Lucha Azteca7 Elite: 2016-04-15 

Park plancha
Park plancha

Recapped: 04/16/2016

What happened: LA Park and Cibernetico went to a draw in the first match in the tournament. Xtreme Tiger picked up a win in his second tournament match over Ultimo Guerrero. Rush cheated to defeat Argos & Caristico, though Dragon Lee suffering a knee injury during the match seemed a bigger deal.

What was good: The main event is the one match worth watching.

Where can I watch it: It’s on YouTube and on Azteca’s website, if you’re not in the US.

The show begins with a recap of the LA Park angle from last week. The open is now focused on the 12 people in Liga Elite, instead of just everyone who was mentioned.

Edgar continues to be the sole referee for Liga Elite matches. He wore a CMLL logo shirt the first two weeks, but is wearing an Elite shirt now. The CMLL logo on the stage is covered up. The CMLL logo is still visible on the sign boards on the upper deck on the announce desk, but you’d have to be looking for them to see them. After the second match, when Rush goes over by the announce desk, the CMLL logo is bizarrely blurred out. Read More