AAA on Televisa: 2015-07-18 

Dinastia & Mini Psycho deliver in their title match.

Recapped: 07/25/2015

Previously: Mini Psycho asked for a title shot. Mascara got a clue. Goya debuted with a win. Villano IV beat up Psycho Clown. Cuervo & Scoria got some revenge on Angelico & Jack. Pirata beat Monster Clown.

Mascara Año 2000 Jr., warming up (for a match he’s having next week), gets a good luck wish from a passing Goya Kong. Mascara thinks maybe Goya is the mystery person, but remembers the message was said to be from various people.

Match 1: Aerostar & Niño Hamburguesa vs Carta Brava Jr. & Súper Fly
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz, 06/28/2015

so many Aerostar spins

Winner: rudos (Super Fly powerbomb Aerostar)
Match Time: 7:57
Notes: Piero is referee. Niño gets the hamburger and goes for the splash at the end, but loses his balance and falls backwards onto the connecting chain, crotching himself, then tumbles forward into the ring. Carta Brava pounds him while Super Fly powerbombs Aerostar. Piero is too busy checking on Niño to count at first, but eventually turns around and counts three.

super curb stomp

Review: [OK] I have no idea what happened with that finish. Niño Hamburugesa definitely fell of the ropes in a way that seemed like an accident, but the rudos reacted so quick and without being confused that it seems liked it was planned. (And that played into the rudos finish.) Maybe Niño was supposed to miss but not like that? Maybe the rudos hit the ropes but the cameras totally missed it? Match was going along well before that, with the rudos looking good as usual and Aerostar impressing in the time he had. Of note, they’ve gotten Niño a new jersey without the Mexican Power logo and colors. Maybe they can give him a referee jersey, since they seem to be helping him much during the matches.

two slight different dives
what happened?

Match 2: Dinastía © vs Mini Psycho Clown for the AAA World Minis Championship
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz, 06/28/2015

Dinastia locked in

Winner: Dinastía (half twist moonsault)
Match Time: 11:37
Notes: Super Fly and Aerostar are seconds.

Review: [great] Fun title match which lived up to the potential these two have. They did the seconds interference spot, like they do in every one of these, but they only did it once and they got it out of the way relatively early. No heel referee stuff either. This was also worked different than other titles matches, in it never being back and forth once they go past the opening stage. Mini Psycho had Dinastía’s number for quite a while, and Dinastía had moves after moves to finally put Mini Psycho away in the end. And all Dinastía’s tricky offense still looks pretty impressive; Dinastía fired up and speeding around is as exciting as anyone. They built this match well, though it didn’t feel like Mini Psycho had a moment where he might win. It also didn’t feel like they emptied their tank; a rematch might be even better.

Aerostar gets in one more dive
Psycho thru the ropes
Dinastia twist dive
Spanish Fly from anywhere
Tulancingo victory

Yo Soy AAA: Electroshock talks more about his life and his career. We’re told to see more on AAA’s YouTube channel, but nothing appears to be up there right now.

Cara a Cara: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Myzteziz

Myzteziz disputes that he’s a copy of Rey, and says it’s okay if the fans end up cheering Rey on that night because he wants to win. Rey says he’s okay with whatever the fans choose, he wants to create a moment the fans will remember, feels when they go 100% each other, he thinks he’ll win. Rey says he respects what Myzteziz has done, but he’s done more. Myzteziz says he thinks he’s going to win. I don’t know what’s going on, but Rey looks half asleep when Myzteziz is talking, more so last week. Rey wishes Myzteziz luck, Myzteziz says this is a dream match between them, and they both say there are no bad feelings between them.

Psycho Clown challenges Villano IV (for offending him) and Chessman (for his title)

Match 3: Psycho Clown & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs El Mesías & Hijo del Fantasma
Plaza de Toros La Concordia, Orizaba, Veracruz, 06/28/2015

head cracker

Winner: técnicos (Rey Mysterio splash Mesias)
Match Time: 15:14
Notes: Texano accompanies Hijo del Fantasma, with his right arm completely immobilized in a big sling. Texano explains the bad news – he can’t wrestle for an indefinite time thanks to Psycho Clown! – so he brought Fantasma as his replacement. Texano says he’ll be back for Psycho Clown.

off the shoulders splash

Review: [OK] Almost like a house show main event, with it entirely built around giving the técnicos their offense in the second half and sending the crowd home happy. And they did, with the crowd thrilled to see Rey land the splash for the win. There’s not a hint of a storyline or angle with any of this, the four people just had a match and the good guys won. There was some tentative, guys looking like they hadn’t worked much together before early. Rudos did very little of interest before the técnicos made their comeback and Mesías was struggling in the first half. His work with Rey later went better, but the match improved every time Fantasma got involved. Psycho was heavy into the comedy; you’d like to see him add something different when he’s not working with his trio. This probably was the weakest of the AAA TV Rey Mysterio matches since his return, but it had little to do with him.

Psycho took the worst of this
Mesias takes a splash for the loss