AAA on Televisa: 2015-09-12

Machine lariat!

Recapped: 09/13/2015

What happened: Daga & Steve Pain cost Angelico & Jack a win, but they sort of also cost Lider & Pentagon the win and there’s some tension inside Perros del Mal. Myzteziz and Rey Mysterio started feuding in main events and I’m sure that’ll end up well. There’s a mystery person stalking La Secta, an angle I had completely forgotten existed when I finally put up this recap.

What was good: Everything! The opener was great (and a surprising Australian Suicide focused match), and the three way tag and the main event were good as well.

Where can I watch it: It’s up on AAA’s YouTube channel.

Previously: Psycho Clown won the Latin American title.

Today: all three matches are mentioned

Taya talks about winning the Mr. Mexico competition.

Match 1: Australian Suicide, Súper Nova, Venum vs Carta Brava Jr., Machine Rocker, Súper Fly
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacán, Puebla, 08/31/2015
 Lucha Libre AAA, thecubsfan

Winner: tecnicos (Australian Suicide shooting star press Machine Rocker)
Match Time: 11:05
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

Review: [great] another fun match on this taping, with six guys going all out. It seems strange to see an Australian Suicide focused match with him usually the third man on a team, but he got the big spots at the end with Machine Rocker. (Machine appeared to suffer a minor knee injury, and still landed in the right spot because he’s Machine Rocker.) I enjoyed Super Fly inexplicably being a jerk to Suicide early on. There were a ton of big dropkicks, a lot of big dives, and Super Fly doing his tope con giro to nowhere. This is very good time filler.

first ever shooting star tope?
Venom springboard moonsault
one dive works out better than the other

Upcoming taping list include the Hard Rock show, Monterrey, Tlahuelilpan (new to us), Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo. Hereos Inmortales is also promoted thru the rest of the show.

?Quien esta detras de la Secta? (Who is behind the Sect?): This vignette title is more literal than it seems – while Scoria & Cuervo are having a typically evil conversation, a mystery man is sneaking around in the darkness behind them, stalking them. No idea.

Match 2: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria and Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr.
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacán, Puebla, 08/31/2015
 thecubsfan, Lucha Libre AAA

Winner: La Secta (Scoria cristo Jack Evans, Cuervo crossface Angelico)
Match Time: 12:18 (4:34+7:44)
Notes: Referee is Tirantes. Match at least starts with two people in the ring, not three, but frequently has a third person coming in. Joe Lider does not have his yellow stapler, but found a replacement one. La Secta do not get along with the Perros del Mal.

Jack & Angelico had Scoria & Cuervo set up for the 630 senton, but Daga & Steve Pain ran out to trip up Jack. Jack fought them off, but it was enough for the Secta to retake control, win with a double submission. Daga & Pain didn’t seem too bothered about Cuervo & Scoria winning. Pentagon was not happy with Daga & Pain being out there. Daga tried to get him to calm down and pointed out they did beat up Jack.

Viva moonsault

Review: [good] Good action, though it didn’t feel like it was building to anything and is hard to do that in this structure. A lot of one on one team segments for a couple minutes with the third team rushing in to break over and take people out. Those with Jack & Angelico and Cuervo & Scoria were slightly better; Pentagon & Lider had some teamwork spots in their first match as a pair in quite a while, but still kind of felt like two people in the same stable and not a regular team. I did enjoy how much they tortured poor Jack in the match, Pentagon taking him out after yelling in the ring, Lider slapping Jack when he went for his moonsault, Pentagon choking Jack with a sign (!!). After all the rudos got along on previous shows, this week all the rudos seemed not to get along – not only did the Secta and Perros del Mal fight, but the luchadors and the announcers made it clear Pain & Daga weren’t on the same page as Pentagon & Lider. (Daga & Pain seemed late for the run-in, since Jack had to wait on the top rope for a weird length of time.) Not sure what happened with Jack’s dive near the end, if he missed it, because the cameras totally missed it.

signs are dangerous
two man DDTs are the combo move of 2015

Match 3: Fénix & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs El Mesías & Myzteziz
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacán, Puebla, 08/31/2015
 thecubsfan, Lucha Libre AAA

Winner: rudos (Mesias top rope splash Fenix)
Match Time: 17:04
Notes: Myzteziz has a darker remix. He’s still playing tecnico in his entrance but works the match as a rudo. Myzteziz attacks Rey before the match. Referee is Maya.

rudo Myzteziz is 30% powerbombs on the announce table

Review: [good] A too long rudo beatdown and a slow restart more than made up for by a strong last few minutes. The rudos attacked prior to the match and just beat up the tecnicos unending for about six minutes, the tecnicos got a quick comeback, and then the match ground to a halt so Myzteziz could do cowardly rudo things for a couple minutes. (It felt like the show was live and they were stalling for a commercial break, there was so few things happening.) Myzteziz seemed to enjoy playing rudo, but he didn’t need to do as much for the crowd – they were in to rooting for Mysterio from the start and he looked good here. The action really picked up after that, with everyone looking good Mesias working well as Myzteziz’s heavy clean up man. He and Fenix were good, and Fenix and Myzteziz had a nice exchange as well. Lots of dives in this one (and Myzteziz needs to get better at catching dives without making it look like he’s catching.) Lots of action in general. Camera switching was terrible at times during this match, missing moves and cutting away during other ones. Even if they’re doing live to tape, it was annoying enough that they really should’ve found a way to reedit it.

Rey turns over while headscissoring
Fenix maybe needs to aim lower
who needs ankles