2015 Lucha Libre Win/Loss Records

Time for the usual end of year stats, because 2015 results might be done (and I might have cleaned it up.) I’m still relying heavily on KrisZ finding posters and I can’t really believe I’m still typing them all in, but here were are.

Year (2009 on) Shows Matches
2009: 2359 shows, 10123 matches
2010: 2580 shows, 11216 matches
2011: 2704 shows, 11972 matches
2012: 2821 shows, 12875 matches (-3)
2013: 2724 shows, 12901 matches (+25)
2014: 5550 shows, 25026 matches (+5)
2015: 6325 shows, 28674 matches

Those +numbers indicate the number of shows I’ve added to those years this past year, or removed due to duplication. It never ends.

I tracked more shows in 2015 than I did in 2012 and 2013 combined. That’s a lot of typing, and also probably a lot of typos. At the same time, it’s a fraction of all the shows that take place. There are plenty of promotions not putting up a poster where anyone on the internet can find them, and there’s plenty of people putting up other content but not giving a date; it hurts every time I find a YouTube upload and can’t put a date to the match. Also, none of the Season 2 Lucha Underground tapings are included in this, as I’m not posting them until the shows completely air. All data is flawed and this is definitely data.

I’ve put a big chart of all the people I tracked and had matches (2477 luchadors) in this Google Doc. As usual, it’s split up by which roster they were on during the year: if they were on multiple rosters, they’ll show up multiple times. This is a dumb way of doing this, but it’s the dumb way I’ve been doing for years.

Record setters from the year after the break. You can previous years on the records tag.

Most Matches

2008: Ultimo Guerrero (228)
2009: La Parka Jr. (211)
2010: Mistico (204)
2011: Último Guerrero & La Mascara (188)
2012: Último Guerrero (189)
2013: Último Guerrero (205)
2014: Atlantis (215)
2015: Atlantis (207)

top 10

Atlantis 207
Máximo 206
Último Guerrero 204
Valiente 189
Volador Jr. 186
La Máscara 173
Mistico II 160
Mr. Niebla 159
Pantera 157
Guerrero Maya Jr. 156

Atlantis was 53 years old most of the year.

Pantera is a false result. Beyond the Pantera I versus (Internacional) Pantera II confusion, there’s also La Pantera in Guadalajara and another Pantera in Veracruz off the top of my head. I try to pull them out, and you may notice a lot more “Wrestler Name (State Name)” pages set out, but I suspect that one’s wrong.

These are based on how matches they were listed as working. Unclear if Mr. Niebla actually made all 159.

As usual, this is going to be heavy on CMLL shows because more of their shows are listed. AAA essentially stopped mentioning house show lineups midway thru last year and any lineups were posters were found. There’s shows as close and as noteworthy as in Toluca where I found video after the fact but never even saw a poster.

most of AAA roster: Pentagon Jr. (144)
among people who worked IWRG regularly, Negro Navarro had 121 matches.
Toro Bill Jr. (56) and Tigre Rojo (52) were the busiest of the Puebla based guys; their families promoted shows
Demonio Rojo & Evola wrestled 62 matches among Guadalajara locals.

Most Wins

2008: Blue Panther (97)
2009: Mistico (110)
2010: Mistico (128)
2011: Ultimo Guerrero (90)
2012: Atlantis (93)
2013: La Mascara (102)
2014: Atlantis (99)
2015: Volador Jr. (113)

That is a handy list of the top tecnico in CMLL who didn’t get hurt or go to Japan during the year (and Ultimo Guerrero.)

Volador Jr. 113
Atlantis 108
Máximo 105
Valiente 97
Mistico II 96
La Máscara 91
Último Guerrero 86
Marco Corleone 83
Ángel de Oro 81
La Sombra 73

A bunch of tecnicos and Ultimo Guerrero.

Goya Kong (42) had the most among AAA luchadors, though she came in thru half the year. Psycho Clown had the most among people (37) who were around all year. Latigo/Tortuga Ninja Leo I led IWRG luchadors with 39 wins. Rey Apocalipsis had the most of Puebla regulars (19), if you count Stigma as someone in DF (and I really should at this point.) Esfinge (42) and Magnum (31) had the most of the Guadalajara luchadors, which is not a surprising fact.

Most Losses

2008: Averno (84)
2009: Negro Casas (86)
2010: Negro Casas (75)
2011: La Mascara (72)
2012: Ultimo Guerrero (79)
2013: Ultimo Guerrero (84)
2014: Ultimo Guerrero (82)
2015: Ultimo Guerrero (80)

Ultimo Guerrero just wrestles a lot and splits his wins/losses about 50/50. The other rudos win about 40% of the time, so UG would be running away with this if he was booked like everyone else.

Último Guerrero 80
Mephisto 79
Negro Casas 73
Tritón (Metal Blanco) 71
Valiente 68
Ephesto 67
Mr. Niebla 67
Felino 66
Volador Jr. 65
Rey Bucanero 63

No wonder Triton was wearing that sad clown mask. Valiente and Volador are there because they work so much, but Triton has a win percentage (42%) more like a rudo .

Best Win % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Psycho Clown & Zombie Clown (100%)
2009: Psycho Circus (100%)
2010: Tondar (GDL) (100%)
2011: Mini Monster Clown (90%)
2012: Rayo de Oro (Guatemala) (97%)
2013: Tinieblas Jr. (90%)
2014: William Rock/Pequeno Violencia (92%)
2015: Súper Muñeco (93%)

Súper Muñeco 93%
Súper Pinocho 92%
Mascarita Sagrada 90%
Máscarita Divina 90%
Jaguar (Xalapa) 90%
El Fantasma 89%
Rey Misterio Jr. 87%
Hijo de LA Park 86%
Forastero (Jalisco) 82%
Parkita Star 81%

Lots of kid’s characters, with a few random inclusions.

Worst loss % (with at least 10 known results)

2008: Carrona (0%)
2009: Espectrito (0%)
2010: Metailk II (GDL) (11%)
2011: Akron (13%)
2012: Mini Talisman (8%)
2013: Estrella De Fuego (5%)
2014: Psicosis I/Nicho el Millionario (0%)
2015: Lady Shani (5%)

Lady Shani 5%
Fulgor 6%
Fulgor II 10%
Pequeño Universo 2000 11%
Dragosth 15%
Mini Histeria 16%
Guerrero De La Muerte (2015) 16%
Carta Brava Jr. (AAA) 16%
Camorra 16%
Voltar 17%

Sad to see people I like near the top of the list. Is it me? It’s probably me – me only finding one win for Shani and the Fulgors. I’m sure they had more.