AAA Heroes Inmortales: 2015-10-04 

Recapped: 10/04/2015

What happened: A show long storyline had Myzteziz annoy La Sociedad enough that they ended up laying him out with a guitar by the end of the show. He wanted to be on his own and appears to be – Alberto & Rey made no attempt to save him.

Alberto retained the heavyweight title over Johnny Mundo when Mundo was spotted using that same guitar by Hijo del Tirantes. Mundo had slapped Tirantes moments earlier, and Tirantes played it fair after that as he usually does, disqualifying Mundo. The rudos beat up Mundo and second Psycho Clown, Rey made the save, Myzteziz attacked him, La Sociedad attacked Myzteziz and eventually Alberto and Rey ran everyone out. Alberto thanked his hometown fans after the match.


Pentagon Jr. & Joe Lider’s ten month zero defense tag team title reign came to an end earlier in the night. Angelico & Jack Evans won the championships for the second time when Jack pinned Steve Pain (the only rudo not wearing Perros del Mal gear.) Pentagon Jr. might have won the match and kept the title earlier except for Myzteziz running into break up a pin. Myzteziz seemed to attack all three teams and there was no rhyme or reason to his attack.

Myzteziz also did not get along with Hijo del Fantasma and Texano Jr. in their trios match against Rey Mysterio Jr., Psycho Clown and the debuting Garza Jr. (Hijo del Ninja doing Hector Garza spots.) The rudos kept it together enough to get the win – Myzteziz beating Garza – but it apparently was a fakeout to set up the attack later.

a bit familiar

One Perros del Mal member did win on the night: Taya kept the Reina de Reinas championship by making her first defense. She pinned the debuting Lady Maravilla with her northern lights suplex/double stomp combination. Lady Shani was the other surprise wrestler in a surprisingly strong match.

Not all the debuting luchadors lost. Taurus, a new Minotaur-iish creature, shockingly won this year’s Copa Pena. He threw out half the field, eliminating La Parka last to win. Not much is known about Taurus but he appears to be – like Garza Jr., Shani and Maravilla – a Mexican luchador give a new/bigger role rather than any of the rumors foreigners or outside big names.


What was good? Most of the show. The three way tag was the best match on the show, with the women’s match also being a standout. Most everything was good, though the main event had the combination of the usual AAA main event tropes and a clear desire not to beat either man. The LU Alberto/Mundo matches were better than this one, but you got the impression this wasn’t the last one in AAA.

There were no real problems with the iPPV once you got it running. (I think it went out for 2 seconds for me, it was fine when I refreshed.) Getting it running was the tough part. An issue with Paypal slowly processing payments was preventing people from being authorized to watch the show. Some people had to wait for a half hour before they were able to get in, some people never seemed to be able to get in.

Where can I watch it? If you can get them to take your money, the VOD is already up on The show should start to air on AAA’s TV show starting on 10/17 (one week later than expected, as Monterrey was cut into two shows.)

double pin!

The show started off with a Myzteziz promo, with him declaring himself as neither a tecnico nor rudo but all by himself with no allies.

Shani slam

Match 1: Goya Kong vs La HiedraTaya ©Lady ShaniLady Maravilla [Reina del Reinas]
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

Winner: Taya
Match Time: 10:14
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

Review: [good] totally exceeded expectations. Match looked rehearsed in stretches, but it made for an action packed fight where everyone got big moves and got destroyed. The three new-ish women came off as a big deal as Taya and Goya and made a good first impression. Lady Shani may be my new favorite luchadora. They were still lacking a little bit of personality; there was no sign of who was tecnica/ruda and I’m not sure a newcomer would know who anyone’s name was – they’d all had unique looks but the chyron machine didn’t appear to be working on this show. Goya was not a determent, they worked her spots in well. She looked strong while not overwhelming the match. This is a really good restart to the division if that’s what it’s meant to be, and just generally a fun match even out of context.

huge backcracker

Match 2: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Joe Lider & Pentagón Jr. © and Daga & Steve Pain for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

Winner: Gueros del Cicelo (Jack Evans briging pin Steve Pain)
Match Time: 14:04
Notes: Referee is Copetes. Myzteziz interfered in the match late, but just caused chaos and messed with everyone. Pentagon might have won had had Myzteziz not broke it up. Everyone but Pain & Jack ended up chasing Myzteziz back to the stage, Angelico took out everyone with a plancha, and those two left in the ring finished it. Pentagon & Lider got in a scrum with the new champions post match, suggesting they’ll rematch.

Daga DDT choke

Review: [great] A match packed with a lot of action between the three teams. This was non stop spots, with guys selling mostly by rolling out of the way. If you don’t like that style, it may get a little numbing, but there was enough going on for me that I didn’t have time to wonder why the Perros del Mal were fighting each other. Steve Pain’s looked great in this run, and I hope there’s a plan for him to do more than look great at losing some point. Pentagon was not as big a presence as he is in other matches but everything he did worked well. Angelico and Daga had huge dives and Jack hit all his big stuff. This was a match with many flaws and they had a high level of difficulty.There was stuff I didn’t like – Myzteziz interference was too much and Joe Lider is Joe Lider – but this was a second really fun match.

