week in review for 2015-12-13

(or: all the stuff I wrote this week)

Lucha Underground announced they’ll premiere on 01/27 and later announced Rey Misterio would be part of the promotion. I’m scared to look too closely at that one to see how many phone typos I made. I’m also a little bit concerned about the news: those were two press releases where they could’ve said “we’re back on Unimas!” or “we’re also adding Hulu this year!” or “our show will soon air in Mexico!” and none of those things were said. Those deals would’ve been announced this week if they were done. The great thing is the quality of the show seems minimally affected by it’s ability to make deals.

CMLL announced big shows for Christmas Day (cage) and New Year’s Day (Thunder/UG), and then spent Friday night building up two entirely different matches. I don’t get it. The 12/25 show is an iPPV, the 01/01 show might turn out to be one later.

AAA finished up it’s taping year in Neza. Rey didn’t wrestle. He got better later. I don’t think there’s anything sinister about that; he’s going to have good and bad days with his knees. There’s no next date still (unless they slipped it in on Juarez Week 2, which I haven’t scanned thru yet.)

The Elite show saw Caristico & Mistico form a team and the week ended with Caristico being announced as returning to regular Friday night shows next week. He’s making his way back into the fold, though slower than we thought.

Alberto blamed AAA for his inability to return and drop his title. This seemed to be one of a few interviews Alberto did with Mexican press this week (or maybe one that was just cut into a few days of news); it always made sense for him to do interviews to defend himself, but the timing was unexplained.

About six months of work went in posts about Guadalajara results, though I think I didn’t need to do the research to say the Occidente titles aren’t that good. Figuring out the top stars by year gave me a few surprises, and the transition to trios happened sooner than I guessed. Maybe one day I’ll have a run of those posts for Mexico City. I’m mostly writing this post just so I can link to those things again before they sink out of sight forever.

Other Posts: Sunday’s IWRG results, Monday Puebla results, preview of Friday night’s show, and notes about Friday’s night show not being any good

Recaps: CMLL Puebla 12/07CMLL Claro 12/11, AAA on Televisa 11/07, 11/14, 2015 catchup part 7 and part 8 and the complete list of grades for week of 11/14. I’ve got both 11/21 pieces going up on Monday, kind of stalled past that point.

Misc: this week’s video post for last weekend and preview for this weekend

3 thoughts to “week in review for 2015-12-13”

  1. I read somewhere, maybe even this site, that ADR has a thing, like Shawn Michaels, about dropping titles, so I think he never planned to lose it.

    Also, I was under the impression that the “Mega” title was created just for him. I don’t follow AAA that closely, but I don’t remember ever seeing that title listed anywhere until ADR went to AAA. If it was in existence, how long has it been around?

  2. In season 1, they waited until the day before the el Rey debut to announce the unimas deal. I am sure they will be back. El Rey probably telling them to hold off from now, they want all the plugs first.

    The Mega title been around for almost 10 years,right ?

  3. The AAA heavyweight title has existed since 2007.

    You are correct that the Unimas deal wasn’t announced until late – looking at old posts, I think we were only sure it was going to air when it started showing up in the listings (which would mean sometime around 01/17 is when to check this time around) and the Lucha Underground press releases were quiet about the airing presumably because they’d prefer to direct people to El Rey. This wouldn’t be a big deal if everything was still going the same, but not doing the Spanish language introductions before matches is odd and suggests something has changed.

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