lucha TV preview for weekend of February 27th


This list is getting gigantic and unwieldy. I’ll have to rethink it soon.

I’ve added the CMLL MegaSports show, mostly just to force me to remember the Tuesday shows are no longer airing ClaroSports TV. I think the Friday shows are – there’s not much else that could be, but I’m not sure.

AAA has aired the even number matches of their tapings on the first week so far this year, so I’m guessing both Rey de Reyes matches air this week. That doesn’t sound right, but a guess is a guess.

Both CMLL on Claro (Friday) and CMLL Puebla (Monday) have women’s lightning matches. Two in one week is a rarity.

Lucha Underground is a three match show this week, which should help the two big matches get plenty of time.