Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-04-22 

Jinzo tornillo
Jinzo tornillo

Recapped: 04/22/2016

What happened: Mascara Dorada (6 points) and Atlantis (3) picked up 3 points each in wins. The Hell Brothers and the Ingobernables went to an inconclusive finish. Hijo de LA Park debuted in the highlights, and was attacked by Rush & Pierroth back stage

What was good: The main event was the best match. The opener was good for Dorada, but there’s a lot of better Dorada to watch suddenly.

Where can I watch it: It’s on my channel and it’s somewhere on Lucha Azteca’s website.

Match 1: Máscara Dorada vs La Máscara in a Liga Elite match
Arena México, 04/20/2016

Winner: Mascara Dorada (Dorada Driver)
Match Time: 8:44

Review: [good] This first match that felt more like a standard CMLL lightning match, with the slow start and lot of dives. Though, this was mostly Dorada doing the dives and Mascara not doing a lot more. La Mascara’s improvement has been showing more aggressiveness and personalities in trios matches, but neither of those really came across here. He was more simply vanilla set up man for Dorada, and not as able to keep up as Tiger was in the previous match. (Mascara doing his posing also gives the impression doesn’t care much about winning this tournament, which is healthy since he’s not.)

Dorada tope
Dorada tope

Match 2: Pierroth, Rush, Toscano vs Cibernético, Mephisto, Sharlie Rockstar
Arena México, 04/20/2016

  1. Ingobernables

    • Pierroth senton Cibernetico (3:06)

  2. Hell Brothers

    • Mephisto pin Toscano (4:10)

    • Charly Manson La Poza Pierroth (4:22)

  3. Hell Brothers

    • DQ Ingobernables [ref attack] (3:25)

Winner: Hell Brothers (2-1)
Match Time: 10:53

Review: [ok] These trios matches haven’t been too hot except for when LA Park is throwing drinks at people, and this was a long way to go for a nothing finish. This match up in particular doesn’t work well, they’re not a good fit for each other, the rudo/rudo stuff is overdone and Pierroth it involved. Pierroth joining the Ingobernables is bad because it’s kills the concept, but also in that all of his matches are making the main part of this show instead of the clip packages (which generally look better than the matches.) I have no idea if Toscano is meant to be a técnico or rudo, but clearly neither do the people in charge. As easily skippable as they come.

Ciibernetico's wise to this dropkick
Ciibernetico’s wise to this dropkick

Highlights of the early matches seem even longer this week. That’s not a bad thing, since they also have a lot of highlgihts. They also include Hijo de LA Park being attacked by Rush & Pierroth backstage, setting up the match next week.

Match 3: Atlantis vs Carístico in a Liga Elite match
Arena México, 04/20/2016

Winner: Atlantis (Atlantida)
Match Time: 8:28
Notes: Carístico got La Mistica, but too close to the ropes. Atlantis escapes a second, gives Carístico two backbreakers, and finishes him with la Atlantida.

Review: [good] I liked this one watching ‘live’, and even more so rewatching it a week later. Carístico has such a smoothness to his biggest moves, a crispness people who’ve seen him in WWE (or even parts of AAA) wouldn’t believe, and he continues to look good in this tournament. This wasn’t the epic match these two might have one day, but a VIP lightning match with the high points of both men and a little bit of story. Atlantis didn’t do a lot (can’t do a lot?), but they did the match in a smart way to create drama. It was close enough that you’d believe it might go a different way another time, and wouldn’t mind seeing it another time.

Caristico slingshot tornillo
Caristico slingshot tornillo

One thought to “Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-04-22 ”

  1. I liked the Dorada/ Mascara match. Good,solid action.
    The trios match was ok,definitely skippable. Pierroth seems to screw up less when he’s with his son.
    And I skipped most of the Caristico/Atlantis match, just because Caristico poses or asks for cheers too damn much. That’s a problem I have with a lot of tecnicos these days. Volador Jr. and Mistico do this a lot. Just give us a good performance, and the cheers will come.
    The Crazy, Lobo,Jinzo/ Felinos match looked really good. And Cometa,Pegaso/ Karonte Jr.,Imposible match looked good in the highlights.
    A few notes… Eterno and Fresero Jr were not mentioned by name ,even though all the other guys were. Are they still associated with AAA?

    In a previous broadcast, Shocker says he doesn’t like the close up camera angle of the luchadores in action (La ratonera). Must be because you could maybe hear them setting up they’re spots. In this broadcast, it’s muted.

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