CMLL on 2016-01-15 

Recapped: 01/15/2016

What happened: Rush defeated Caristico, with a little bit of cheating, in the first ever singles match. Even after the loss, Caristico said he could beat Rush. Rush & La Mascara beat up and unmasked Caristico to end the show.

Thunder defeated Euforia, with a little bit of cheating. Euforia challenged Thunder to a rematch. Thunder’s mic was cut (due to his swearing) before he could respond. Thunder was wearing street clothes for some reason.

What was good: The main event turned out to be a lot of fun. The undercard was better than expected.

Where can I watch it: It’ll be up on my channel in a few days. The top matches will air on TV on 02/03.

Match 1: Shockercito & Stukita vs Mercurio & Pierrothito
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. tecnicos

    • Stukita triple moonsault Pierrothito (6:05)

    • Shocker reinera Mercurio (6:07)

  2. rudos

    • Pierrothito half crab Shockercito (2:43)

    • Mercurio jacknife pin Stukita (3:33)

  3. rudos

    • Pierrthio nudo Stukita (6:15)

    • Mercurio package piledriver Shockercito (6:50)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:30

Review: [good] a little cold early in, but progressed into an entertaining minis match. Stukita generally just has his one match that he does, but he only gets on TV every two months so the one match doesn’t get too old. He also meshed will with Shockercito as a team, with them having more (any) tag team spots than you’d expect. Mercurio and Pierrothito worked off them well enough. Nothing groundbreaking but a fun opener.

Stuka triple moonsault
Mercurio mocks Shockercito
Stukita doesn’t like having working ankles
Stuka springboard tope

Match 2: Estrellita, Marcela ©, Silueta vs Dalys, Reyna Isis, Zeuxis ©
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. tecnicas

    • Marcela top rope double stomp Zeuxis (5:44)

  2. rudas

    • Isis middle rope pump splash Estrellita (3:54)

    • Zeuxis double knee smash Marcela (4:23)

  3. tecnicas

    • Silueta cradle powerbomb Isis (2:34)

    • Dalys tilt a whirl powerbomb Silueta (2:57)

    • Estrellita bridging backslide Dalys (4:10)

Winner: tecnica (2-1)
Match Time: 14:17

Review: [ok] This match had fun moments and was better than expected given the names. It still had a few groan worthy misses. Notably, Marcela looked way off in the first fall, slipping and having balance issues where she never does. She was better later on, but not really a big presence in the match. Estrellita completely forgot she was supposed to be tripping someone on the comeback, Isis’ dive was not so good. Zeuxis looked great as usual and the teams generally worked well.

Silueta tries to make a fancy entrance, pays for it.
a little bit of rust
around and around and around
flying knees
Marcela had a tough day
Estrellita just a little bit late

Match 3: Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther, Rey Cometa vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. rudos

    • Rey Bucanero rolling senton Blue Panther (5:53)

  2. tecnicos

    • Blue Panther fujiwara Vangellys (2:01)

    • Angel de Oro casadora cradle Rey Bucanero (2:30)

  3. rudos

    • Vangellys wheelbarrow Rey Cometa (6:10)

    • Terrible powerbomb Angel de Oro (6:18)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:41

Review: [good] better than usual match between these two teams, with them really going all out in the third fall. The Blue Panther quirks helped spice this match up, but they pulled it off really well – the last minute or so was great trios match material. Rudos seemed more into it than usual and Vangellys is more of a help than Shocker has been. Panther can’t do a lot but knows what to do and that helped this match be something.

Angel de Oro goes a long way on the dropkick
three man powerbomb
Cometa tope
dives everywhere
rudos definitely win

Match 4: La Máscara, Super Parka, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. Peste Negra

    • Mr. Niebla el Pulpo La Mascara (2:12)

  2. tecnicos

    • Super Parka blocked casita Negro Casas (1:48)

    • COR rudos (2:08)

  3. Peste Negra

    • Negro Casas casita Super Parka (5:14)

    • Felino reverse figure four Valiente (5:14)

Winner: Peste Negra (2-1)
Match Time: 9:34
Notes: La Mascara did not get along with his partners.

