Lucha Underground 1×39: Ultima Lucha, Part 2

the matches

Johnny Mundo defeats Alberto el Patron (fin de mundo, 13:35, great)
Pentagon Jr. defeats Vampiro (rock bottom thru table on fire, 11:08, good)
Fenix wins the Gift of the Gods (Fire Driver on Jack Evans, 12:03, great)
Blue Demon Jr. defeats Texano Jr. (pinfall, 3:00, below average)
Mil Muertes defeats Prince Puma to win the Lucha Underground Championship (super flatliner, 17:39, excellent)

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A few!

Universidad de 0M

Johnny Mundo and Alberto el Patron has much more of a brawl this time around, with literal dirt being thrown in faces. After a long even fight, Mundo knocked out the referee with a kick. (No referee was calling a DQ on this show.) Alberto put Mundo in the armbar and Mundo taped, but there was no ref to count it. Mundo eventually slipped free. Alberto tried the armbar again over the ropes, but it was broken up by Melina. Mundo landed the Fin de Mundo for the win. Mundo & Melina made out in the ring until an enraged Alberto broke it up. Alberto smashed Mundo’s face into the glass window of a door (replacing the one Mack & Cage broke last week), gaining revenge for Mundo’s similar act and blooding Mundo badly. Melina tried to break it up, but instead was spanked by Alberto.

Pentagon Jr. almost beat AntiPope Vampiro very quickly, destroying him with chair shots. Vampiro rose from a stretcher to continue, and the two had an insane thumbtack and light tube filled brawl. Vampiro appeared to be imperious to pain at various points Vampiro brought a table and fire into play, but it was he who went thru it courtesy of a bloody and ripped Pentagon. Pentagon demanded his Master reveal himself as a reward for his win. Vampiro instead revealed he was Pentagon’s master all along, even unknown to Pentagon. Pentagon did not question this, and immediately bowed down at Vampiro’s feet.

The Gift of the Gods was a crazy seven person match which included a more than seven people. An obsessed Marty ran into the ring and attacked Sexy Star at one point, but tapped out to La Mistica. (Sexy Star disappeared from the match after taking Big Ryck’s urange.) DelAvar Daviari surprisingly attacked Big Ryck, possibly for Ryck’s failures of late. Fenix put an end to the craziness with a Fire Driver on Jack.

not exactly smooth, but Vampiro got in there

Blue Demon Jr. is now an aging legend, near the end of his career willing to do anything to hold on and was not residing in South Beach. The announcers pushed the idea that Demon was a guy lived off his family’s name, while Texano (Jr.) had surpassed his father. The match, made no DQ, saw Texano dominate until Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro got involved. Chavo Guerrero ran in as if for an incredibly unlikely save, until to instead ally with Demon and attack Texano. (The announcers emphasized the symbolism of Chavo attacking Demon way back in episode 2, then helping him here.) Demon ended up with an easy iwn.

Konnan was not present for the Prince Puma/Mil Muertes match, still removed from the board after the attack in earlier episdoes. Catrina was there, but was actually used as a weapon by Prince Puma in her only physical interference in the match. The Puma match against Mil Muertes had aspects of Mil’s other post return matches, with a fair amount of brawling around ringside, but it also had a lot of in-ring fighting as well. Muertes escaped the first 630 attempt, landed the second but Muertes kicked out, and missed a third. Muerte seemed to have the win with a Flatliner, but Puma kicked out. Puma went to the top again, but was pulled off in a super Flatliner for the title change. Mil, Catrina and The Disciples of Death stood in the ring together with all the belts to end the season.

the real reason for a new Temple: need new high places to jump off of

Dragon Azteca did make it into the Temple to save Black Lotus, but it was too late. Dario Cueto walked in before Azteca could free Lotus, and noted their deal (?) meant Dragon Azteca would forfeit his life if he stepped foot in Dario’s Temple. Dario teased using the cage to free Matanza, and Dragon Azteca begged him to stop. Dario did, because it was a fake out – Black Lotus grabbed Dragon Azteca from behind and choked her one-time mentor out. Dragon Azteca told Lotus not to believe Dario, but Lotus instead gave Azteca the heart punch to the back, apparently killing Dragon Azteca. Dario freed Lotus, who now planned to leave this all behind, but Dario warned Lotus she started a war and only Dario could protect her. Lotus reluctantly agreed. Dario said they’d need a new Temple, and unlocked Matanza’s cage (with the Key) as they all perepared to flee.

The show closed with a scared Dario and Lotus cleaning out the cash, papers, and red bull from his office and leaving in a hurry. They were last scene escaping in a truck, pulling a horse carriage – where Matanza was breifly glimpsed inside.

Other characters also got individual epilogues.

  • Fenix left in a firebird (car), being stalked by King Cuerno in his truck.
  • Marty Martinez, more crazy than we’ve seen him before, threatened an apparently kidnapped Sexy Star that “you won’t like me when you meet my sister”
  • Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivelisse vowed to win the trios championships back before driving off on motorcycles (Ivelisse and Havoc together.)
  • Aerostar and Drago shared an intense handshake before exiting the temple. Drago again appeared to turn into flame as he flew away, and Aerostar blasted off like a rocket.
  • Pentagon asked his master where they were going now, and Vampiro told him it was a dark place.
  • the white hoodie character was seen putting on the Dragon Azteca mask, and spray painting a question mark on the Lucha Underground billboard.

