CMLL on 2015-11-13 

el toro blanco

Recapped: 11/13/2015

What happened: Rush beat Sombra cleanly in the main event in a match with no crowd favorite. Neither man turned on each other after the match, instead praising their opponent. Ultimo Guerrero cleanly beat Thunder, with no praise after. Kamaitachi unmasked Dragon Lee to continue their year long issue. Okumura, Puma & Tiger walked off with the masks of everyone in the opener.

What was good: The main event was great, but the crowd totally wasn’t into it. The opener was a lot of fun and the crowd cared more then. The women’s match had it’s moments.

Where can I watch it: It aired live on ClaroSports. I’ll have it on my channel on Tuesday. The main matches should air on Azteca on 11/28.

Match 1: Esfinge, Pegasso, Tritón vs Okumura, Puma, Tiger
Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. tecnicos
    • Triton 450 splash Puma (5:17)
  2. rudos
    • Okumura hanging DDT Pegasso (3:39)
    • Puma double stomp (4:17)
  3. rudos
    • Tiger sunset flip Triton (8:01)

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:57
Notes: Tiger pulled off Triton’s mask and reversed a cradle to beat him.

Review: [good] Really strong opener, like one you might get on a major show. Everyone was working hard (probably because of the NJPW guys, but the reason doesn’t matter all that much.) The match was more complicated, with counters and cutoffs and extra people getting involved more often than usual while also also building the mask feud. Puma & Tiger came off as stars at the right time. Triton looked good outside of the one big stumble (Esfinge related) and got the spotlight early. Even Pegasso looked better than usual. This is a really good program, even if it can only lead to bad cage match.

the kick that don’t miss
I didn’t see that coming, neither did Esfinge
neck rearrangement
Okumura gets clobbered

Match 2: Estrellita, Princesa Sugehit, Syuri vs Amapola, La Seductora, Zeuxis
Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. tecnicas
    • Estrellita Star Cross Reina Isis (5:33)
    • Princesa Sugehit La Mistica on Amapola (5:37)
  2. rudas
    • Amapola motocicleta Estrellita (2:14)
    • Reina Isis middle rope reverse splash Princesa Sugehit (2:39)
  3. rudas
    • Zeuxis package piledriver Syuri (4:53)

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 13:05

Review: [ok] would be an easy higher rating with anyone but Estrellita, or an Estrellita better than tonight’s show. She had a bad night and doesn’t have much to far. On the other side, Syuri has been a lot of fun this time around and she and Zeuxis are destroying each other in Dragon Lee/Kamaitachi fashion. That kick right before the finish was harsh. Amapola had one of her better nights than usual too, and the parts with the rudas taking control of the match were very good. This is probably the best match Isis has been in it, though it was mostly her not messing anything else. If we could’ve just had one more person like that.

ruda team work
Estrellita comes up a little short
this did not end this match or Zeuxis

Match 3: Dragon Lee, Super Porky, Titán vs Kamaitachi, Pólvora, Vangellys
Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. tecnicos
    • Super Porky sit Vangellys (7:07)
    • Titan Cradle on Pólvora (7:10)
  2. tecnicos
    • DQ Kamaitachi [mask pull] (4:11)

Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 11:18
Notes: Kamataichi pulled off Dragon Lee’s mask as he was hanging from the turnbuckle, avoiding the double stomp in the process.

Review: [ok] a lot of Super Porky, a taste of Dragon Lee & Kamaitachi, and really not a lot of Titan for us Titan fans. Booking Super Porky in this match hurt it from what it could’ve been, but maybe it’s what they wanted it to be. Lee still got to do an outstanding tope con giro and they found a new way to do the mask pull. Titan got a few of his spots to look good but I wish eh had a bigger showcase.

no idea how that pulled that off so quick
sky high tope con giro
caught him with the outside boot!

Match 4: Diamante Azul, Super Parka, Valiente vs Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto
Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. Hijos del Infierno
    • Luciferno Hooligan Crash Diamante Azul (2:38)
  2. tecnicos
    • Super Parka La Rosa Mephisto (3:30)
  3. tecnicos
    • Super Parka huracanrana Ephesto (6:16)
    • Diamante Azul German suplex (7:02)

Winner: tecniso (2-1)
Match Time: 13:10
Notes: Luciferno needed medical help after the German suplex.

Review: [below average] Not good, the start of the card really going downhill. Super Parka was really bad in this match, with the end of the second fall looking sad and getting a lot of boos. (Crowd was generally booing both side by the end.) Diamante Azul did a lot of kicks which seemed to miss by a decent amount but still made a lot of noise. Valiente couldn’t prop this tecnico side on his best days, and the Hijos del Infierno are only as interesting as the people they face.

Valiente Special

Match 5: Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Thunder

Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. Team Thunder
    • Doble Guerreros Submission on the Guerreros (2:58)
  2. Guerreros
    • Euforica Special Terrible (2:08)
    • Gran Guerrero Pulpo Guerrero Rey Bucanero (2:10)
  3. Team Thunder
    • Ultimo Guerrero clothesline Thunder (3:47)

Winner: Team Thunder
Match Time: 8:55
Notes: Thunder’s team used the Guerreros moves in the first two falls, but the rallied back. Ultimo Guerrero won clean on a normal clothesline when all six were in the ring. Thunder grabbed Tirantes as to attack him, as if it was an unfair count, but it didn’t come off that way.

Review: [below average] dead match with a failing feud with a messed up looking finish. Thunder was awful and the crowd cared about the feud less. And Ultimo Guerrero won clean again, so why should they care? The finish made Thunder look even worse than he looks on his own.

the end

Match 6: La Sombra vs Rush
Arena México, 11/13/2015

  1. La Sombra double knee smash (2:36)
  2. Rush corner dropkick (1:40)
  3. Rush Driver (13:33)

Winner: Rush (2-1)
Match Time: 17:49
Notes: Both men largely wrestled clean, but Sombra tried a martinete and soon after a foul when the ref was distracted. Sombra got his hand on the bottom rope after Rush landed the corner dropkick in the third fall. Sombra landed his double knees and Rush simply kicked out, then hit the Rush Driver after a reversal sequence. Both men praised each after the match and left with no apparent tension.

Review: [great] very well worked match in front of a crowd who disliked both gentlemen and never warmed up for either side. They wrestled an athletic, competitive G1 like match (especially the third fall, after they got rid of the first two) without either man really trying to play to the crowd. They did troll the crowd and each other early in the third fall and Sombra cheated near the end, but not in a way where the fans were ever going to cheer for Rush. The storyline was these two guys just wanted to wrestle each other for their own interest and that’s what it came off as in reality – two guys who wanted to have a excellent wrestling match, with huge spots and stuff they’ve never tried before (the headbutts especially), and just generally uncaring about how anyone felt about it. I loved it, at home watching it on the internet, but it was definitely hurt by the crowd whistling instead of reacting to the near falls in any big way. I don’t think was helped by the previous two matches being stinkers and taking the crowd down; maybe the y would’ve given this more a chance if it was a hotter show at that point. There were a ton of good moments in this match and I hope it eventually gets seen by people who might appreciate it more.

double knee smash
this bit will be repeated/played off of for years
return of the German suplex war
breaking down in a bad way
both men got the worst of it
not enough