CMLL Puebla: 2015-08-24 

Stukita headscissors to his feet

What happened? Atlantis beat Mephisto to win the National Light Heavyweight title for the first time (and complete a title swap with the national trios titles.) Ultimo Guerrero pinned Sombra in a trios match, which sets up a title match.

What was good? Puebla opener is good as always. Part of the rest of the show made me want to give up.

Where can I watch? It’s up on CMLL’s channel. 

Recapped: 08/24/2015

Match 1: Astro, Asturiano, Stukita vs Ares, Espíritu Maligno, Saurón
Arena Puebla, 08/24/2015

Espiritu is just leaving
  1. rudos
    • Sauron middle rope senton Stukita (6:21)
  2. tecnicos
    • Asturaino double armbar bridge Ares (3:05)
    • Astro huracanrana Sauron (3:09)
  3. tecnicos
    • Stukita Indian Deathlock Espiritu Maligno (4:39)

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:09

Stukita is the coolest

Review: [good] nerfed by being in the opener in terms of what they can do, but Stukita remains the best wrestler in the world who only wrestles in the first two matches. He wasn’t as on as he’s been in the recent Arena Mexico shows but he was slick here. Espiritu Maligno did a great thru the ropes fall and Ares took an amusing slide up to barricade. Astro looked green and too short to be anything besides a mini here, but he’s got some promise.

Stukita wins in style

Match 2: Estrellita, Lluvia, Marcela vs La Comandante, Tiffany, Zeuxis
Arena Puebla, 08/24/2015

  1. tecnicas
    • Estrellita standing ocotups Comandante (3:38)
    • Marclea side bckkbreaker Zeuxis (4:05)
  2. rudas
    • Tiffany wheelbarrow faceslam Marcela (2:19)
  3. rudas
    • Tiffany sit down faceslam Luvia (3:57)
    • La Comandante reverse campana Estrellitra (4:16)

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:40

Review: [ok] totally forgettable match where nothing went wrong and Zeuxis hit people hard occasionally. Lluvia is almost good sometimes, but the timing always seems very almost.

Marcela apron dive

Match 3: La Máscara, Máximo, Super Porky vs Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Felino
Arena Puebla, 08/24/2015

  1. Peste Negra
    • Felino toe hold Brazo de Plata (3:00)
    • Barbaro Cavernario springboard plancha Maximo (3:59)
  2. Alvarados
    • Super Porky splash Felino (2:58)
    • Maximo senton Barbaro Cavernario (3:06)
  3. Alvarados
    • DQ Mr. Niebla [unmask La Mascara] (5:15)

Winner: Alvarados (2-1)
Match Time
: 12:20

Review: [whatever] there’s no point in revewing any more La Mascara, Maximo and Super Porky matches.

Porky smash

Match 4: La Sombra, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero
Arena Puebla, 08/24/2015

  1. Guerreros
    • Niebla Roja sprngboard splash Valeinte (5:46)
    • Euforica Special on Volador (5:54)
  2. tecnicos
    • Voaldor huracanrana Euforia (1:54)
    • Valiente Indian Deathlock Niebla Roja (1:57)
  3. Guerreros
    • Ultimo Guerrero Pulpo Guerrero La Sombra (2:53)

Winner: Guerreros (2-1)
Match Time: 10:44

Review: [ok] as good as could be expected when you put Volador and Sombra on the same team. They didn’t turn on each other and instead focused the match on bringing back Ultimo Guerrero/Sombra next week. They have the same type of match strutcture, so next week might be pretty predictable, but this worked fine. This match was on the short side and the other four did just what they needed to do to get thru the match.

Sombra takes the dive for himself

Match 5: Mephisto © vs Atlantis for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Puebla, 08/24/2015

  1. Mephisto pin (2:33)
  2. Atlantis casadora cradle (0:36)
  3. Atlantida (8:47)

Winner: Atlantis
Match Time: 11:56
Notes: Seconds are Euforia & Maximo.

Atlantis double tope

Review: [ok] exactly the match you would’ve expected: some mat wrestling leading to a quick first fall, a quicker second fall, some early dives and almost nothing but near falls in the third fall. Atlantis is going to do a lot of acrobatic nearfalls, but dominated the offense while Mephisto limited himself to the same two moves he uses in every big match. This was yet another CMLL match where you could just about call every spot before they happened. (Everyone kicks out of the middle rope Devil’s Wings in a big match.) The only twist was the lack of the one on the finish; Atlantis got the Atlantida on the first try with Mephisto putting in a minimal effort to escape. This was in-offense but a non-event.

super Devil’s Wings