Review: [ok] Yet another match with La Mascara sort of getting along with his teammates, and with Peste Negra doing a lot of comedy. The comedy helped, since they couldn’t really do a do a straight match with this tecnico crew. The hair cut and the couple weeks of only made Super Parka seem older and slower, but they worked around it. Negro Casas tried.

poor Monito
Valiente tope
Niebla taking a little too long taking off his shirt

Match 5: Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Thunder vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. Revolucionarios

    • Dragon Rojo double stomp Gran Guerrero (2:19)

    • Pólvora top rope splash (2:19)

  2. Revolucionarios

    • Thunder cradle suplex Euforia (4:42)

Winner: Revolucionarios (2-0)
Match Time: 7:01
Notes: Revolucionarios jumped the Guerreros on the stage and the match remained a brawl for the little time it lasted. Thunder wrestled in jeans and normal shoes for some reason. He pulled Euforia’s mask before the finish. Euforia challenged Thunder to a match next week. Thunder, in responding, swore on the microphone and CMLL immediately shut it off.

Review: [bad] Hey! These two teams aren’t very interesting together! They at least got thru it as quick as possible, but pretty much every move Thunder tried looked awful. The other guys weren’t really looking good either (with maybe the highlight Dragon Rojo setting up Gran Guerrero way too far for his double stomp and then trying it anyway.) The finish didn’t make any sense, the mask pull didn’t really change what was happening. I have no idea if Thunder didn’t have his gear because he didn’t bring it or because they were trying a different look, but it didn’t really matter either way. This remains garbage.

I guess this is a double stomp
this was Thunder’s big showcase spot
Polvora tried, this was almost enough for me to give it Below Average

Match 6: Carístico vs Rush
Arena México, 01/15/2016

  1. Rush corner dropkick (1:51)

  2. DQ Rush [removal of Caristico’s mask] (0:39)

  3. Rush Driver (10:49)

Winner: Rush (2-1)
Match Time: 13:18
Notes: Rush jumped Caristico as he came into the ring and the two brawled to start the march. Rush won the first fall clean, then lost the second fall very quickly by purposefully removing Caristico’s mask. (He did shove Tirantes and complain about his call.) The third fall included a trip to the announce booth, where Rush made sure his profane trash talk made it onto the commentary. Finish saw Tirantes get knocked down, then distracted by the arriving La Mascara. Caristico attempted La Mistica, the move fell apart, but Caristico quickly put on a fujiwara armbar and Rush taped put. Rush escaped, then dropped Carsitico with the Rush Driver for the win. Rush put his feet on the ropes for leverage during the pin, though it didn’t seem necessary. Caristico won no falls in this match, only taking the second via the DQ. Rush belittled Caristico and the fans after his win. Caristico said Rush was beatable, then was beat up and stripped of his mask by Rush & La Mascara

Review: [great] really what this match should be at this point in the feud. They did a lot without doing everything, and they did most all of it in the third fall. Tons of good dives and good back and forth that pulled the crowd into it. (A bigger than usual crowd, and one that was chanting for some guy Mistico.)They even got some good near falls near the end, though not much the fans bought as the finish until the ref bump. The Mistica falling apart was pretty egregious and messed up the finish – I wonder if there was supposed to be a foul in there which got lost due to the timing – but the Rush’s antics during and after the match made up for it. Caristico looked as good as he’s been in CMLL, looking confident in what he could do despite an opponent that didn’t look to be the best match for him on paper. (This might have been the first Spanish Fly Rush ever took.) The issue had the feel of something that could be built up for the Anniversary show. The loss in isolation doesn’t seem to hurt Caristico, but he sure has taken a lot of them and could really use an actual win.

Rush ejects Caristico
Rush corner dropkick
Caristico stage dive
corner plancha
Rush gets flipped over the rail
Rush as Sangre Azteca
Caristico tope con giro
Rush tope con giro response
the finish