Lucha Underground 2×20: The Contenders

this wasn't the craziest spot in the match, but it was a solid jerk move
this wasn’t the craziest spot in the match, but it was a solid jerk move


Killshot DCOR Marty The Moth (1:20, OK)
Drago & Aerostar defeated Jack Evans & PJ Black in a nunchuck match (7:53, Dragon’s Lair, great)
Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma, Son of Havoc, The Mack, Texano, Sexy Star defeated Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, Taya, King Cuerno (12:21, Mundo Spanish Fly on Puma, good)


how many people did Killshot kill with his feet?
how many people did Killshot kill with his feet?

Ultima Lucha 2 is four weeks away, and everything on this show was directed at that. Black Lotus will finally make her in-ring debut as part of that show, with Dario giving her a match against Dragon Azteca Jr. to avenge her parents. Dario’s not without his reasons: Lotus’ confrontation with Azteca has given her some doubts about who’s telling the truth about her parent’s death, but Dario managed to keep her from believing it was Matanza from the moment. (We actually don’t really know.)

Matanza himself will be busy on the show. There’s no #1 contender and no Gift of the Gods champion, so Dario’s cooked up a new plan to determine who gets a title shot: a 6v6 match one fall this week, with the winning team facing off against each other in an elimination match next week, and the winner of that getting the shot. This meant people who wouldn’t ordinarly get along had to for the sake of the title shot. Taya & Ivelisse had the most issues among teammates, but no one outright backstabbed each other. Rey & Puma did cost each other match in a fashion – Mundo throw Rey into Puma as he was going up for the 619, then Mundo pulled Puma off the top with a Spanish Fly for the surprising clean win. Puma & Rey aren’t having much luck as a team.

those barriers aren't safe
those barriers aren’t safe

Chavo Guerrero was meant to be among the 12, and would’ve advanced to the final if the original lineup stayed. Instead, before he could get to the ring, he was met by a wheelchair riding Pentagon. Pentagon thanked Chavo for being the only one who supported him. (Unclear what this meant, unless we’re going all the way back to the early episodes of season 1 – and I seem to recall Chavo hitting Pentagon with a chair by the end of that.) Pentagon paid Chavo back for the assistance by rising out of the wheelchair, hitting Chavo, and breaking his arm. Pentagon demanded Chavo’s spot in the match. Dario wasn’t sure if Pentagon was ready, but agreed to let it happen when Pentagon insisted. Vampiro had no idea what to make of it, and us of him.

There wasn’t much story advancement in the nunchuck match. The nunchucks were harder to get than you’d think, stashed away from the ring and sometimes requiring a boost to get. Aerostar did a dive off the office after Jack carefully fell from a hanging position. It didn’t get much better for Jack: Drago knocked him around with the nunchucks, misted him, and then rolled him up for the win.

only Aerostar thinks to do this
only Aerostar thinks to do this

The opener really never took place. Killshot snuck up behind Marty, tackled him out of the ring, and they never made it back. Marty still has the dog tags and they’re probably not done with each other.

Also not done: Mr. Cisco. The officers convinced him it was better idea to go talk to Dario wearing a wire than spend the next long stretch in jail. The weird bit is the cops feel they already have Dario for a lot of serious crimes, but they’re still investing him because Dario Cueto is “the linchpin to the end of days.” That doesn’t sound good.

Also also not done: Mil Muertes. With Cuerno back in the ring, Catrina was able to ghost into his trophy room and use her rock to wake Mil back up again. Who knows how many times she’s done this so far, but I’d bet many of them don’t involve Mil waking up and headbutting a glass case to get free. Bad things are coming for King Cuerno.

(In an error that definitely wasn’t supposed to be part of the developments, the preview image for the 12 man tag showed Fireball instead of Fenix.)


Jack Evans gets lit
Jack Evans gets lit

This is another week with really good matches. The opener really was an angle disguised as a match, but the main event and the nunchuck match were fun chaos.

