Lucha Underground 2×8: Life After Death

Vampiro had quite the reaction
Vampiro had quite the reaction


Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, Angelico [O] defeat Disciples of Death (Siniestro de la Muerte [X], Barrio Negro, Trece) to win the Lucha Underground Championship (4:54, Havoc Shooting Star Press→Angelico pin, good)
Texano Jr. defeated Chavo Guerrero in a bull rope match (6:02, powerbomb, OK)
Fenix defeated Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship (13:32, back bridge cradle, great)


Every Lucha Underground championship changed hands. The Gift of the Gods championship is vacant and the Aztec Medallions should be handed out again soon. The Trios championship changed hands to the first champions, and the Lucha Underground championship went to a new champion. Even the Aztec Warfare match changed.

trio dive
trio dive

The show started with the trios title change. Ivelisse, Havoc and Angelico, with their LU careers on the line, were more on the same page than every and pretty much demolished the Disciples. The DoD got in some offense, and had one near victory on a surprise switch, but it was pretty clear who was the better team with both teams healthy. Both teams might not be healthy after this match: an angry Mil Muertes destroyed his subordinates in the locker room after the match, and might have straight up killed Sineistro had Catrina not stopped him.

If Mil was angry after the first title match loss, his rage must know no limits after the main event. He probably wouldn’t be pleased to know Catrina and Fenix were making out early in the show, with Catrina telling Fenix she had regrets about dumping him last season. Catrina called Fenix the man of a 1000 lives, and said one of those lives might be able to bring her back. Yea, she’s dead – and yea, this might have either been some mind game or Catrina laying the foundation of getting back with Fenix if Mil doesn’t have the belt. Fenix’s reaction this didn’t show in the match, as he and Mil destroyed each other. Fenix bled first, Mil ripping his mask, but Fenix rallied back to the same to Mil when he wasn’t jumping off high places. Mil was more vulnerable than previous match (Mil’s first back from the dead), but Fenix best shots weren’t keeping him down. It was a bridging cradle which shockingly beat Mil – not far off from what we saw with Puma & Pentagon, only Fenix was able to bridge up. Catrina & Mil were shocked, but Catrina rallied quick: next week’s Aztec Warfare would now be for the Lucha Underground championship, Mil will get #20, and Fenix will be #1.

those are really nice chairs you're damaging!
those are really nice chairs you’re damaging!

A couple more people were confirmed for Aztec Warfare: Rey Misterio revealed both himself and Dragon Aztec received invites. Another vignette confirmed Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo are in the match. The other 14 spots are yet to be revealed.

There are others coming to the Temple. Dario decided Matanza was ready and it was time to take his Temple back. Dario opened the door to Matanza’s area, and we saw him for the first time – or the second time if you saw the comic book, because this was pretty much the same scene, down to the first look at Matanza. Matanza seemed a lot bloodier on TV. It was unclear if they’re meant to be in Warfare (doesn’t seem like Catrina would invite Dario back) or if they’re just on their own schedule.

FWIW: I finally found a place that’d map 375 miles from a location. Phoenix, a city near to the heart of the lead writer, seems to be in the right place to be Dario’s hangout these many months.

The other match on the show appeared to be an ending, at least now. Texano cleanly beat Chavo in a bullrope match. Chavo put up a fight – more than the Disciples, really – but was in trouble from the start when the Crew walked out on him. (Mr. Cisco was in a shoulder sling, which might explain why he was the guy pinned in seconds in the gauntlet match a couple of weeks ago.) Texano whipped Chavo with his own bullrope after the match.

I think that’s it! Vampiro claimed he was on his meds, which I’m not sure I believed and may or may not count.


Chavo's head kicked off
Chavo’s head kicked off

This was a really good show. Just doing Fenix versus Mil Muertes sets the expectations really high, because Grave Consequences set the bar so high and the other matches were nearly as crazy – it’s a challenge to maintain that standard. This was up there with those other matches, maybe not at the time, but a great part of an epic feud if you can string all the matches together. It’s been like nothing else.

The crowd desperately wanted Fenix to win this one, but I’m not sure they totally believed he would until he pulled it off. The flash pin, reversing out of a Flatliner when Mil took took much time and might have already had the match won, protected Mil a bit. It’s also that Fenix has Mil’s number like no one else. I wasn’t as much as fan of the “first/last” reveal – Catrina has been a bit over the top evil too similar to people in certain other promotions, and it’s actually kind of a repeat from the first Aztec Warfare. Remember, Mil and Fenix first met in the seeding decision match, and Mil won that time to get #20 in the last match.

Fenix limping during in this match reminded me: this is the end of the Sunday taping, he and Cuerno had their painful looking ladder match just 24 hours before. I have no idea how he could manage to do what he did. They taped out of order on this day to give Mil extra time between last week’s main event three way match and this week’s title match, but even that must’ve taken an immense amount of effort. Luchadors, wrestlers have two matches on the same taping or back to back days all the time, but these were not any ordinary matches.


Fenix’s fight for a German suplex late in the match was awesome.

The Matanza reveal was surprising; I didn’t think we’d see him until he set foot in the real Temple. They shot him from underneath and they framed him to full up the screen. The blood made him see intimidating, but his first appearance in the ring is going to be the test.

The other two matches were kind of slight. Chavo versus Texano was OK, but it was also better than I thought it would be and more definitive than I would’ve guessed. Texano won completely – that’s the best decision they could’ve made but not the one which always is made. The trios title match was really fun while it lasted, even while being one sided, and I could’ve gone for something twice as long easily. Still, if the tradeoff was more time for the main event, that’s fine, I’ll see the trios guys another day.

