lucha TV preview for weekend of June 4th


Full version here. It’s really long this week.

The Lucha World Cup is on Friday, starting the same time as the CMLL Claro starts. My plan is to watch AAA and record Claro, wish me luck. We still don’t know the first round matchups for the LWC.

Lucha Azteca 7 says they’re airing Lashley/Tiger tomorrow. No mention of Caristico/Dorada yet (so they could be splitting it into two again.) The LWC should be over before that one starts, I hope.

AAA‘s normal show should have lots of clowns, with Psycho Clown’s two matches and his buddies in the opener. There’s always the chance they could do something odd there; I’d spend half the show just hard selling the LWC with whatever footage of Puebla they could throw together, but they may not be able to add footage that late.