I wish the main event got more time, which is weird to say about a 12 minute match. There was a ton of action, a lot of matchups we haven’t seen before, and a fast pace to it all. It was just missing a few moments to breathe and get over the importance of the match; it was more an all-star match than one everyone was desperately trying to win (and getting along with people.) Outside Taya/Ivelisse (and the nice Ivelisse/Son of Havoc bit), there didn’t seem to be enough time to examime the idea that these were unusual alliances for the night – it should’ve been a bigger deal to see Cuerno & Fenix on the same side, but we just got brief pushing and shoving before the match. Pentagon forcing his way into the match was a bit of a tell about who was going to win, but the match was enjoyable even without total drama. (Pentagon didn’t seem to have the massive back injury being played up in this storyline, which was more of an issue.) The dive train at the end was cool, as well as Mundo putting a premature end to it and leading into the finish. Mundo winning clean was a big surprise after last week; if this show was happening in real time, the Prince Puma rumors would be exploding after the last couple of weeks.

Fenix tries to break his neck?
Fenix tries to break his neck?

Striker selling the a six way elimination match as some cruel twist by Dario was a bit too much, but the match should be good anyway. The only time we’ve seen Fenix, Pentagon and King Cuerno (or a guy who looks a lot like him) in the ring together this year, it was pretty good so I’ve got high hopes for this one. Taya, Ivelisse and Mundo can take turns playing Octagon Jr.

The nunchucks match felt like a month or so late. It was good they reminded us of the previous bathroom run-in between the two teams because of how long it’s taken to get back to it. The match was a total big spot showcase. Everyone got moments, but Jack’s rubber man antics really stole the show. He’s so good at being a jerk on this show, and then taking amazing looking beatings. I don’t even have room to GIF have the stuff he did in this one (or even Aerostar’s dive, or the mist, or the wacky double teams early.) The gimmick match is usually the end of a Lucha Underground feud, but PJ & Jack bringing the trios title out for this suggested there’s more to it.

Misterio action
Misterio action

Killshot and Marty came across stronger in their brawl than I think they did in their match a few weeks ago. This really wasn’t much (I was surprised to check and see it went even a minute), but it bodes well for whenever they have the real match.

The rudos air guitars/drums now making audible music is going to be another won of those things everyone has strong feelings about. I amused by that, but I’m leery about wherever mythology plot they’re going with Dario and the man in the limo – but as long as they’re giving me good matches, I don’t really mind much.

Ultima Lucha 2 Card So Far – starts on July 6th, 3 weeks of shows

  • Matanza (c) vs one of Johnny Mundo/Taya/Ivelisse/King Cuerno/Fenix/Pentagon Jr.
  • Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Black Lotus
  • (probably something with Killshot & Marty)
  • lots more matches, that’s three weeks to fill.
got to move when Cuerno's coming
got to move when Cuerno’s coming
Fenix bowls a strike
Fenix bowls a strike

great match roundup, week of 2016-05-14

wildman tope

One really good match this week.

