lucha TV preview for weekend of April 30th


This week’s Lucha Underground is going to make everyone uncomfortable again, though I don’t think it’ll be for the usual reasons.

Volador versus Mascara Dorada is probably worth staying up for on Elite.

I don’t include it on the list because there’s no telling what will air week to week, but the Efekto/PROESA show will move to Saturdays at 2pm starting this week. They got as much notice as Azteca did.

2 thoughts to “lucha TV preview for weekend of April 30th”

  1. You might have mentioned it before but I can’t recall – with the SlingTV app’s Latino package, there appears to be Azteca, but I can’t seem to find any CMLL programming at all. Is there a reason for this that I’m just totally missing? Its nice to have El Rey for LU but I would love to be able to catch some more lucha.

  2. It should be on the Sling feed of Azteca unless they’re doing something odd, but it’s listed as “Lucha Azteca” on Saturday afternoons, instead of anything with CMLL in the name.

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