CMLL preview, Cadena3

CMLL’s main event tonight has Los Ingobernables versus Atlantis, Volador and Valiente. CMLL not announcing the Dia de Muetros main event may mean they’re waiting for some angle to set up the main event. The most logical main event is another Sombra/Volador match, so that could come out of that. There are other possibilities. NJPW fans have repeatedly mentioned Naito is not on their current tour; he’s said to both have an ear lobe injury and also not be in Japan at the moment. There’s no sign of Naitro being on any match in Mexico any time soon, but we do know Sombra’s scheduled to be teaming with him next month in Japan. There’s also a small possibility of the first Ultimo Guerrero/Thunder match next week – they meet in the semimain with Terrible, Rey Bucanero, Dragon Rojo and Thunder also involved – but it seems more like they’re saving that for down the line.

The Hechicero/Karaoui feud, pushed strongly on CMLL Informa and in interviews, leads to a lightning match between the two tonight. Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi are scheduled to meet in a trios, but Lee’s missed all his matches this week due to injury and seems unlikely to wrestle tonight. The opener has The Panther, Super Comando and Sangre Azteca repeating from last week, where there seemed to be the seed of an issue involving all three.

CMLL hasn’t written a preview for this show, instead using the same spaces to promote next week’s Dia de Muerteos show. The show will air on ClaroSports, though your guess is as good as mine if it’ll be viewable in the US. They are also airing a MMA event and the feed has tended to be geoblocked on weeks where they’re airing another event.

Not much else going on today.

CadenaTres officially announced it was shutting down last night. The explanation seems to be a scheduled switch over from analog to digital was going to be pushed back to at least New Year’s Eve (because Televisa wasn’t ready), this meant many people would be unable to see CadenaTres for months, and so the parent company decided to shut the whole thing down. They’re saying they’ll relaunch a network “a little more than a couple months” after the changeover happens, though there’s no guarantee the switchover won’t be pushed back again. They’re still working on setting up their new national network, so they’re not going away and will be a factor at some point down the road. All their live shows are saying their farewells today, though SkyTV is listing Cadena Tres as ending on October 26 instead. Might still be worth checking to see if the channel is still running on Saturday.

Reforma has an interview with Mistic 2.0, but only a little section of it is available for free. In that, Mistic says he believes AAA didn’t offer him a contract because they thought he was stuck in AAA and didn’t have any options elsewhere.

Big Ryck’s agent says Big Ryck hasn’t retired.