The season ended with the lights coming down on the Temple as Dario looked pained, then smirked.

one more for the road


A fantastic finale. There were four strong matches, and an even stronger finale few minutes. We still don’t totally know if Dario was lying to Black Lotus, but we sure know she belives it. We even got a little hint on the behind the scenes of season 2: the Lucha Underground Temple we knew is the past, and they’ll be somewhere new next year. The question mark on the Lucha Underground sign struck people as a clear Rey Mysterio Jr. teaser during the filming. It may end up that way, but it seemed to be more about the mystery of where Lucha Underground would be next.

Michael Schiavello was the fill-in for Vampiro and did well in the role. It’s a different mix than Vampiro, but Schiavello was very prepared. He knew the characters, knew the backstory, and seemed as excited about the show as someone who’d watched the season to this point. It’d be strange, though not imposible, for Vampiro just to flip back to being Ian the Wacky Announcer after tonight’s match and Schivello would be fine in the role.

Fenix finishes Jack

I assume Hugo’s calling the two hours on his own on Unimas. I hope he made it one piece.

Puma/Muertes was an epic title match. It had a good amount of brawling into the crowds, and super natural characters, but it also felt the most like something which would fit at Wrestlemania among all the matches on this how. It’d be the main event, a pretty strong main event, and they didn’t really kick out of finishers enough to be a recent WWE match, but they did pretty much everything else. Prince Puma looked incredible in this match, and Mil’s done the best possibly the best work of his career in this run. This match might not be placed above Grave Consequences, and Puma/Mundo might be the better Puma title match, but it also might not be. I could see it either way. It’s worth rewatching easily.

Mundo/Alberto was a great hate filled match which took surprising advantage of the dirty scummy nature of the temple. (Both men could’ve used a shower about 3 minutes in.) It’s a little hurt from being a out of control brawl on a show with a lot of out of control brawling, but it felt superior to their previous match up until the finish shenanigans. Crowd reacted well to Melina’s return, but having Johnny win and then be destroyed by Alberto was very 50/50. It’s a tough spot – Johnny’ just turned, Alberto needs to get revenge if he’s a top guy, and maybe the indecisive nature of the finish will set up a rematch in season 2. I don’t know what’s the blow off stip for putting faces thru glass – maybe it’s first blood, maybe Pentagon has some scarier ideas.

get out of here, Puma

The Gift of the Gods match was last never ending chain of spots match to end the season on. Just a cacophony of moves by everyone. I think this did more for Bengali than any match he’s had so far, just looking spectacular on his giant tornillo. Aerostar has climbed to a lot of high places and jumped off them all this year. Cuerno got in his tope one more time. Jack didn’t seem to get as much time as everyone else, but he looked good in what he did. The match was built around a surprising amount of Big Ryck early on, and the urange on Sexy Star looked rough. (In real life, it’s said she was hospitalized. No idea what happened, but it looked like he didn’t do much to protect her at all on the move.) They tried to do the big guy fending off a lot of little guys bit with him, and there was some mixed success. The ending sequence with Fenix & Jack Evans was superb. This was the third different single elimination 4+ man match Fenix’s won this season (pre-Aztec Warfare & for the Medallion, plus also the three way in his debut), which feels like it should be a thing. On the tapings, they had done more teasing a Big Ryck/Davairi issue than had made the screen, and it really felt random. Marty at least is random, so his actions make as much sense as ever. Similarly, they teased Cuerno versus Fenix when the show was filmed, but only the briefest glance made air at the end of this match. The ending vignette made up for it.

Catrina betrays Mil again!

Pentagon & Vampiro was less enjoyable for me than most because I was unhappy about how much it much it was about Vampiro – like, almost all about Vampiro’s heart for continuing, for taking the shots and for being tough enough to keep going. It makes sense for Striker to call it that way, Vampiro’s been at his side for the last eight months, but the point of this felt should’ve been to make Pentagon and instead he was a lesser part of his own match. I want to see Pentagon as a top guy, not as guy falling at his knees to salute someone else. This may be the long road to get to that point, but there’s still a while to travel. The match itself was the sort of insanity seen in the Mexican hardcore feds, with Pentagon pulling out the same gouging technique he used on Arez on Vampiro’s forehead this time. Vampiro’s zombie like no-selling worked for his character in this match and definitely worked for the crowd. The match itself was as strong as it could’ve been, and stronger than would’ve been expected, but it’s also something I don’t want to see more than once a year.

Prince Puma may be Bruce Lee

Demon/Texano was the weakest match by far. All the character stuff they threw in with Blue Demon and the suit wearing Crew was great, but the problem is it’s still Blue Demon in the ring and that’s not much. A Demon & Chavo union against Texano is the least interesting teaser for season 2. Chavo & Demon being part of the on screen part of the show made a certain amount of sense for season 1, when they were potentially recognizable faces to new viewers (and new investors) regardless of what they had to offer, but a season 2 wouldn’t seem to need those sort of crutches – or, maybe the given the state of things, they need more of those.

The epilogue was fantastic. It wrapped up a lot, gave a few needed teases (we had to see a glimpse of Matanza and we did) and it did a great job of setting up mysteries for the future. CHIKARA’s done bits like this at the end of their seasons with mysteries set up, but we got a bit of conclusions and a bit of spacemen blasting off to parts unknown.

blast off

I don’t know where Aerostar is headed. I don’t where any of this is headed. I hope we see each other again when we get there.

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  1. I don’t think Black Lotus killed El Dragon Azteca and white hoodie picked the mask/mantle of Dragon Azteca (II)… I think Dragon and hoodie switched places at the end of UL night one. Hopefully we’ll find out in season 2… what if this is (part of) AAA’s plan for Flamita?

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