shows in northern Mexico, but this is the one with all the title matches so it’s slightly more interesting. Sharlie is also DTU Consgrado champion, so he could end up with both titles. The semimain is essentially a #1 contenders match for the tag titles; Titan & Triton are champs but not on these shows, and these are two teams that have been chasing them. This is Black Fire’s first title defense since returning from Germany.

AAA AULL (SAT) 07/02/2016 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Dinastía & Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis
2) Heddi Karaoui, Johnny Idol, Toscano vs American Sweetness, Trauma I, Trauma II
3) Drago & Fénix vs Daga & Joe Lider
4) Texano vs Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías

Notable for the oddness of the new CMLL foreigners working on an otherwise AAA show.

MDA (SUN) 07/03/2016 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) Azul & El Arkángel vs Elder & Sol Azteca
2) Extreme Boy & Último Sombra vs Gallardo & Gato Fantasma
3) Epydemius & Lince vs Obsesión & Tormento [Relevos Increíbles]
4) Metaleón & Último Ninja vs Golden & Ninja Jr. [Relevos Increíbles]
5) Hijo de LA Park & Laredo Kid vs Delta & Galactar
6) LA Park vs Volador Jr. vs Rush vs Caifan

Main event should be crazy. The middle two matches are the Monterrey vs Outsiders feud from the Elite shows and the usual lucha bit of teaming up people who’ve been feuding for two weeks.