2015 lucha libre wins/losses by promotions

Yesterday’s numbers included all matches for everyone regardless of what promotion they were working for. Today, results strictly for each promotion.

I’m skipping the indie groups this year; there’s no sense of a roster for most of them, and DTU runs a lot of shows where results don’t come out. As always, there’s a Google doc with more.


This is any match on a taping for people who were on the roster (made at least 1 TV appearance) during the year. The “draws” are mostly me weirdly listing the original Guerra de Titanes matches as no-contest to preserve the lineup in the database.

Most Wins: Myzteziz & Rey Mysterio (14) – Psycho Clown was right behind at 13
Most Losses: Jack Evans (16); Angelico, Averno and Chessman were right behind at 15.
Best Win %: Rey Mysterio (85%)
Most Matches: Jack Evans (28) – 27 made TV, there was a match in Monterrey which never aired.

Jack’s a good example of the difference between how CMLL and AAA are experienced. If we just count TV shows that are available in Mexico City – not Lucha Underground, the CMLL Guadalajara show, not Azteca, not anything that simply aired on the internet – Jack had 27 TV matches, the most in AAA. Thirty five CMLL luchadors had more TV matches than him. There were more Gran Guerrero CMLL TV matches than Jack Evans AAA TV matches. Sangre Azteca (24) had more TV matches than Angelico (23). Pentagon Jr. and Mercurio had the same amount of TV matches (21). So did Astral and Alberto el Patron (16).


Most Wins: Veneno (25)
Most Losses: Eterno (32)
Big Win %: Miike (82%)
Most Matches: Eterno (56)

What’s left of the IWRG regulars are younger than in recent years. Atomic Star, who was still considered enough a rookie to be in the El Protector tournament recently, had the third amount of matches beyond those two. Hip Hop Man, who’s rarely used in the top half of the card, is fourth. Negro Navarro had 33 matches here, and Black Terry 28. The Traumas are down to about a match every three weeks. Some of that has to do with having less show, some of it aligns with the reasons there are less cards.


including the main three arenas, since the DF matches seem to be booked by the same people.

Only including Mexico City appearances.

Most Wins: Volador Jr. (97)
Most Losses: Mephisto (72)
Best Win %: Aereo (77%)
Most Matches: Volador Jr. (156)
141 wrestlers were part of the main roster (excluding Puebla/GDL only and those who only appeared on Elite shows, but also probably missing some sponsored shows.) That’s slightly down from 145 last year. Wagner, Park and Ramstein only lasted for 2 matches. Sanson and Cuartero made it on the DF roster just at the end of the year, but that means I retroactively count all their GDL matches.

Top 10 most CMLL main Arena matches are Volador, Valiente, Máximo, Atlantis, La Máscara, Último Guerrero, Mephisto, Mistico, Negro Casas and Ángel de Oro. Atlantis is is much higher overall; he’s getting a lot of outside bookings. Rush is way down the list at 77, a product of his early injury and his Guadalajara suspension.

Might as well roll out that TV appearance chart too. This doesn’t include the internet only matches.

72 Valiente
70 Volador Jr.
59 Máximo
58 La Máscara
56 Atlantis
52 Último Guerrero
52 Rey Bucanero
51 Terrible
51 Negro Casas
50 Mephisto
50 Mistico II

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  1. Tzuki is still wrestling, but infrequently. It looks like he moved to the US – he wrestling mostly on the US lucha show and the odd Tijuana appearance.

  2. This is really interesting, I was just thinking of all the big arena Mexico singles matches volador had, and how he seemed to win them all ( buccanero, Mephisto, Casas, sombra, la mascara, Rush)

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