lucha TV preview for weekend of November 12


The big thing that should jump out is Lucha Azteca is not airing this week. It’s preempted for a marathon for another show and on the schedule next week, but this would’ve been the iPPV week (Volador/Sombra) and it’s unclear if they just show that next week or skip it entirely.

The live Friday night show will be on ClaroSports. There’s no way of knowing if it’s going to be limited to Mexico until they put up the page for the feed (usually 2-3 hours prior to the show.)

AAA is the second part of the Reynosa show, with the Wagner return and Laredo Kid making a cameo in a good looking match.

LATV should start with Tuesday tapings this week. Maybe the YouTube channel never got Cometa/Puma because it was to air on TV?

Cibernetico & Mexican Madness, AAA Mega tournament, Que Viva el Rey

CMLL (TUE) 11/10/2015 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL, Fuego en el Ring]
1) El Yaqui & Nube Roja b El Chakal & Mr. Apolo
2) Espanto Negro, Metálico, Sangre Azteca b Oro Jr., Soberano Jr., Stigma
Oro took Stigma out with a dive by mistake, setting up the rudo win. Espanto Negro appears to be Espiritu Negro with a new/mistyped name, but it’s not totally clear.
3) Kráneo, Olímpico, Ripper DQ Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Máximo Sexy
straight falls, with Azul hitting the referee in the seond fall.
4) Rey Bucanero © b La Máscara [NWA LH]
second defense. Bucanero won with a corssface.
5) Euforia, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Mistico, Volador Jr.
Negro Casas replaced Ultimo Guerrero again, though this time it might be because they had already decided on the title program. Casas beat Volador with a casita in the third and challenged for the NWA WELTER, title match takes place next week.

Tonight’s a pretty interesting day for AAA. Their second Mexican Madness show in Guadalajara, where the main event is scheduled to be Electroshock & La Parka versus Chessman & Cibernetico. That would be Cibernetico’s first AAA booking since telling people he was leaving AAA. Nothing is for sure about any of this until people get in the ring, so the interesting thing will be to see who gets in the ring tonight.

Konnan sort of addressed this situation on the latest edition of his MLW Radio podcast.  He never mentioned Cibernetico (or Chessman or anyone else) by name, but it seems like he’s talking about the situation when he’s talking about Elite throwing lots of money and promise of a show on Azteca at  the AAA wrestlers to get them to jump. Konnan also mentioned Elite was claiming they don’t care if AAA wrestlers have to get new names, which would probably be the situation with Cibernetico (and Chessman, but obviously not Averno.) I’m not really sure if you want the people behind “Mistic 2.0” and “Caristico” to be coming up with your new name. Konnan said the Elite people are the people previously behind Todo x el Todo (which never got a great TV deal), and feels Paco Alonso is working with them behind the scenes even if CMLL claims otherwise.

I wrote a lot of notes about that podcast; you can read them here. My big takeaway is one of the reasons AAA probably hasn’t promoted their title tournament yet is they haven’t totally figured out what they’re doing. Konnan said it’d be “maybe four men or something like that”, and it came off like the concept was still a work in progress at this point. Konnan mentioned they’re trying to bring in someone new who would be involved with the tournament.

When they brought in Fantasma, they had him go to the final of the tournament and lose; I’d guess the same happens here. Trying to get someone new to jump over to build around seems like the exact thing that’s caused their recent issues, but maybe I’m just disappointed with even the hint of passing over the current AAA guys once again.

The Alberto situation has gotten reshaped. Konnan came off as confident Alberto would be back for a couple AAA shows, even if he couldn’t lose. This time, Konnan said he was “cautiously optimistic” Alberto was coming back but always knew this was a possibility and thinks WWE misled Alberto on what he was going to be able to do once he signed. Konnan says Alberto told him he was willing to lose the title even before he signed his WWE deal, but AAA didn’t want Alberto to have to lose in San Luis Potosi for a third time.

That’s understandable, but Alberto did work the show in Tlahuelilpan a few days later and they could’ve added a title match if AAA was really concerned. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has previously said people were expecting Alberto to go back to WWE in January. Perhaps AAA also held that belief, thought they could wait until Guerra de Titanes to do the title switch and were caught by surprise when Alberto left much earlier – but they knew Alberto was talking to WWE and they played with fire by leaving the title on him.

Caristico, Averno, Cibernetico, Tiffany and Zeuxis are all listed as wrestling in New York on 12/05. Cibernetico wrestling on that show only makes sense if he’s part of Elite.