rating matches TV Show taped
great Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Cavernario, Misterioso Jr., Pólvora CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
good Argenis & Australian Suicide vs Averno & Chessman © for the AAA World Tag Team Championship AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-14 2016-04-29
good Fuego, Rey Cometa, Soberano Jr. vs Boby Z, King Jaguar, Kráneo CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
good Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto © vs Ángel de Oro, Stigma, Stuka Jr. for the Mexican National Trios Championship CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
good Rush vs Marco Corleone CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
good Killshot vs Marty Martinez Lucha Underground: 2016-05-18 2016-01-10
good Sexy Star vs Aerostar, Texano Jr., the Mack, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Joey Ryan, Chavo Guerrero [Gift of the Gods] Lucha Underground: 2016-05-18 2016-01-10
good Esfinge, Fuego, Tritón vs Hechicero, Puma, Tiger CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
good Atlantis, Mistico, Valiente vs Euforia, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
good Carístico vs Último Guerrero in a Liga Elite match Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-05-20 2016-05-11
ok Texano Jr. vs Garza Jr., Taurus [Lucha Libre Victoria World Cup qualifier] AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-14 2016-04-29
ok Black Tiger & Millenium vs Akuma & Espanto Jr. CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
ok Hombre Bala Jr. & Star Jr. vs Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
ok Astral, Eléctrico, Shockercito vs Espíritu Maligno, Mini Joker, Saurón CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-16 2016-05-16
ok Aéreo & Último Dragóncito vs Demus 3:16 & Mercurio CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
ok Soberano Jr. vs Sangre Azteca in a lightning match CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
ok Blue Panther Jr., Oro Jr., The Panther vs El Cuatrero, Sansón, Skándalo CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
ok Blue Panther, Dragón Lee, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Bobby Z, Mephisto, Vangellys CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
ok Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
ok Máscarita Sagrada vs Argenis, Kobra Moon, Daga Lucha Underground: 2016-05-18 2016-01-10
ok La Vaquerita & Lluvia vs La Comandante & Tiffany CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
ok Ángel de Oro vs Dragón Rojo Jr. in a lightning match CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
ok Pierroth, Rey Escorpión, Rush vs La Máscara, Shocker, Terrible CMLL on 2016-05-20 2016-05-20
ok Ángel de Oro & Argos vs Dinamic Black & Rey Cometa[ELITE MIDDLE] and in a tournament quarterfinal match Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-05-20 2016-05-11
ok Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy, Rocky Lobo vs Magno, Rey Escorpión, Último Ninja Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-05-20 2016-05-11
below average La Parka vs El Mesías AAA on Televisa: 2016-05-14 2016-04-29
below average Flyer, Metatrón, Robin vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Canelo Casas, Metálico CMLL Internet Exclusives: 2016-05-17 2016-05-17
watch later Aramis, Atomic Boy, Dragón Fly, Fireman, Galaxy, Hijo del Alebrije, Kanon, Shadow Boy vs Astaroth (Guerrero),Guerrero Jr. (Guerrero), Pez Tiburón, Relámpago Jr. (Guerrero), Rey Azteca (Guerrero), Rey Jaguar (Guerrero),Último Samurai (Guerrero), Uranio [Copa Higher Power] IWRG Zona XXI: 2016-05-15 2016-05-11

Verano de Escandalo postponed/moved?, Dragon Lee out, LU tonight, Maya/Rojo

Fuego rebound headscissors and tope
Fuego rebound headscissors and tope

CMLL (SUN) 06/05/2016 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Domingos Familiares]
1) Guerrero de la Muerte b Micro
Guerrero took 2/3.
2) Diplomático & Quca b Fugaz & Johnny Dinamo
Rudos took 2/3.
3) Cosmos, Marvel, Randy DQ Gran Kenut, Mr. Apolo, Relámpago
Tecnicos took 2/3. Randy’s debut. Cosmos and Relampago are feuding, with Cosmos tossing his mask to Relampago to draw the DQ.
4) Explosivo, Reycko, Star Black DQ Linterna, Mr. Brisa, Thunder Boy
Tecnicos took 1/3. Brisa fouled Star Black, as they feud.
5) El Divino, Flash II, Nautilius DQ Joker, Mr. Trueno, Rey Trueno
Tecnicos took 1/3. They won the first by excessive violence DQ, and the third when Joker unmasked Nautilius. Nautilius wants a title or hair match with Joker. Flash II’s first match here this year.

Three DQs in a row to end a card is never good, though they at least seem to be going somewhere with these. Joker/Nautilius have a singles match this week. Star Black & Mr. Brisa are in a tag match against each other, and Cosmos & Relampago are in a trios. A cage match sometime this month is likely.

CMLL (TUE) 06/07/2016 Arena México [Box Y Lucha, CMLL, thecubsfan]
1) Artillero & Inquisidor b Bengala & Flyer LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
16:21. Rudos took 2/3
2) Astral, Eléctrico, Shockercito b Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
13:02. Tecnicos took 1/3.
3) Amapola, La Comandante, Reyna Isis b Estrellita, Marcela, Skadi LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
16:58. Rudas took 2/3.
4) Pólvora b Fuego [lightning] LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:46, Super Polvora Driver.
5) Brazo de Plata, Guerrero Maya Jr., Valiente b Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Vangellys LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
8:46. Tecnicos took straight falls. Dragon Rojo unmasked Maya for the DQ in the first. Maya got a new mask and returned to defeat Dragon Rojo in the second, then demanded a title match. Super Porky replaced Dragon Lee in the preview. Valiente replaced Rey Cometa.
6) Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Titán b Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas LUCHA LIBRE MARTES DE NUEVOS VALORES EN LA ARENA MEXICO 7 DE JUNIO DEL 2016 (posted by VideosOficialesCMLL)
11:38. Tecnicos took 1/3.

