AAA (Wagner vs Psycho) & CMLL (Rush vs Marco) tonight

IWRG (WED) 04/06/2016 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Black Dragón & Kanon b Galaxy & Magnum 44
2) Bombero Infernal, Demonio Infernal, Muerte Infernal b Fireman, Hijo del Alebrije, Mike
Demonio & Muerte are Bombero’s sons. Mike replaced Zatura.
3) Madison Kid L Dragón Fly, Shadow Boy, Aramis, Adrenalina, Freyser, Atomic Star, Galaxy, Blue Monsther, Toxin Boy, Fly Star, Salachichita, Keiser Drago, Komachi [mask, hair]
torneo FILL, FILL vs Zeus, but it’s the loser who loses hair or mask. Galaxy replaced Rower Boy, Atomic Fly, Marduk & Keshin Black were replaced by Madision Kid (so it was 8 on 6?) Aramis took replacement Madison Kid’s hair.
4) Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro b Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
First time all the Oficials were here together since the Retro show. They still lost in straight falls. They brawled with the Terribles Cerberos backstage post match.
5) Canis Lupus & Eterno b Trauma I & Trauma II
Bloody match, with Eterno & Canis jumping the Traumas from the moment they walked out and it not letting up. Insoportables want a trios title shot.

Main event pictures look gory. Not sure what happened to the tercera to make it 8 on 6 – they’d usually just take out two people to make it 6v6. Both recaps mention something (small) Salachicita did to (big) Freyser that stretched credibility past it’s breaking point, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ll look for it if it turns up.

There’s head to head big shows in Mexico City tonight. AAA tapes two weeks of TV tonight in Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera starting at around 8:45pm, while CMLL has it’s normal show in Arena Mexico at 8:30pm. AAA’s big match is a Dr. Wagner Jr. versus Psycho Clown rematch from Rey de Reyes, this time for Psycho Clown’s Latin American championship. There’s all the reason for Psycho to win – he’s lost every match between them so far, there’s no telling how long Dr. Wagner is sticking around at any time, and it’s seems more tenuous given LA Park showing up in Elite. On the other hand, Wagner does appear to be under Lucha Underground contract, and Cage is precedent that a guy bound to LU can’t jump to Elite. (On the other other hand, Dr. Wagner seems to play by Dr. Wagner rules sometimes. I don’t think he’s going to Elite, but anything is possible with these guys – even LA Park showing up in AAA tonight anyway wouldn’t surprise me)

The semimain is listed as Garza Jr., La Parka and Octagon Jr. and Mesias, Texano Jr. and a mystery person who’s probably meant to be Cage. That is going to be a strange one, since Mesias is the guy Texano just beat for the heavyweight title and Cage might be his next challenger. Texano set himself up as a patriotic rudo and he’s teaming with two foreigners, so it might not be a good night for him. (An AAA interview with Mesias says he – “unlike Mexicans” – can leave the past in the past and isn’t the slightest big sad about losing the title match.) For what it’s worth, Parka’s been back in the ring this week after whatever happened to him in Texas.

The fourth match is listed as Daga, Joe Lider, and Pentagon Jr. versus Argenis, Australian Suicide, Jack Evans, but the big question is if the Damian, Halloween, Pagano group is going to get involved. (Nicho’s booked in Juarez tonight, for what it’s worth.) The biggest question on the show is the tercera, where Bengala (who was Ricky Marvin) is on one side and Ricky Marvin is on the other. Who’s Bengala now? And are Chessman, Averno and Ricky supposed to be a new faction? Swapping out Cibernetico for Ricky Marvin is an amazing change.

There’s some good undercard matches and this should be a fun show. There is no live stream, but AAA’s social media will have live results and we’ve had good luck finding periscopes and other videos from these shows of late.

AAA also officially announced Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix for the 04/20 Akebono show, which must mean Fenix will be good to make the show. That’s great news.

9 kilometers to the north (which Google Maps claims is a thirty minute drive; nothing in Mexico City is a thirty minute drive), Arena Mexico has the first ever Marco Corleone versus Rush matches. This follows up on Marco leaving the Ingobernables and Rush taking Maximo’s hair, with the idea that maybe Marco vs Rush is next though Rush always says he doesn’t want any more hair wins. Marco notoriously never gets a CMLL singles title match, but has started to get a few more singles matches in the last year, and actually hasn’t lost a singles match since 2014 (and that took the top rope almost killing him.)

The fourth match an Angel de Oro defending the light heavyweight championship against La Mascara. Mascara has stepped up his performances in the last six months or so – he’s not Sombra (who is?), but he’s better than he has been and Angel de Oro isn’t doing much with this championship. It’s really weird this match is happening at all: CMLL’s only recently given into booking Mascara & Rush as rudos (and then only on Fridays) and Angel de Oro never gets three fall singles matches on Fridays. It’s only his second one, following winning the Forajido un Idolo final from 2011. Either this is a title change or CMLL’s really interested in putting a new spotlight on Angel de Oro.

The rest of the show includes the combination of Mascara Dorada, Dragon Lee, and Mistico taking on Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia in the semimain, which should have all the highspots. Peste Negra takes on Stuka, Titan and Rey Cometa in the tercera, Zeuxis (thankfully) returns as part of the women’s match and Magnus & Robin team up once again to take on Espiritu Negro & Akuma in the opener.

The show starts at 8:30pm, and will air on ClaroSports as usual. Eric also has a preview of the show.

Before all that, at 6pm, the second episode of Lucha Azteca 7 will air. The top three matches from the Elite matches should air again: Atlantis vs La Mascara, Caristico vs Volador, and the trios title match with the surprise debut. I suspect that be the order of matches as they air, as they changed them around last week and it makes most dramatic sense this time. Elite has confirmed the surprise debut is the 12th man, and I strongly assume he’ll be facing Cibernetico (and Casas will be taking Maximo) next week. Next Wednesday’s card will also probably be announced tonight.

A live stream of this show was pretty easy to find last week and should remain so. (It’s also was put up on YouTube by myself and others and doesn’t seem to have gotten taken down yet.) I used this link to watch it, but it actually doesn’t seem to be up at this moment. Maybe check back on Twitter near show time.

LuchaWorld interviews CMLL Informa.

Segunda Caida reviews Hiroshi Tanahashi, Terrible, Texano vs Black Warrior, Héctor Garza, La Sombra and more random CMLL

Latin Lover doesn’t want his friend Cepillin to go in the ring, because he may die. Tinieblas (again) explained Cepillin isn’t wrestling, he’s doing a circus/clown show prior to the wrestling. On the other hand, Tinieblas also says FULL will soon be the top wrestling company in Mexico and compete with WWE, so who knows.

AyTV interviews Marcela

Fray Tormenta wrestles tomorrow in Chetumal.

Mil Mascaras is doing an autograph signing in Los Angeles on May 7th.


Lucha Memes (SAT) 04/30/2016 Arena Coliseo San Ramón, Puebla, Puebla
1) Demasiado & Keira vs Tonak & Tony
2) Belial vs Pantera I
3) Arez & Impulso vs Freelance & Mike Segura
4) Asturiano vs Black Terry
5) Trauma I & Trauma II vs Mini Multifacético & Prayer

Lucha Memes Kid’s Day show in Puebla. Asturiano vs Black Terry is a cool sounding match I’d never think I’d see.