Two more Que Viva el Rey lineups have turned up, for Morelia on the 20th and Queretaro on the 21st. The Leon show is the only one from next weekend which hasn’t turned up yet, but they’re all generally the same show. Beyond the obvious names, Mesias, Sexy Star, and MVP were listed on these original lineups and are off them now. Mesias & Sexy Star would seem like Lucha Underground commitments, but there’s plenty of people on these shows who would seem to have those same obligations. Besides the Fenix/Angelico/Jack types who we would expect to be having matches on the tapings, these shows include Chavo Guerrero Jr. who was one of the people helping put the matches together last year.

In related news, Pentagon Jr. says he’s off shows this weekend in Texas due to other commitments (Lucha Underground.) Pentagon was not booked on this weekend’s TV taping but had a match in Mission, Texas scheduled today. He’s already in LA, so he must be part of the filming they’re doing in advance. Aerostar also mentioned he’s headed to LA today.

This Twitter post from Taya could be read as her joining Lucha Underground. It could be other things too. Sexy Star out did her on the meaningful but completely vague Twitter post front tho’.

Chris DeJoseph was on the Last Real Heels podcast this week. DeJoesph has been doing a few podcast and absolutely is not going to give up details and what’s happening in season 2 (the most you’re going to get is him laughing at the stupider rumors.) DeJospeh was even hesitant to give an episode count for season 2. He – and the Heels! – know when Ultima Lucha 2* is taping but they weren’t giving that away, just DeJospeh saying the season was felt like it was a lot quicker this time around. 13 episodes have been written so far, and they’re hoping to grab people in the first five seconds. DeJoseph is excited about everything with the season season, acknowledging it’s hard to follow up on a success, but feeling a lot of stuff is better this time around. He mentioned going into the backstory of some people who didn’t really get as much development last year and doing the same for any new people who might be added. (No names.)

It is crazy to get into the Temple now. DeJoseph said email account for the tickets was full even before the tickets were offered again, just from people who found the email address since the last set of tapings and were hoping to get seats when Season 2 came. They cleaned out the email box, opened it up for tickets, and they were all gone in an hour. You’re going to need really great timing or friends in high places to get in this season.

    • please can we use a “2” and not a “II”, asking in advance.

NJPW’s Tiger Hattori and Naoki Sugabayashi are in Mexico visiting with CMLL, with CMLL saying it’s about planning for FantasticaMania. They came about a month earlier last year, and that appeared to be also when the deal to bring Mascara Dorada was made. (Dorada was on the card they attended last year, which also had the first Kamatiachi/Dragon Lee match.) They’ll probably be deciding the same things – who’s going to Japan for January, who’s going for a year. Tickets to the FantasticaMania shows start going on sale to the general public on November 20th and 22nd, and they’d probably like to announce names before that point.

CMLL Informa had SyuriSuper Comando, Artillero, Cien Caras, Sanson, Cuatrero and Rush on the show. Sanson said he and Cuatrero think they might start in CMLL in December or January. That’s about the same time of the year when CMLL the last group of rookies (Hechicero, both Panthers, Dragon Lee, Cavernario as a full timer), so maybe we’ll see another group of new guys along with Cien’s sons. Cien explained he didn’t think his sons would wrestle, so he sold the names, and they’re all fine with other people using them. The Syuri interview teased matches with Zeuxis and Dalys. I got the feeling they were doing the Syuri/Zeuxis match, but I also saw REINA is running a show on 11/22; it’d be tough for her to be on that and next Friday’s Arena Mexico show (and she might just be done in Mexico after Sunday.) Rush was great, promising an epic match with Sombra on Friday – not for the fans, but for themselves – and wasn’t interested in fighting Caristico. Super Comando was great, but I always like Super Comando.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Psycho Circus visited with a child battling cancer.

RCH announced Psycho Clown versus Blue Demon for the RCH Heavyweight Championship on their 12/03 Arena Naucalpan show.

Fly Warrior and Magnifico II have been added to the 12/12 Lucha & Tacos tournament.

Weekly Wrestling Podcast has a video interview with Vampiro from this weekend’s Lucha TO show. LA Park, the Panteras are on the next Lucha TO show on 01/24.

After going to England, Electrico has determined Mexican lucha libre is the best wrestling in the world.

Johnny Mundo & Rey Mysterio are headed to the UK for a show on 01/13. That’s a Wednesday, in the middle of two Lucha Underground taping weekends. .

Eric Mutter writes about Villano III versus Atlantis.