Once you notice Striker is avoiding saying the individual names of the Disciples of Death, it becomes hard not to notice. They’re tough!

Next week is going to be something. Aztec Warfare I was built off a lot of feuds from the previous episodes coming together, and you can see the same thing being set up here. There’s also a question of who exactly is in this match. We know of six, leaving fourteen spots for twenty four people who’ve been around this season so far: Angélico, Barrio Negro, Bengala, Cage, Chavo Guerrero, Cortez Castro, Drago, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Ivelisse, Jack Evans, Joey Ryan, Killshot, King Cuerno, Kobra Moon, Mariposa, Marty Martinez, Mr. Cisco, Pentagón Jr, PJ Black, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc, Taya, Texano, and the Mack. The Disciples looked like they may need a week off and/or a hospital bed and Bengala may have returned to the jungle, but that’s still a lot of people for not enough spaces – and that’s if no one unexpected shows up.


Austin Warfare, LU preview, Brazo de Plata not to retire

Flyer flying!/photo by CMLL
Flyer flying!/photo by CMLL

CMLL (TUE) 03/15/2016 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Flyer & Metatrón b Artillero & Camorra
2) Canelo Casas, Hijo del Signo, Metálico b Magnus, Robin, Star Jr.
3) Fuego, Pegasso, Tritón DQ Disturbio, Skándalo, Virus
Disturbio pulled Fuego’s mask for the DQ. Mask vs mask challenges followed.
4) Ángel de Oro, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stuka Jr. b Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
5) Marco Corleone b Kráneo
Marco took 1/3 to win the super Heavyweight battle
6) Stuka Jr., Valiente, Volador Jr. b Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
Stuka replaced Super Porky

CMLL didn’t end up streaming this show. Their streaming events actually started in Arena Coliseo, but those were done by Terra. They worked well for a while, not so much near the end. Terra had it’s own set up (satellites!) and it may just be that old Arena Coliseo doesn’t have the internet connection to stream video.

Earlier in the night, CMLL posted an interview with Super Porky declaring he wasn’t retiring any time soon. This was in direct response to the Monterrey card which listed it as part of his retirement tour. (That was both announced and corrected weeks ago, CMLL’s really slow in responding.) Porky was also sad people were questioning him belonging in the semimain of H2L, because he’s a legend who’s earn those spots and used to main event three shows in the same day. After all of that, he didn’t main event last night and was replaced with no explanation by Stuka.

CMLL actually having dives in the opener is weird.

There’s no big news coming out of last night’s Lucha Underground activities at SXSW, but the show last night sounds like it went really well. This super positive review matches the reactions,  It looked like a full crowd, though no idea how many people that actually is – the Austin Music Hall can seat 3,000, but there was far less there with the ring and the band set up. It was “a lot of people”, I’m going with that, and a lot of people who were excited to be there. It’s one show, but it seemed like a promising sign for house shows sometime in the future. When is still a question – “it’s part of the long term plan” is what Van Wagenen said yesterday before the show. After the show, he was saying they’d be back to SXSW.

You can read brief results of the show here; there were four matches, and there was also Vampiro giving a DDT to his psychiatrist. You know, the normal deal. They treated it as if was occurring in between last week’s episode and this week’s episodes, so there’s no real spoilers. The show didn’t appear to be taped as if it was going to air TV show, though they did have a camera around (and did interviews with fans before the show), so footage may end up on YouTube or used in promotional material. They had special shirts and they appeared to be giving away posters and hard copies of the comic book.

The spot that’s gone viral from the show was Aerostar’s dive from a balcony. There’s a second angle here. Aerostar was put on a stretcher and in a neckbrace after the match, but it was just precautionary – he suffered a bloody nose, was checked out at the hospital and released. I feel like I’ve seen Aerostar do even crazier/ill-advised stuff though; this was more about the catch not going well. That spot going everywhere is more the power of SXSW (and also allowing people to take video during a Lucha Underground show, which is a bit different than usual for them.)

There was no intergender wrestling on the show. It’s one show, there were only two women wrestling (and Melissa announcing), it doesn’t mean much, but it’s a data point.

ProWrestlingTees has seven new Lucha Underground shirts. It’s good there’s more shirts. It’s a little disappointing there’s no character specific merchandise: it’s mostly LU Training Academy logo shirts and one poster shirt. Guessing it’s not an oversight but a plan not to do character specific items yet.

There’s a show today too! It’s the eighth episode of second season, Life After Death. Matches on the show

  • The Disciples of Death (c) vs Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship ; Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc must leave The Temple should they lose.
  • Texano versus Chavo Guerrero in a bullrope match
  • Mil Muertes (c) vs Fenix for the Lucha Underground Championship; Fenix relinquishes the Gift of the Gods championship in exchange for this match.

Aztec Warfare 2 is next week. This and next week are part of the finishing kick of Act 1 of this season – two title matches, and a gimmick match for a feud which dates back to last season (and a gimmick match is usually the blowoff for feuds in LU.) Eric has a bigger preview of this episode.

Elite posted a teaser photo of the return of it’s Liga Elite with the usual bit of silhouettes of not yet announced people. Caristico is the guy in the middle, and Rush and Volador are fairly obvious. I think that’s Extreme Tiger on the far left; I guess he’s not busy with TNA for quite a while after this week anyway. They say it starts as 03/30, so maybe no Wednesday show next week.

Box Y Lucha is selling digital issues of it’s magazine, which is great news. They’re selling them for 100 pesos for 5 issues, which is a really good price – about $1.10USD per issue. The problem is, at least at the moment, you’re required to either have a Mexican credit card or a Mexican bank account or a Mexican prepaid card – they don’t take foreign credit cards or Paypal. That’s disappointing. They mention having old issues up soon.

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