Lucha Underground 2×21: Six to Survive

twitter arguments, but in real life
twitter arguments, but in real life


Pentagon won a Six To Survive match [great]

  • Johnny Mundo eliminated King Cuerno (4:19, Fin de Mundo)

  • Taya eliminated Ivelisse (8:24, northern lights suplex double stomp)

  • Pentagon Jr. eliminated Taya (13:49, package piledriver)

  • Pentagon Jr./Fenix beat Johnny Mundo (22:15, combo wheelbarrow splash)

  • Pentagon eliminated Fenix (34:51, package piledriver)



This was a one match show, with only the six people in the match and four other characters appearing on the show. There were no vignettes before or after the match, so the only developments were in the match. This was a no DQ, no countout match, with some fighting at ringside.

There really weren’t many of those either. King Cuerno was eliminated first due to the sudden and angry return of Mil Muertes, who pummeled Cuerno. (Catrina was with Mil.) Striker pointed out Muerte’s new (red) eyes, which I missed last week.

medal winning dive
medal winning dive

Taya and Ivelisse kept up their feud during the match, with Taya winning clean. (All the pinfalls were clean besides Mil appearance.) Taya helped out Johnny during the match, while Fenix refused to strike Ivelisse when they were in the ring together.

Dario & Matazna appeared at the top of the stairs after Pentagon won. (Vampiro refused comment on the win and stayed out of it.) Pentagon threatened to break both men’s bones.


definitely teamwork!

This is obviously a sequel to All Night Long, another show long match with multiple falls, though they didn’t announce it this time. Both took place near the end of their season. Last season’s one was for the title, this one was for a shot at the title.

The common person between the two is Johnny Mundo. This was Mundo’s third match of the taping (with a fourth the next day), and he didn’t show it. His big dive was superb, and his work inside the ring was nearly as good. Mundo remains the MVP.

This match really didn’t pick up for me until it was down to Mundo, Pentagon and Fenix. It was disappointing King Cuerno got removed so quick – we could’ve had that Rey de Reyes qua lifer with Mundo as Flamita! – and it didn’t seem like a strong night for Ivelisse. Some of her moves didn’t look good, and Fenix refusing to fight her doesn’t help. Taya’s finishing sequence looked good, but the section with four people seemed slowed down – or maybe just dragged out to make sure they got to the time.

into the Dragon sleeper
into the Dragon sleeper

Fenix and Pentagon was awesome as always. It really start with the nice double team to beat Johnny, and it may have been weighed down a little by having to wrestle for 25 minutes before they got to it, but they both came off as huge stars having a big match once again. The crowd – which sounded quiet for the first half, not as raucous as I remember the All Night Long show – really got into the back and forth between the old rivals. Doing the submission hold battle to start was cute, and it would’ve been nice if they could’ve found a way to bring that in again more near the end. Maybe they didn’t quite have time with all the big moves they were doing. This was another strong performance for them. Their segment is worth watching even if nothing else (which will work well when they post just that part.)

I was spoiled going into this, like I am most of the time, so I knew this was going an hour and knew the winner. I think Pentagon winning probably wasn’t a surprise anyway, because he was clearly on a road to meet Matanza once again and no one else really has been positioned as an alternative for Ultima Lucha 2. The good thing is I think that’s the result most people wanted to see, and giving people what they’re craving often works better than giving them a left field surprise.

That’s one down. They’ve got the rest of the card to fill out.

if the superkick doesn't break his head, the destroyer will
if the superkick doesn’t break his head, the destroyer will

Ultima Lucha 2 Card

  • Matanza Cueto (c) versus Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground championship

  • Dragon Azteca Jr. versus Black Lotus

  • (probably something with Marty & Killshot)