DTU in Arena Aficion, CMLL Anniversary today

photo by Black Terry Jr.

DTU (THU) 09/17/2015 Arena Aficion [Black Terry Jr., Funcion Estelar]
1) Chica Ye-Ye, Joven Maravilla, Luigi b Gio El Malcriado, Lunatic, Perro Negro
Debut match for Luigi, a kid Nerd. He did well.
2) Tony b Kevin and Jimmy
Tony beat Kevin and then Jimmy to win the battle of the Nerds.
3) Pesadilla b Rocky Lobo, Lanzeloth
No Artikus (personal issues). Lobo beat Lanzeloth with a springboard frog splash, Pesadilla beat Lobo with a double underhook piledriver
4) Cerebro Negro, Corsario Negro, Ovett b Ángel o Demonio, Drako Omega, Fantasma de la Ópera [Relevos Increíbles]
Fun match with all six having good moments. Cerebro Driver on Drako for the win.
5) Septimo Dragon b Chico Che, Aero Power, El Exótico, Black Fire
Chico Che beat Exotico with a splash (despite a messed up ref count), Septimo Dragon beat Aero Power, Black Fire beat Septimo Dragon, and Chico Che defeated Black Fire for the win.
6) Halloween b Damián 666, Psicosis II, One Man Kru
Halloween beat One Man Kru in an extreme match. Halloween this was his final lucha extreme match in DTU.
7) Cíclope & Violento Jack b Aero Boy & Miedo Extremo
crazy extreme match with light tubes, thumb tacks and boards. Ciclope beat Miedo Extremo after lots of black mist and a top rope light tube splash. Violento Jack offered Ciclope a no ropes barbed wire title match when they next return to Arena Aficion, and Ciclope accepted. Lots of big money thrown in.

Show was good and definitely worth the trip out to Pachuca (which looked like a nice city.) I liked the Dinastia Crazy match the most, but the fourth match really exceeded expectations. Main event was not my style, but they worked very hard. Money was thrown in on just about every match.

Today’s the Anniversary show, Sombra versus Atlantis. I wrote a preview over on Voices of Wrestling. The lineup is a disappointment, but the show should still be memorable. I picked Sombra over Atlantis in the preview. More and more people who we’ve asked in Mexico are picking Atlantis. Part of that is the way they’ve built it up, part of it are these are 20/30-ish people who’ve watched Atlantis since they were little and do not want to see him lose his mask (especially to a relative newcomer like Sombra; I’m feeling they would’ve been more OK with Ultimo Guerrero winning.)

Internet in Arena Mexico at a packed show has always been horrible for me, so probably no coverage during the show. I may sneak in a Periscope while we’re walking around the stands before the show. A new podcsat will come out sometime early tomorrow morning.

The show will air on iPPV for a listed $10USD (but really more like $12 when they tack on fees.) CMLL has said there is no VOD. I’m not sure if I believe them, but I wouldn’t suggest you order hoping for that. I hope this works great, but it’s the first time out and there’s always an issue on the first time out.

The top matches should also air on 10/03 on Azteca in the US. It’ll air on SamuraiTV on October 10th.

I spotted a video billboard advertising the CMLL iPPV a far distance away from Arena Mexico yesterday, so I suspect it’s being advertised a little bit around town. A short news feature on Dark Angel’s retirement was among the the items airing on the TV screens on the subway. Mexico City feels too big (and CMLL not big enough) for the Anniversary show to become the major thing in the city for even a day, but they do seem to be getting a respectable amount of media attention going into show. I’m not sure of a sell out until we get to the building; there are still tickets on sale this afternoon, but they tend to sell a lot in the hours before the show.

Atlantis (with KeMonito!) made his scheduled appearance in Villahermosa yesterday. He told the interviewer that he’d definitely retire – if he won the lottery with the CMLL luchadors on the tickets. He doesn’t want to think or talk about what he might do if he loses the mask match.

Eric Mutter has a (English!) preview of the show. CMLL has it’s own preview, where it spends a single sentence on most matches and mentioned past Canadian luchadors La Monster and Katherine Hart (?). Sabor del Ring has 5 reasons La Sombra will win and 5 reasons Atlantis will winKcidis illustrated the big face off.

People who aren’t as excited for the Dark Angel farewell match seem to include Marcela, who’s quoted as saying Dark Angel was good but not really that good and was lacking some humility. Marcela also claimed Dark Angel was just like any other foreigner who came to Mexico just to springboard into a better position elsewhere. Ten years seems like an awful slow springboard. Marcela’s next quote is about how she’s thrilled to be working in the United States herself.

Mr. Niebla is thankful of being on the anniversary show, though he wish he had a title or an apuesta match.

Record looks back at past Anniversary show main events thru the power of YouTube. Publimetro does a similar thing with a slide show.

AAA will record TV in Ciudad Juarez in November, according to a Facebook post. Rey Misterio will be on the card. It’d be unimaginable for AAA to tape there a few years ago. It’s their first taping in Juarez at all since 2002.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of Mr. Leo & Fly Warrior vs Centviron & Latigo.

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