CMLL on 2016-05-27 

ramp dives for everyone
ramp dives for everyone

Recapped: 05/27/2016

What happened: La Mascara took out Dragon Lee with a kick to his bad leg, angering Pierroth into challenging Mascara to a mask match. (Pierroth also plainly explained he’s the father of Rush, Mistico and Dragon Lee, which might not yet have been clear to the most casual fans.) It didn’t seem to be official yet, but it’s obviously coming. Mascara cleanly defeated and unmasked Mistico in the main event.

And that’s it as far as angles. They continue to heavily promote the Gran Prix, which would fit as a semimain with that mask match.

What was good: Lot of borderline stuff. I liked the Panther match the best, and not some of the others as much as other people, but there was no standout match. The three minutes of the main event angle were really the only standout moments.

Where can I watch it: It’ll be on my channel, and Claro has the main event.

Match 1: Oro Jr. & Soberano Jr. vs Cancerbero & Raziel
Arena México, 05/27/2016

  1. Cancerberos
    • Cancerbero nudo lagunero Soberano (6:30)
    • Raziel casadora cradle w/legs hooked Oro Jr. (6:35)
  2. técnicos
    • Soberano guillotine moonsault Raziel (2:32)
    • Oro Jr. moonsault Cancerbero (3:08)
  3. Cancerberos
    • Cancerbero nudo laguenro, Raziel top rope leg drop Oro Jr. (4:18)
    • COR Soberano (4:42)

Winner: Cancerberos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:25
Notes: Soberano may have had a leg injury after taking a dropkick to the ramp, though the countout also seemed planned. Rudo still kicked him around after.

Review: [good] this one had some good sequences to close out each fall, though the interior of the falls were basic and without as much novelty. Cancerbero & Raziel were marginally more interesting in usual, though that didn’t always work to Soberano & Oro’s favor. Sobernao doing mat work for four minutes doesn’t seem like the best use of it him, but he handed that well. He could use some more offense, or at least switch it up so he doesn’t have to do the tornillo in every match (especially if Raziel isn’t going to stand close enough to catch it.) This is better than most openers we get, but also obviously limited from what these guys could do. Hopefully Soberano is fine.

Oro got ended
Oro got ended

Match 2: Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Silueta vs Amapola, Dalys, Zeuxis
Arena México, 05/27/2016

  1. tecnicas
    • Princesa Sugehit La Mistica Dalys (6:53)
  2. rudas
    • Dalys scorpion Marcela (4:14)
  3. rudas
    • Zeuxis package piledriver Silueta (4:04)
    • Marcela double stomp Zeuxis (5:03)
    • Amapola Devil’s Wings Princesa Sugehit (6:34)

Winner: rudas (2/3)
Match Time: 17:41

Dalys distracted the referee from an illegal trip by Zeuxis, though Dalys was in a couple spots too early.

Review: [ok] I didn’t think really think about it coming in, but this is maybe the best women’s trios they can have. It was better than tn average one, but also had enough flaws that make it a little sad that it’s the current best case scenario. It had good effort, but didn’t look sharp at times. There were some small things that prevented me from ranking it higher, but they did build drama towards the end better than usual. Dalys appeared to come in for the distraction at the wrong point, but it’s CMLL and a referee can look like a fool at any time. Marcela can do some very good spots, but she seemed to be in her own world on the sequence of events: she rolled over to stop the rudas run of sentons, she did the top rope double stomp as part of the comeback, she didn’t seem to be in the right place at the end.

a lot of dropkicks in this match, but this was the best timed.
a lot of dropkicks in this match, but this was the best timed.

Match 3: Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther vs Ephesto, Luciferno,
Arena México, 05/27/2016

  1. Hijos del Infierno
    • The Panther small package Luciferno (5:25)
    • Ephesto shoulderbreaker Blue Panther (5:56)
  2. Panthers
    • Blue Panther & Blue Panther Jr. locked double half crab Mephisto & Ephesto (4:03)
  3. Hijos del Infierno
    • Mephisto fujiwara Blue Panther (6:52)

Winner: Hijos del Infierno (1/3)
Match Time: 16:41

Review: [good] This one benefits from the three dozen different hings tha thappen in Blue Panther matches which don’t seem to happen in any other matches. They did a better job of building the drama to the finish, and Blue Panther was over huge before he lost the thing. If only he could get his sons that over, or get Blue Panther Jr. to have better timing. Everything seemed to slow down when he was in there. This was a blatant attempt to have the kind of magic match the gets money thrown in, and it only sorted of seemed to work

Blue Panther plancha
Blue Panther plancha
Panther tope
Panther tope

Match 4: Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Felino in a lightning match
Arena México, 05/27/2016

Winner: Felino (superbomb)
Match Time: 6:36

Review: [ok] simple lightning match. Felino’s personality brought the crowd into it, but he was also not doing a lot here (and did the superbomb twice, maybe doing your finish twice is tonight’s theme.) Guerrero Maya’s dives looked cool but he didn’t get to do much in the ring. Felino winning these over Maya in 2016 is dumb, even if it doens’t really matter much

topes in unusual directions are always cool
topes in unusual directions are always cool

Match 5: Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Titán vs Kráneo, Rey Bucanero, Ripper
Arena México, 05/27/2016

  1. rudos
    • Rey Bucanero Tormenta Bucanero Diamante Azul (4:25)
  2. técnicos
    • Diamante Azul german suplex Ripper (3:26)
    • Titan modified figure four Rey Bucanero (3:36)
  3. técnicos
    • Marco Corleone Aero Italia Rey Bucanero (5:36)

Winner: técnicos (2/3)
Match Time: 13:37

Review: [ok] a trios match as a setup for the triple ramp spot at the end, which was a really cool idea. The match itself felt very usual. Diamante Azul looked a bit less than he was before, which wasn’t great; if he’s picking up anything in France or in MMA training, he’s not showing. Azul’s not terrible, and seemed like he had still be in training, but the crowd didn’t take to him in any big way, and he face planted on his dive at the end. The big spots left the crowd happy, so this still seemed to work even if I wasn’t interested in it.

Azul did toss Titan sky high on this dropkick
Azul did toss Titan sky high on this dropkick

Match 6: Máximo Sexy, Mistico, Stuka Jr. vs La Máscara, Shocker, Terrible in a relevos increíbles match
Arena México, 05/27/2016

  1. rudos
    • Shocker elbow drop Máximo (3:58)
    • Terrible powerbomb Stuka (4:14)
  2. rudos
    • La Mascara casita Mistico (5:07)

Winner: rudos (1/2)
Match Time: 9:21
Notes: Prior to the match, Dragon Lee limped to the ring to apoligize for not wrestling. La Mascara taunted him, and kicked him in the bad leg. Pierroth rushed out to make the save, insulted the people, and declared he was the real papi de papis – or at least father of Dragon Lee, Mistico and Rush. Mascara & Pierroth made mask challenges, before Pierroth backed off, leading Mascara into a stage dive plancha from Mistico to start the match. Mascara won the match clean, but unmasked Mistico after it anyway.

Review: [ok] Match really wasn’t much until the last couple minutes, and mostly seemed to be there just so they could get that finish. The angle that preceded was actually well done, but Pierroth is such a turn off when he’s involved in anything, and is a confusing mess of ideas. He’s really all but dropped the gimmick, just wearing the mask and colors until this mask match happens. I understand on paper how this all makes sense, but it’s setting up matches I’ve got no desire to see, and it’s the only thing they really seemed to set up tonight.

another type of Mistico toss
another type of Mistico toss