CMLL on 2015-12-11 

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Recapped: 12/11/2015

What happened: Kamaitachi fouled Maximo and challenged him to a hair match, and Maximo accepted for next week. That seems like it’s actually happening. Less certain is a Negro Casas/Super Parka hair match; challenges were made after their own DQ finish, but Parka wanted it tonight while Casas accepted for next week.

The promo for next week revealed Caristico would make his full CMLL return on next Friday night’s show.

Thunder was missing from the main event, three Fridays out form his mask match. No explanation was given.

What was good:  Nothing. Not a think. This was the deadest show full of bad matches in some time. I’m sorry I gave out the link.

Where can I watch it: Don’t! Don’t do this. It’ll be up on my channel but really don’t.

Match 1: Bengala & Soberano Jr. vs Akuma & Canelo Casas
Arena México, 12/11/2015

  1. rudos
    • Canelo Casas release half nelson Bengala (4:10)
    • Akuma running powerbomb Soberano (4:34)
  2. tecnicos
    • Soberano guillotine Akuma (3:45)
    • Bengala tirabuzon Canelo Casas (4:15)
  3. rudos
    • Canelo Casas pulpo Bengala (3:31)
    • Akuma Canadian Destroyer Soberano (3:59)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:48

Review: [below average] Nothing much to stay positive about this match outside of Soberano doing a few neat spots, as he does in every match. Hopefully he’ll get elevated out of these matches in 2006. We did learn Canelo Casas is defintely worse than Akuma. Akuma is not good shakes, but Canelo is both terrible and doesn’t seem like he’s trying that hard to get better. He’d dropped his finish by now, instead of dropping people lamely on the finish. The sequence on the ramp at the end was painful.

“Canelo Special”
required Soberano tornillo
Soberano makes use of the barricade

Match 2: Astral, Eléctrico, Shockercito vs Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito
Arena México, 12/11/2015

  1. rudos
    • Demus top rope splash Electrico (5:59)
    • Mercurio sit down powerbomb Shockericto (6:09)
  2. tecnicos
    • Electrico springboard elbow drop Pierrothito (2:56)
    • Shockercito reinera Mercurio (2:58)
  3. rudos
    • Pierrothito seated figure four pin Shockercito (5:12)
    • Pierrothina on Astral (5:28)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:35

Review: [ok] might have turned to be the best match of the night; definitely seemed to have the most energy of any match of the night. It also had some super sloppy moments, like Shockercito whiffing on a tricky headscissors and Astral just generally screwing up. Still, there were more highs than lows on a show without a lot of highs.

mountain climbing headscissors
double corner attack
death via rolling handstand

Match 3: Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Super Porky vs Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado
Arena México, 12/11/2015

  1. Comando Boricua
    • Pierroth senton Super Porky (3:14)
  2. tecnicos
    • Super Porky splash Pierroth (2:43)
  3. tecnicos
    • Blue Panther Jr. anklelock Sagrado (4:44)
    • Blue Panther overhead wristlock Misterioso Jr. (4:44)

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:41

Review: [below average] There have been many Porky contra Los Boricuas matches, and this was definitely one of them. One of the lesser ones, with the match dying after the first fall. Porky looked slower than usual, and everyone else wasn’t going much faster. Panther Sr. was late to spots at times and Sagrado & Misterioso seemed to be walking around a lot. The star sequences before the end was remarkable haphazard. This one only didn’t die with the audience because they love Super porky, but it would’ve been the worst match on many shows. I couldn’t come up with a GIF for this one.

Match 4: Super Parka vs Negro Casas in a lightning match
Arena México, 12/11/2015

Winner: Super Parka (DQ Negro Casas for ref attack)
Match Time: 7:29
Notes: Super Parka demanded a hair match with Negro Casas tonight after the foul. Casas dropkicked him, fouled the ref, and accepted the match for next week.

Review: [bad] This should be rock bottom for Super Parka, but they threatened a longer match next week. Parka was flat done after a minute or so of brawling, and this match featured more chinlock and sleeper spots than the rest of the year combined. Negro Casas went as rudo as he could to draw some sympathy for Parka, but Parka just couldn’t do anything and was completely exhausted. Instead of carrying Parka, this seemed like Casas’ worst match in many years. It’s clear this feud and maybe hair match is going on for reasons other than being a draw (it’s not) or being any good (it’s definitely not), and so more bad matches probably won’t stop it. Just hoping for a quick end at this point

not exactly the speed Sombra was taking these
Casas silla
on target

Match 5: Máximo Sexy, Mistico, Rush vs Ephesto, Euforia, Kamaitachi
Arena México, 12/11/2015

  1. rudos
    • Kamaitachi double knee drop Maximo (2:54)
    • Euforia powerbomb Rush (3:16)
    • Ephesto small package Mistico (3:16)
  2. tecnicos
    • La Mistica on Euforia (3:15)
  3. tecnicos
    • DQ Kamiatachi [foul to Maximo] (5:03)

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:34
Notes: Kamaitachi demanded a hair/hair match after the loss.

Review: [ok] maybe match of the night? Crowd wasn’t into this match as much as you’d think, even with Maximo. It’s very possible Parka/Casas just killed the crowd because they never reacted as much the rest of the night. Maximo and Kamaitachi pushed their feud super hard, and I guess had too if it’s going to last all of fifteen days. Kamaitachi was aggressive after the match, but the action in the match itself didn’t really make it seem close to the matches Kamaitachi has been having. The rest of the match was slow, with Euforia and Ephesto not impressing and Rush doing his own thing.

one of Rush’s like three spots in this match
Mistico diving headscissors

Match 6: Shocker, Terrible, Último Guerrero vs Kráneo, Ripper, Mr. Niebla
Arena México, 12/11/2015

  1. Team Mr. Niebla
    • Kraneo legdrop back of the head Terrible (2:01)
    • Ripper top rope splash Shocker (2:33)
  2. Team Guerrero
    • Ultimo Guerrero suplex Kraneo (2:24)
    • Shocker standing reverse double armbar Mr. Niebla (2:28)
  3. Team Guerrero
    • Shocker Dos Caras clutch Ripper (5:12)
    • Terrible dropkick Kraneo (5:16)

Winner: Team Guerrero
Match Time: 10:09
Notes: Mr. Niebla replaced Thunder

Review: [below average] Not the worst worked match on the show, but maybe the deadest. Crowd definitely cared about the Porky match more than this one, but this one was rendered irrelevant as soon as Niebla showed up. No wants to see a Thunder match, but no one wants to see a rudo/rudo main event with a bunch of guys who aren’t over either. They worked the match with the Ultimo Guerrero side as fake tecnicos and it was fine enough in a vacuum, but it was also yet another slow muddle. I tried to find a way to justify this as an OK grade, and it’s mostly that they didn’t screw much up but they didn’t do a whole lot either. This was a nothing match.

two for one
Niebla sault

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  1. It was sort of a comedy of errors here last night including the 3 year old up until 10 due to an ill-timed nap. Once I got her to sleep, my instinct was to turn on CMLL, but I just gave up and went to sleep instead. I’m glad to hear it was the right choice.

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