2015 CMLL appearances by day of the week/arena

CMLL has some idiosyncratic system for deciding who gets how many matches and which day of the week they work.  We don’t know how it works, but we can at least look to see who gets booked where and figure out who’s benefiting from one of the strange ways CMLL does things.

(full chart is here)

Friday Mexico (% of all CMLL main buildings)
61% Thunder
46% Rush
43% Espiritu Negro
42% Demus 3:16
39% Shockercito
39% La Sombra
39% Diamante Azul
38% Rey Escorpión
36% Stukita
36% Syuri

Yea, most of Thunder’s matches, far more than anyone else, are on the best paying night of the week. It’s part because his never ending relationship with Ultimo Guerrero, but also because they just don’t use him on the other shows. Thunder’s never worked a Sabado Retro show, he worked only 5 Tuesday Guadalajara shows and 3 Tuesday Mexico. There’s plenty of people who’ve worked more Friday night shows, he (and Stukita and Syuri) just didn’t work many other ones.

(more stats below)

Most Friday night shows
46 Volador Jr.
42 Último Guerrero
38 Máximo
35 La Sombra
34 Negro Casas
33 Thunder
33 Valiente
32 Rush
30 Marco Corleone
28 Atlantis

Still: 33 weeks of the year, Thunder wrestled on a Friday night show. That’s depressing. (And Volador worked nearly every week, which is amazing.)

Regular CMLL wrestlers who didn’t wrestle on Friday nights all year: Nitro, Camorra, Apocalipsis, Cholo, Aereo, Angelito, Metatron, and those who were only around for a short time (from Ramstein to Cibernetico). Super Parka worked 11 Friday night shows and no other shows.

Tuesday Arena Mexico percentage
63% Pequeño Universo 2000
52% Acero
50% Ramstein
50% Angelito
45% Aéreo
45% Leono
42% Fantasy
41% Pequeño Nitro
40% Narumiya
37% Flyer (CMLL)

Did they dump the minis matches on Tuesday? Yes, yes they did. Ramstein 50% is off a grand total of two matches. Angelito’s made 6 of his 12 appearances on the show.

Aéreo had an odd year where he wrestled 10 times in Arena Mexico on Tuesday, 8 times on a Sunday Arena Mexico show, 4 times on Sabado Retro, and no matches anywhere else. No Friday nights, no Puebla, no Guadalajara. Same thing (over less matches) for Angelito, and Acero & Pequeno Universo had a single Friday night show to break them from that.

Narumiya is one of the woman from REINA. I don’t think she’s there any more. I don’t think much anyone is left in REINA, actually.

Tuesday Shows, actual number of appearances.
28 Titán
25 Fuego
25 Guerrero Maya Jr.
23 Delta
23 Blue Panther
23 Tritón
21 Hechicero
21 Stuka Jr.
21 Valiente
20 Mercurio

A Tuesday show built around Titan, Guerrero Maya, Triton, and Hechicero would be pretty awesome. It didn’t feel like they particularly built it around anything though.

Sunday is odd because it’s switched programming strategies during the year. Let’s see who got banished to Sabados Retro instead:

Saturday Coliseo shows, by percent of all main matches

43% El Rebelde
35% Bengala
35% Inquisidor
31% Nitro
30% Hijo del Signo
29% Camorra
29% Star Jr.
28% Apocalipsis
25% Angelito
24% Starman

This is the first full year of Saturday Coliseo shows. One wonders what Rebelde did, given he had more promise than other guys working openers but was removed from most of the main shows and booked rarely this year. Could be as simple as not showing up for practice, I suppose. He appears to be back in Torreon now.

Saturday Coliseo shows, by number of appearances

20 Tritón
17 Valiente
17 Guerrero Maya Jr.
17 Sangre Azteca
17 Bengala
16 Rey Bucanero
15 Shigeo Okumura
15 Sagrado
14 Dragón Lee II
14 La Máscara

Triton’s just a big enough name to be in big matches on these shows, isn’t a big enough name to be on a better show.

Monday Arena Puebla, by number of appearances

30 Stigma
29 Volador Jr.
28 Atlantis
28 Valiente
27 Black Tiger
27 Lestat
27 La Máscara
26 Último Guerrero
26 Máximo
25 King Jaguar

Policeman, Espíritu Maligno, Asturiano, and Fuerza Chicana also had 20 appearances from locals.

Tuesday Guadalajara, by number of appearances

27 Volador Jr.
27 Brazo de Plata
25 La Máscara
23 Rey Bucanero
23 Esfinge
21 Marco Corleone
21 Máximo
21 Magnum
20 Atlantis
20 Valiente

I would’ve bet on Esfinge being first. Volador was carrying this company in 2015. There’s a big hole to fill when Porky isn’t around, and that’s not a size joke.

Other Guadalajara (Friday + Sunday) shows, by number of appearances.

27 Magnum
27 Gallo
25 El Divino
23 Exterminador
23 Furia Roja
21 Relámpago
21 Ráfaga
21 Maléfico
20 Rey Trueno
20 El Chacal

I completely forgot they were still running Friday night shows as late as April last year. Gallo is kind of the lead tecnico, Magnum is said to be running the place. The overall Guadalajara top 5 are Magnum (52), Esfinge (46), Gallo & Malefico (44) and Rafaga (42).

All Mexico City (Coliseo & Mexico), by number of appearances

95 Valiente
86 Volador Jr.
81 Titán
80 Máximo
78 Guerrero Maya Jr.
77 Tritón
76 Dragón Lee II
73 La Máscara
73 Ephesto
72 Stuka Jr.

I could factor out the Coliseo matches, but the difference between those and Tuesday Mexico is minimal. 73 Ephesto matches is a lot of Ephesto matches. I’m not sure why he’s the only rudo on the list; Ultimo Guerrero checks in at 12.