Minis match was good, but you could skip this show without missing much. Guerrero Maya versus Dragon Rojo sounds promising, mostly because everything involving Guerrero Maya sounds promising. (Plus, Dragon Rojo’s been talking about being in good shape and wanting to go to the top, so he gets a chance to back up his words.)

Verano de Escandalo will not be happening on the 19th, and will not be happening in Monterrey, if I understood a Facebook video by Roberto Figueroa correctly. That card is 11 days away, there’s been absolutely no hype for it, and -as Roberto mentions in the video – AAA’s had trouble filling up Arena Monterrey even with stacked cards, so there’s no real sense to running that building with what they’ve got going on now. Roberto says Monterrey will instead get Heroes Inmortales in October.

It’s unclear when or where Verano de Escandalo would be happening. AAA has enough regular TV taped to take them thru June 18, and can go even longer if they’re allowed to air the Lucha World Cup shows right away. There still sort of needs to be a Verano de Escandalo, if only to close off the spring storylines and actually set something up for TripleMania, but the build to it wasn’t ever strong and the show seemed like it was going to be disaster. I think the only reason it was that week was to fit in between Lucha Underground taping weekends; they could move it to the weekend in July 2nd.

Dragon Lee will be out 6-8 weeks, according to a Facebook video with him. (Today’s a big day for Facebook videos.) That would push his return to late July or early August. Dragon Lee explained he has a partially ruptured tendon, and believes the doctor wants to operate, but he’d like to rest and rehab the knee. He noted he was told last time to rest by his doctor for a month and a half last time, came back in three weeks, and then immediately reinjured his knee. This time, he’s going to wait to return until he’s 100% healthy.

Tonight’s Lucha Underground episode is #20 of the season, “The Contenders”. Matches announced:

  • Marty Martinez vs Killshot
  • Aerostar & Drago vs Jack Evans & PJ Black in a nunchuck match

The episode description talks about more in the Mr. Cisco/Cortez Castro/Joey Ryan plot and Pentagon Jr. making his return.

There’s one more match which hasn’t been announced. It’s hinted at in the preview clip, which also announces a match for a future show. Tonight’s show starts the finishing kick of the season.

Chris DeJoseph is a guest on today’s Ross Report. He mentions they have interest in running live events, sounding more certain about the possibility than people with Lucha Underground have in the past. He’d like the show to be 90 minutes to give everything enough time, but likes 60 minutes leaves people wanting more. He feels the wrestling of Lucha Underground Season 3 might be the best of all of it so far.

Flamita talked about the Octagon Jr. situation once again while doing interviews about his Elite debut. He put a lot in building up the Flamita name and didn’t like throwing that in garbage, and he felt like he was being used as a pawn in other people’s chess games and didn’t like that either. He has no interest in getting revenge on Octagon or his family. In another interview, Flamita mentions he was contacted by Elite when he was still working for another company, which fits with the stories about Elite calling up everyone in AAA to try to get them to jump. Flamita says he’d like to face Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero, tough opponents to show people he can wrestle on that level.

CMLL has an interview with Rayo de Jalisco, who pines for the chance to be in the Gran Prix like old times and tells tales of the fearsome power of Haku and Steele. Hey, if Canek can be in the Lucha World Cup, Rayo’s not wrong. The real point of this interview is made clear in the first interview: “There are imitations, everyone wants to make their own tournament, but the first and best [international competition] is in Arena Mexico.” This remains 100% about the Lucha World Cup and it’s so weird CMLL is upset about that of all things.

