CMLL Sin Piedad: 2016-01-01

good move, great sell

Recapped: 01/01/2016

What happened: Maximo & Negro Casas defeated Kamaitachi & Super Parka for their hair in separate singles matches. Volador declared war on all of the Casas family for their cheating in the main event. Caristico accidentally fouled Rush leading to both losing the semimain, and teasing a Rush/Caristico vs Voaldor/Cibernetico. (Volador is a busy guy.) Thunder still exists

What was good: The Kamaitachi/Maximo match is the best match of the year. It’ll still be a really good match when there’s more than one day.

Where can I watch it: Matches from this show will be on Azteca on January 23rd.

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lucha TV preview for weekend of January 1st


Azteca and LATV are currently scheduled to air the same episode, though maybe they’ll have one different match than other. I have no idea what’s up with ClaroSports/Titanes el Ring. 52MX is guessing they keep airing Tuesday episodes.

AAA‘s episode is already up on YouTube. A weird typo lists Guerra de Titanes as airing Wednesday on UTDN. I suspect it’s a mix up with the best of episodes.

PROESA isn’t up there, but will have the second half of the battle royal from 2010.

Happy New Year’s Day, here’s a free match

Hey! I don’t know what state I’ll be in when this posts – physically, emotionally, geographically are all open questions – but New Year’s Day is the start of year 13 for this blog (more or less.)

To celebrate, I’m posting a match I got to see live this year that I really liked, and maybe you’ll like it as well. It’s Centvrión & Látigo vs Fly Warrior & Mr. Leo from the September 16, CaraLucha show.

It’s not included in the video, but this was the match that led to Mala Hierba group forming in angle right after the match. I’ve really enjoyed their matches while catching up with matches the rest of the year, and it was cool to be there when they got started. And it’s still a really fun match without all of that.

The video might be unlisted, but feel free to pass around the link if you like it. I’ll turn it public when I get a chance.

(I may be around for iPPV, but probably no news post today.)