Pain Cutter
night of double moves
Superman dive just gets his opponet

Match 3: Drago & Fénix vs Brian Cage & El Mesías
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

tecnicos escape, though not forever

Winner: rudos (Cage & Mesias beat Fenix & Drago)
Match Time: 13:27
Notes: Referee is Maya. After the win, Mesias stole Fenix’s mask (but he got another later.) They brought the stretcher for Drago but he was able to walk to the back.

Review: [good] another good match! There was an inherent size issue in this match, and they went straight into it. The tecnicos fought smartly and speedily to kepe the monsters at bay as long as they could, but eventually the rudos would take over and kill them. Fenix & Drago had really good chemistry as a team and ought to stay as a team. This was another match where all the big moves hit and everyone had their big spots. The last few minutes had a lot of convincing near falls, which is a rarity in AAA midcard matches. Show was rolling at this point.

delayed superplex
Fenix got all of the double stomp
and Mesias got all of the super frontcracker

Prior to the next match, a moment of applause was held for Antonio Pena. 

Match 4: Cibernético vs La ParkaBlue Demon Jr.AvernoHijo de Pirata MorganElectroshockAerostarChessman?Niño Hamburguesa for the Copa Antonio Pena
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

  • Hijo del Pirata Morgan & Aerostar stat
  • Averno enters (0:55)
  • Nino Hamburguesa in (1:52)
  • Electroshock in (2:50)
  • La Parka in (3:58)
  • Taurus in (4:55)
  • Aerostar OUT (5:26, via Taurus)
  • Hijo del Pirata Morgan OUT (5:43, via Taurus)
  • Cibernetico in (5:52)
  • Nino Hamburugesa OUT (5:43, via Taurus)
  • Blue Demon Jr. IN (6:35)
  • Chessman IN (7:28)
  • Electroshock OUT (7:56, via Hell Brothers)
  • Blue Demon Jr. OUT (9:32, via everyone else)
  • Cibernetico out (9:33, via Taurus)
  • Chessman out (10:21, via La Parka)
  • Anvero out (10:46, via La Parka)
  • La Parka out (12:10 via Taurus)

Winner: Taurus
Match Time: 12:10

Review: [OK] it was a royal rumble! It was good in parts, but the only thing people are ever going to remember is Taurus debuting coming in and improbably eliminting half the field to win. This tournament is mostly pointless, but they may have made someone in one night, depending on how this is followed up at all. (It wasn’t even clear if Taurus was a rudo or a tecnico or friends with anyone by the end of the match, so there’s a lot of gaps to fill.) Taurus got a real win, no one taking themselves out to give him a win, at least a much as someone can get a win in the silly royal rumble. It was fun for the random outcome and it didn’t drag on at all. Aerostar got in one big dive and that’s all I can ask for.

Aerostar takes out Pirata and the barricade
rowing for no reason

Match 5: Garza Jr.Psycho Clown, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Hijo del Fantasma, Myzteziz, Texano Jr.
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

triple tope

Winner: rudos (Myzteziz senton con giro Garza Jr.)
Match Time: 18:31
Notes: Hijo del Ninja debuted as Garza Jr. Hijo del Tirantes.

Review: [good] I liked this match over all, but it had to overcome running a bit long and dragging on early when Myzteziz was overplaying how he wasn’t on the same page as his partners. That really seemed like a waste of time when they just were all friends at the end of the match, but at least it went some place by the end of the night. Garza Jr. looked good in his debut and is the kind of tecnico AAA no longer has, but he’s got to eventually do more than a Hector homage. (His homage was at least better than La Mascara.) It would’ve gotten more over in Monterrey too; it didn’t seem like the San Luis Potosi crowd knew him. Rey continues to look good in these matches and Myzteziz is very hateable.

not the broom!
off the shoudler splash
Misterio Asai

Match 6: El Patrón Alberto © vs Johnny Mundo for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, 10/04/2015

Alberto crushes Mundo with a tope

Winner: El Patron Alberto (DQ for guitar shot)
Match Time: 14:00

Review: [ok] This was silly and amusing at times and got into a traditional big AAA match near the end, but it felt firmly behind the two matches they had in Lucha Underground earlier this year. It was also more clearly a match to build to another match (at Guerra de Titanes? At some time else?) given the almost non-finish at the end. Johnny Mundo seems to really enjoy being a rudo here, but it all the antics from the start were a little much. It weighed heavily when on the match when they were all going to have the usual shenanigans in the end. (I think Maya was actually supposed to get hit on the first kick, and he smartly kept on going when the kick missed by way too much.) The finishing angle of the rudos turning on Myzteziz did help a lot of stuff make sense, though I don’t know what they do with Myzteziz next.

the table they remembered to break
Guerrero Special
strong double stomp
not quite the fin
this proved less than effective

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