AAA has an interview with Mary Apache building up the tag title match.

AAA also has multiple angles of Johnny Mundo’s award winning dive. There weren’t as many candidates for the best dive as I would’ve guessing going in; it was either this or Dragon Azteca’s tornillo.

LuchaWorld has the latest Lucha Report.

Kcidis draws his take on the Lucha World Cup.

Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-05-20

the DQ
the DQ

Recapped: 05/26/2016

What happened:  Ultimo Guerrero gifted Carístico 2 points with a mask pull. Angel de Oro & Argos advanced in the middleweight championship.

What was good: The main event? It was technically good though numbed me before the finish. The undercard was OK but the matches didn’t stand out.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel and on

This show is low on material, so they start off with a retrospective on the series so far. (That’s never a good sign.) Carístico and Ultimo Guerrero also have a standoff that turns into punches.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro & Argos vs Dinamic Black & Rey Cometa [ELITE MIDDLE prequalifer]
Arena México, 05/11/2016

Winner: Angel de Oro & Argos
Match Time: 6:00
Notes: Cometa seems to be a rudo, or at least makes a rudo gesture to someone from the ring.

Review: [ok] Kind of worked as a four way match instead of a tag match, except the partners didn’t fight. It was just an ever changing group of opponents with no one spending much time in the ring and no particular build to anything, but some interesting moves. There was no attempt to work together as a team until the finish and no sign of a rudo/tecnicos. (In a way, the seeding battle royal here felt like it must’ve been more like a random draw, because it didn’t feel at all like they had a match worked out and were just throwing things out there.)

Dinamic Black tornillo
Dinamic Black tornillo
Cometa Spanish Fly
Cometa Spanish Fly

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Máximo Sexy, Rocky Lobo vs Magno, Rey Escorpión, Último Ninja
Arena México, 05/11/2016

  1. técnicos
    • Rocky Lobo climbing moonsaults Ultimo Ninja (3:43)
    • Máximo casita Magno (3:47)
  2. rudos
    • Rey Escorpión dropkick Maximo (3:33)
    • Magno shoulder powerslam Rocky Lobo (3:53)
  3. rudos
    • Rey Escorpión package piledriver Mascara Dorada (4:22)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:02

Review: [ok] better than the trios match last week but still a little disappointing. Mascara Dorada was on and Rey Escorpión worked well with everyone, but it was overall hurt by Elite just sticking random people in together. Ultimo Ninja didn’t look as good as rudo as he elsewhere as a técnico. Magno looked OK (and didn’t help by them not getting a good shot of his finish.) Máximo seemed to be mailing it in, which stuck out a bit in a match with the Elite guys trying impress. Match was fine but hard to recommend.

Dorada tope con giro
Dorada tope con giro

Match 3: Carístico vs Último Guerrero in a Liga Elite match
Arena México, 05/11/2016

Winner: Carístico by DQ (mask removal)
Match Time: 9:20
Notes: Ultimo Guerrero knocks Carístico out of the ring just as he’s coming in it to start the match. The DQ comes about when Ultimo Guerrero is standing with one foot on the top turnbuckle and Carístico attempts to join him. Carístico loses his footing, resets himself, Ultimo Guerrero grabs Caristico’s mask thru the eye holes (it’s loose, so he’s not even really touching Carístico despite having his fingers hooked in) and pushes Carístico backwards. Carístico flies into the center of the ring, but his mask stays on UG’s hand, and that’s the match. On the replay, you can see UG pull the mask back towards him as he shoves UG away.

Review: [good] this one lost a lot to me when I watched it more closely; it’s nothing more than UG doing the big move/rest/big move sequence with a random cheerleading period in between. They tried to start it off hot by having UG attack Carístico, but it means there was no building to the near falls, the entire match was just (not convincing) near falls and that’s not enough for a ten minute match. This was not the spectacle of some other matches, it was just a lot of pins that didn’t seem to mean anything.

Caristico bounces
Caristico bounces

To fill out the six minutes, highlights of the seeding battle royal and both per-qualifiers in the middleweight tournament are shown.