CMLL Infierno en el Ring: 2015-12-25 


Recapped: 12/25/2015

What happened: Super Comando lost his mask to the Panther in the final of the Infierno en el Ring cage match. Puma, who had be feuding with both, was one of the first to escape. Raziel was the other member of the final three instead. Super Comando is Gusatvo Torres Ramirez, 34 years old, 17 years a wrestler from Neza.

Super Parka and Negro Casas and Kamaitachi and Maximo signed hair versus hair contracts for next week. (Despite being announced yesterday, this was somewhat treated like a surprise announcement.)

The iPPV failed, with only a couple of people able to see the first hour of the show. At nearly exactly an hour in, CMLL switched to playing the feed over YouTube, on a stream that was free to any who had the link. CMLL blamed cleeng, cleeng seems to be unaware of what was going on. It’s unclear if refunds will be offered at this point. Anyone considering buying next week’s iPPV should be aware of this situation and act appropriately. 

What was good: Nothing especially. Cage match was a cage match (and the singles match at the end was fine, but nothing special.) The one match we got to see was a quick all star match that was just OK.

Where can I watch it: The main matches will air on Lucha Azteca in three weeks.

No recaps for the first three matches.

Match 3: Máximo Sexy, Super Parka, Valiente vs Cavernario, Kamaitachi, Negro Casas
Arena México, 12/25/2015

This match ended with Kamaitachi fouling Maximo. The four people in next week’s hair match signed contracts. Announcers (mostly Rey Bucanero) were confused, but the programming department confirmed they’re two singles matches.

Match 4: Carístico, Mistico, Rush vs Cibernético, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr. in a relevos increíbles match
Arena México, 12/25/2015

  1. Team Cibernetico
    • Cibernetico chokeslam Caristico (2:09)
    • Volador backcracker Mistico (2:12)
  2. Team Caristico
    • Mistico La Mistica on Volador (2:11)
    • Caristico fujiwara Cibernetico (2:17)
  3. Team Cibernetico
    • Ultimo Guerrero foul Rush (5:54)

Winner: Team Cibernetico (2-1)
Match Time: 10:23
Notes: Rush attempted to set up UG for the corner doprkick, but Tirantes got in the way to obviously set up the ref bump. UG got in his foul kick during the confusion. Rush and Caristico did not get along the whole match.

Review: [ok] A decent all star match, though seemed like it could’ve been a lot more given the people in involved. There’s an idea here of doing Mistico and Caristico as a tag team, though seem to shy away from Caristico being able to do a La Mistica while teaming with his partner (and the double Mistica finish would’ve been the best way to end it.) Cibernetico looked fine in what he had to do, and Caristico working with Volador had more struggles. The rating is going to be tainted by the annoyance of how long it got to get to seeing this match, but this was also a lousy finish – Tirantes only does absurd ref bump spots.

Volador’s cool mask
much more painful than usual
double dive
Mistico diving headscissors
Cibernetico: not a superkicker

Match 5: Blue Panther Jr. vs TritónEsfingeThe PantherPegassoFuegoSangre AztecaTigerRazielSúper ComandoCancerbero,Puma in a cage match
Arena México, 12/25/2015

  1. Esfinge escapes (5:06)
  2. Puma escapes (6:10)
  3. Pegasso escapes (7:03)
  4. Cancerbero escapes (7:58)
  5. Triton escapes (8:41)
  6. Tiger escapes (10:04)
  7. Blue Panther escapes (11:09)
  8. Sangre Azteca escapes (13:11)
  9. Fuego escapes (15:23)
  10. Raziel escapes (17:39)
  11. The Panther nudo lagunero Super Comando (23:35)

Winner: The Panther
Loser: Super Comando
Match Time: 23:35
Notes: All luchadors were required to be in the cage for three minutes. Pegasso did a dive off the top of the cage. The Panther/Comando single fall lasted 5:56, with Comando getting his arm on the rope while in the fujiwara, while Panther grabbed onto the cage to block the Super Comando Special. Comando tried again, Panther escaped, then locked on the submission for the win. Super Comando is Gusatvo Torres Ramirez, 34 years old, 17 years a wrestler from Neza.

Review: [ok] a cage match, in every other usual way. One guy did a dive off the of the cage, lots of guys stood around lamely brawling while waiting for their turn to do something, a rudo faking out his friends to escape on his own, the usual nonsense. The time spent on Puma messing with both of the guys is a waste, and probably will never come up in a match again. I would’ve preferred just doing the Super Comando/the Panther match they were building to from day one, but the match they had at the end wasn’t so great as to prove my correct. It was a fine enough match, with finisher teases (that required the crowd to know Super Comando’s finish, a bit of a reach.) This did come off as a big win for The Panther and it’s nice to see him get it on a what appears to have been a heavily attended show. The big crowd reacted to the escapes and finish strongly; they’re getting something out of this match that I’m not.

flying horse
between this match and watching the last AAA Juarez show, I saw a lot of frog splashes today

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