Maximo vs Rush & Volador vs Casas in trios tonight


With CMLL announcing the Homenaje de Dos Leyendas lineup earlier this week, the next three Friday nights are kind of relegated to building up the matches we already know are happening. That starts tonight with Maximo teaming with Marco & Mascara Dorada versus Rush, La Mascara and Vangellys in tonight’s CMLL main event. This seemed like simply the first match between the former friends, but now it’s one of the few matches before Rush & Maximo meet in a hair match. Likewise, the semimain has Volador & Negro Casas on the opposite side of a trios match before their own hair match, with Super Parka, Mistico, Mr. Niebla & Felino.

CMLL’s not completely on autopilot for it’s big March show. Marcela and Dalys meet in a lightning match following up from last week’s Dalys trios win. A Dalys win would likely set up a title match next week. Kamaitachi and Dragon Lee continue to face off in trios before an inevitable title match in the tercera. Fujin and Raijin make their first appearance as a team on a streaming show in the segunda. And the minis match will have Demus dropping someone on their head again.

Full CMLL preview is here. Show starts at 8:30pm CT and will air on ClaroSports.

Lucha Underground is coming to France’s Action channel according to this magazine scan. Start date is not listed.

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