AAA on Televisa: 2015-07-25 

Averno wins!

Recapped: 7/26/2015.

Previously: Psycho Circus won the trios titles when Cibernético was missing, which was Electroshock’s evil plan. Somehow. Myzteziz will face Rey Mysterio at TripleMania, but Averno today.

TripleMania ad mentions the Villano/Psycho match – only, the audio says it’s Villano IV versus Psycho Clown and the graphic mentions it’s Villano III’s retirement. Plans changing all the time. This promo plays going in to and coming out of every break. The announcement of the annual march to church (Peregrinacion) is also shown many times during the show.

Mascara Ano 2000 does a thing

Match 1: Bengala, Drago, El Elegido vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
Expotampico, Tampico, Tamaulipas, 07/03/2015

Winner: rudos (Scoria legdrop Elegido)
Match Time: 12:30
Notes: This is Mascara’s first TV match in a year. He still uses the Consejo music and has his Dinamitas wardrobe, but also orange trunks that read “X-Diesel”. There’s no obvious advancement of the mysterious person storyline. Piero is referee.

triple tope

Review: [ok] This is an OK midcard match that has nothing to do with anything that’s going on now. There are likable people in this match, but it seemed irrelevant to all and wasn’t good enough to draw me in. Mascara 2000 and Elegido are a fitting match up in quality. Elegido’s still occasionally used, but he’s much more often the fall guy. Crowd was more dead for Elegido than usual, and not really much into this match. La Secta seemed good here. Cuervo & Scoria feel like they’ve come out of a feud better of for it, instead of their usual sad slinking away back to oblivion.

Secta actually win

Match 2: Monsther Clown & Murder Clown vs Cibernético & El Mesías and Electroshock & Hijo de Pirata Morgan
Expotampico, Tampico, Tamaulipas, 07/03/2015

Winner: Mesías & Cibernetico (Mesías top rope splash Hijo del Pirata Morgan)
Match Time: 7:00
Notes: This is a lumberjack strap match, with most of the undercard around the ringside. As he did last week, Texano comes to the ring in a sling to explain his injury, blame Psycho Clown, and introduce Cibernético as his replacement. Hijo del Tirantes is referee. Matches takes about eight minutes to start, then goes about 90 seconds before heading to a break. Due to the nature of the stips, it’s mostly all six guy standing in the ring, or occasionally on the apron. It’s one pinfall to a finish, but the announcers do not know this until the match is over.

Electroshock cutter

Review: [below average] the usual lumberjack strap match in AAA. There’s no real match, the lumbers jacks goof around and attack everyone, the match just turns into tossing people out so they can get hit, the referee gets tossed out, the lumberjacks attack each other, the lumberjacks stop attacking so the people in the match and do dives, and then it’s just over. Most of those are better than the disorganized mess this turned into; not sure anyone quite knew what was supposed to be happening in the last section of the match until it came down to Pirata & Mesías. Highlight of this match was Joe Lider laughing at Octagoncito getting kicked in the face by Murder Clown. Octagoncito hitting Lider, and Lider chasing Octagoncito right into the middle of the técnicos where he got destroyed.

a little too close splash

Match 3: Myzteziz vs Averno
Expotampico, Tampico, Tamaulipas, 07/03/2015

Myzteziz escape

Winner: Averno (via foul kick)
Match Time: 19:20
Notes: Cibernético is Averno’s second. Argenis is Myzteziz’s second. Former CMLL referee Rafael el Maya handles this match. Prior to the match, Myzteziz gives Averno credit for being a good luchador, and challenges Averno to win the match clean to prove it. Averno says he’s not just good, he’s better than Myzteziz and he’ll show these people. Cibernético gets involved, hitting Myztzeiz in the back with a chair early and helping out thru the match. Argenis eventually gets his revenge on a tope, but the distraction allows Averno escape La Mistica and foul Myzteziz for the win.

Averno tope con giro

Review: [great] The proper AAA version of this classico, forbetter or worse. Both guys looked as good as they have since making the move – this is easily Averno’s best AAA match and Myzteziz looks like he’ll end up with the best singles resume in the promotion this year. The Cibernético spots got old thru repetition, but never felt like they over powered the match. Crowd was totally into the near falls, and both men broke out spots they either have not done in a long or were new. Averno’s torture rack powerbomb was a really good near fall (until Averno decided to go to the top rope instead of the pin.) This was a fun match for old fans of this feud and seemed like it would do well for people who hadn’t seen these two guys before; if the AAA fans didn’t know these guys at the start, they know them now. Finish continues to build up some alternative version of TripleMania that’s not actually happening this year.

Myzteziz springboard headscissors
this wasn’t a CMLL spot
powerbomb into the ringpost
tope takes out Averno
spanish fly
super devil’s wings
torture rack bomb