CMLL to air 82nd Anniversary show (Sombra/Atlantis) on their first ever iPPV

CMLL’s 82nd anniversary show, featuring Sombra versus Atlantis, will air as an iPPV $10 stream. (That’s about 170 Mexican Pesos.) It’s listed on their website, and you can order now. This is the first time CMLL has done an internet PPV, and the first time they appear to have done any sort of PPV since 2008.

The link on CMLL leads to a site named Cleeng, which primarily just processes payments. It’ll appears it’ll be CMLL who will be responsible for streaming. That’s worked perfectly when they’ve gone thru YouTube for CMLL Puebla shows, and it’s been a bit wavering quality on ClaroSports (though it’s never completely died.) It’s not clear what they’ll be using for these shows. Again, this is the first time they’re trying this, and we’ve learned there’s no guarantees on first times going well.

It’s slightly disappointing for those who’ve got to see the show for free in past years that it’ll be $10 this year, but it’s promising to see CMLL continue to put toes in the internet content business this year. $10 is cheap enough that any lucha fan won’t hesitate to get this show. It’s a low enough price that people who like to watch big shows from everywhere make give it as a try, though the dismal failure of TripleMania might make reasonable make some people hesitant to invest the time in watching this show, or even just watching the show live. (It’s not specifically said if the show will be available on VOD, though that’d be normal.)

CMLL announcing this two weeks ahead of suggests ticket sales continue to go well. The lineup isn’t as strong as it has in previous years, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed things down.

09/10 AAA TV Lineup (Cancún)

AAA (THU) 09/10/2015 Plaza de Toros, Cancún, Quintana Roo
1) Argenis, Faby Apache, Goya Kong vs Apache, La Hiedra, Taya
2) Murder Clown & Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr.
3) Drago, Fénix, La Parka vs Brian Cage, El Mesías, Hijo de Pirata Morgan
4) Angélico, Jack Evans, Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Joe Lider, Myzteziz, Pentagón Jr.

Air Date: 09/19 (everything else moves back a a week)

This didn’t appear to be a TV taping when they explained it at the press conference, but the poster says TV taping. It’s better than the Hard Rock show not being split into two tapings, but it’s also a couple of shows where not a lot will be happening. The Hard Rock lineup seems like the better one of the two; every match has at least one person who needs to be worked around.

The good news is, after a period where nothing much was going on with AAA, we’re in a period where there’s 3 tapings in 10 days and new matches airing on TV this weekend. Much more interesting.


Friday preview, Mano Negra, Dark Angel, Boby Zavala

The Anniversary lineup is now set, which makes the next two Friday night shows exist just to preview that show. Tonight’s show has Atlantis & Sombra again meeting in the main event, this time with only LA Park & Dr. Wagner as partners. Rush gets the night off , and Volador drops to the semimain to team with the Sky Team against Peste Negra in a preview of another Anniversary match. There’s a few matches which have a chance to be pretty good – including Polvora versus Titan in a lightning match, the opener has the Panthers & Fuego versus Luciferno, Puma and Tiger – but this seems like a quiet show in terms of progressing any feuds.

The show will air on at 8:30 pm. You do not need a VPN/Hola to watch the show, it’s no longer region locked.

CMLL talked to Mano Negra about being a second to La Sombra to avenge his own mask loss to Atlantis. Mano Negra was asked about the same thing on CMLL Informa – these might be the same quotes – and said he’d be interested in helping Sombra unmasks Atlantis. The concept is Mano Negra wants revenge for losing his mask, but he’s masked in all the interviews he’s doing. It’s weird for me to do it that way, it kills the point. Anyway, this seems like a play directly to older fans; Mano Negra lost his mask to Atlantis 22 years ago and hasn’t been a full time CMLL luchador since 2002. You must have been following CMLL for many years to be invested in the Mano Negra/Atlantis feud.

Dark Angel seems to be doing a lot of press leading up to her farewell match. She’s interviewed ESTO talking about her farewell and is doing CMLL’s usual C3 TV interview. They’re sort of using Dark Angel farewell as the second draw on the show, in place of the usual hair or mask match. It’d be nice if they didn’t wait until she was leaving to give her a spotlight.

I thought maybe Boby Zavala was missing the Anniversary show due to his shoulder injury. The injury can’t be that bad, because he’s now on Tuesday’s lineup replacing Kamaitachi. It’s just appears to be another CMLL thing which doesn’t make any sense from the outside.

Cronicas y Leyendas hopes Atlantis uses a different move to win.

Tanahashi’s has a podcast where he talks to various NJPW people. He had the rookies on recently, and Yohei Komatsu mentioned he’d like to go to Mexico for his excursion. He’s the one who was in this year’s Best of Super Juniors. Kamaitachi is expected to return to Japan at the end of this year and the new rookie usually turns up around February, so maybe pencil Komatsu for turning up six months from now if he gets to pick. (He’s a rookie, so he may not.)

The SLP local promoters say the Heroes Inmortales card will be announced next week. The article implies the main event is Rey, Alberto & LA Park vs Cibernetico, Myteziz and Johnny Mundo – they’re all on the card, at least.

LuchaWorld has an interview with Volador Jr., where he talks about the reaction to his mask match, being unmasked, and the returns of LA Park & Dr. Wagner.

SegundaCaida reviews Corazon de Leon, La Fiera, Mocho Cota versus Bestia Salvaje, Emilio Charles Jr., and Mocha Cota.

SuperLuchas looks back at Pedro Nieves.

Rey Mysterio met with special needs children before the Tehuacan taping.

Yoruba explains why the teased hair match with Demus is not happening on CaraLucha’s September 09/16 show: he and Kilvan are heading to Japan.

Blue Panther talks about returning to Arena Olimpico Laguna for a couple of matches, declares Blue Panther Jr. and The Panther are not his sons, but the sons of lucha libre.

A TV story on Babe Face and his rice stand.

Birthday wishes for Black Terry.

lucha TV preview for September 5


  • let’s hope they don’t edit Kamaitachi and Dragon Lee on CMLL Claro
  • AAA is finally airing something beyond TripleMania. Hooray. It’s probably a good show, though I have no idea what’s going to air.
  • Marcela vs Zeuxis on CMLL Puebla should be very good as well