LA Park & Dr. Wagner return to CMLL tonight

Today is LA Park & Dr. Wagner Jr.’s return to Arena Mexico. It’s their first appearance on an official CMLL show since November 2008.  They’re on opposite sides of the main event, which makes sense given their never ending feud, but is a bit of a surprise since Park has framed this as an Indy vs Ingobernables issue. Instead, Wagner will team with the Ingobernables Rush & La Sombra versus Volador Jr., Atlantis, and LA Park. While Atlantis/Sombra is the bigger issue, the interest will all be on what LA Park and Wagner will do in their return.

There’s not a lot of note elsewhere on the card. The En Busca de un Idolo participants are scheduled to be in a ten men cibernetico, but that seems iffy at best. Negro Casas hasn’t been able to make any of his matches this week and Boby Zavala noting he was still hurt on CMLL Informa. The other matches on the show are Marco, Valiente and Dragon Lee versus Rey Escorpion, Mephisto and Ephesto, the Boricuas versus Stuka Jr., Rey Cometa and the Panther, and Pegasso & Stigma versus Hijo del Signo & Arkangel. The show starts on 8:30pm and should stream region free on

The item to watch for outside of a match is the preview for next week. There’s still time for them to start the Universal tournament if it’s going to end at the Anniversary show (which would mean no Thunder/UG on that show.) If it’s not announced tonight, it’s going to be held off for a while.

The Ticketmaster site shows only scattered floor seats left. The first level is unsold mostly, and they’re not selling any higher than that.

Ciclope and Violento Jack lost their matches in FREEDOMS today, but are said to have gotten good reactions from the crowd.

Criterio Hidalgo profiles Dragon Bane and Ram El Carnero, who are debuting in IWRG on Sunday. Ram el Carnero wrestles as Ram in Arena Aficion.

Psycho Clown wants to win his first individual title on Monday. There’s also a Psycho Clown CaraLucha promo.

Kcidis notes the danger of Atlantis winning a championship before a big mask match.

DTU announced Psicosis II, Damian 666, Super Crazy and Halloween for the 09/17 Arena Aficion show.

Segunda Caida reviews Guerrero Maya vs Guerrero Maya.