the original Mistico returned to Arena Mexico tonight

The AAA luchador currently known as Myzteziz, but better known as CMLL’s first Mistico, appeared today in Arena Mexico. Myzteziz spoke to the crowd about midway thru the show, with his old music playing. He talked about being born in Arena Mexico and said he’d wanted to return to the level he once was at there. He kissed the mat before leaving. The CMLL ring announcer said “this luchador” would appear on the 10/25 All Elite show. They were careful not to use any name and he was wearing a new variation of his mask.

The announcers made no reference to this appearance the rest of the night. It appeared this was only for the live crowd (and the press) and would not appear on TV. This followed the same script of LA Park’s first appearance in Arena Mexico before he worked an All Elite show there. Myzteziz was only announced as working that All Elite show and not part of CMLL. No opponents or teammates were announced.

LA Park’s All Elite appearance led the way for him to rejoin CMLL (for howerver short it lasted.) It appears the same thing is possible here. Myzteziz told the press he was planning to work his agreed upon dates with AAA and then leave the company. He said he would have a new name for his All Elite appearance. AAA owns the Myzteziz name and mask, but a new variation would probably be legally ok.

Myzteziz did appear to have the right to work his own indy schedule as part of his contract, but working in Arena Mexico and making an appearance on a CMLL show is something that would normally be at least told to AAA. Instead, it seems AAA found out the same way everyone else did: rumors of Myzteziz appearing on this show started this afternoon. All Elite said they’d have a big announcement after this show, and Myzteziz was spotted in Arena Mexico soon after.

Myzteziz says he’ll work his AAA dates, but it’s unclear if he’ll be wanted both. Myzteziz’s last appearance on AAA TV is being destroyed by the rudos and rejected by the tecnicos. That’d be a fine way to write someone out to the competition, only AAA had invested a lot in future Myzteziz matches. AAA seemed to be setting up a Rey Mysterio/Myzteziz rematch for next year’s TripleMania and had built their TV around that feud for the last couple of months. Myzteziz was slated to have a significant match at Guerra de Titanes, the last major show on AAA’s year. Myzteziz has essentially taken over the lead rudo position from the deceased Perro Aguayo Junior, and there’s no immediate replacement. AAA’s also already advertised Myzteziz as appearing on many shows in the next two months. AAA probably wants nothing to do with Myzteziz anymore, but may want to force him to live up to his word for economic reasons. It’s really hard to imagine that working at all.

Myzteziz and CMLL had a big falling out over the way he departed. Myzteziz never told CMLL he was leaving, just said he was taking a vacation in Los Angeles after the first FantasticaMania and instead signed with WWE. CMLL’s programming committee appeared not to like Myzteziz based on that exist and based on many critical comments about them before leaving, but sources say CMLL ownership got over it quicker and Myzteziz was back on good terms with the people at the very top by the time he left Mexico. It seemed doubtful like he’d come back directly to CMLL, but it did seem like he would be back in Arena Mexico someday.

Again, Myzteziz is only booked with All Elite. He’s said he’s not signed with CMLL. However, there’s not enough indy work to keep him busy alone – this is not rejoining CMLL, but the big step on that path. The similar LA Park & Dr. Wagner ended badly, but did boost interest and attendance in the promotion short term. Like those two, Myzteziz is a kind of a headcase who’s now left the last three promotions he’s worked for with bad feelings, but there’s no one in Mexico CMLL could add who would mean more at the gate short term. Long term, they need to fix other problems and Myzteziz will probably make it four straight bad exits, but this is a big boon for CMLL if they take advantage of it.

(Myzteziz name seems least blemished in Japan and I’d expect for him to booked for FantasticaMania if CMLL gives it’s OK.)

AAA’s not made an official statement. Myzteziz is scheduled to work a spot show Saturday in Veracruz, and many shows next weekend including the TV taping in Reynosa. (He was actually already booked in Durango on 10/25. I’m pretty sure that one isn’t happening.) AAA’s reaction is the next part of this story.

4 thoughts to “the original Mistico returned to Arena Mexico tonight”

  1. Is my memory incorrect, or didn’t CMLL trademark “Sin Cara” right after WWE announced his name switch when he jumped? Not that CMLL would call him Sin Cara, but wasn’t that why AAA couldn’t (aside from AAA not being able to use it on LU)?

  2. I’m not that big of a Myzteziz/Sin Cara fan, but if things did work out between him and CMLL, would they immediately start him in a feud with Mistico Nuevo Era? Who would be his natural/obvious opponents?

    I’m actually intrigued, and I know nothing about CMLL before 2013.

  3. If Mistíco is truly back in CMLL for the long haul, they gotta do Mistíco vs Atlantis at Anniversary next year. Hell, that can be worked as to why Mistíco has returned – to take Atlantis’ mask.

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