every Lucha Underground season 1 episode, ranked

Wrestling fans tend to look back at years in terms of best matches and best wrestlers. It’d be easy to do to rank those for Lucha Underground as well, but this promotion is different in the episodes themselves have cohesive identities. I can’t separate one RAW from another months later, but many of this shows episodes come together on a common theme or shared events. I decided to take advantage of that, and rank every hour of TV in this first season.

Worst to best, so I can again take unfair shots at the second episode right away. Order was determined by “which ones seemed better when I thought back about it quickly”, and can not possibly be wrong. Being near the top isn’t necessarily bad; almost every one has something watchable.

2: Los Demonios (11/05/14)


The one where Chavo’s the big heel; Mil Muertes has an eh debut, bad commentary, WWE style insta tag match – but that one’s the best match on the show easily. The Chavo stuff was toned well down after this, and maybe happened because they were short on bodies, but it’s the second show to start where all the good guys are laid out to end the show.

6: The Key (12/03/14)


Fenix & Sexy Star versus Chavo & Pentagon in the main event a drop down from the Puma/Mundo/Crew storyline, a lot of other OK matches.

34: Gold and Guerreros (07/01/15)


Nothing outright bad, but main event ends early with Chavo’s injury and nothing on the undercard clicks – Alberto’s squash of Marty might be best match of the show. Davairi/Texano finishes, Drago/Hernandez sets up their Ultima Lucha match,

11: Last Luchador Standing (01/21/15)


King Cuerno and Drago feud ending match doesn’t feel as epic as their other encounters, most of the show is giving simple wins to those who haven’t gotten it late, Crew snubs out Ryck’s eye starts things in motion

15: An Eye for an Eye (2/18/15)


Weak in-ring show that’s the write off to Chavo, Pimpinela and Mascarita. Some decent character work with Texano being a jerk, Ivelisse bettering Havoc against Angelico, and Big Ryck returning to get revenge on the Crew. Black Lotus meets Matanza and explains the plot

30: Submit to the Master (6/3/15)


Pentagon Jr. defeats Sexy Star via submission with help from Super Fly dominated by Sexy and immediately moves onto Vampiro, Jack defeats Argenis in a good medallion match, ok trios title match, Chavo captures Black Lotus.

22: Mask vs Mask (4/8/15)


Sexy Star takes Super Fly’s mask out of nowhere, Puma & Cuerno have a disappointing title match, both trios breaks up in tournament match, Mundo & Puma’s epic handshake.

4: Thrill of the Hunt (11/19/14)


Cuerno’s debut, still figuring out his style. Fenix versus Pentagon is still good, Mundo gets more out of of Ryck than one would suspect.

36: The Beginning of the End (7/15/15)


Lots of Medallions being given out but none of the matches are particularly memorable, Vampiro accepts Pentagon’s mask to the great approval of the crowd, Konnan’s stuff in the casket.

37: PentUltima Lucha (07/22/15)


Texano & Mundo have a good match in service of other ones, the Gift of the Gods is revealed, Fenix returns and wins a battle royal, Cage & Mack brawl, Puma gets in the last shot on Muertes.

31: The Desolation of Drago (06/10/15)


Disciples debut in a bit of a comedy match, Drago returns in a good four way main event, and Johnny Mundo and Dario are now amigos. Chavo and Blue Demon rematch, slightly better than the first time, and Ultima Lucha officially announced.

17: A War Started in Mexico… (03/04/15)


Fenix/Muertes and Texano/Alberto have setup matches for bigger ones down the road, Konnan gets a new cane, Cuerno in a cowboy hat

33: Death vs the Dragon (06/24/15)


Drago’s title shot is lost in a semi-squash to Mil Muertes, Aerostar wins a fun fourway, Sexy Star/Super Fly have a decent match. More teasing of Vampiro/Pentagon.

14: Open Mic Night (02/11/15) 


Alberto’s unexpected campaign for best promo guy begins, as does Texano Jr. Big Ryck says “eye for an eye”. Johnny Mundo’s run of fun matches against midcard guys continues with Son of Havoc. Argenis has his maybe best singles match ever as the Fenix/Catrina/Muertes storyline progresses

5: Boyle Heights Street Fight (11/26/14)


Well laid out Puma street fight against Ryck and the Crew, Muertes looking better against Drago, Black Lotus debut on same episode where Catrina reveals she knows what the key is for.

21: Uno! Dos! Tres! (4/1/15)


Start of the trios tournament, with Mack and Killshot debuting in a good match. Mundo has another fun match, this time with Angelico. Drago/Aerostar match four shorter than others. Black Lotus learns lucha libre kung fu.

1: Welcome to the Temple (10/29/14)


Forgettable first match ever and a Son of Havoc/Sexy Star match which had to be forgotten for plot reasons, but quickly established the trademark high quality vignettes and the Puma/Mundo feud which carried the first batch of episodes

25: The Way of the Drago (04/29/15)


Drago challenges but can’t beat Puma, and is gone forever. This might rate higher if he was really gone forever or even for a while, but his exit was impressive. Marty the Moth debuts, trios champs are amusing in an interview.

18: No Escape (3/11/15)


Cuerno/Mundo in a cage elevates an otherwise not great show. The one with the heavily edited Angelico/Ivelisse match, while Pentagon/Argenis have a long squash. Teaser for next week is among better moments; lots of Catrina during the show too.

13: Unexpected Guests (02/04/15)


First taping of the year includes a ton of new directions: Cuerno/Mundo, Aerostar/Drago, Angelico/Havoc/Ivelisse and armbreaking Pentagon Jr. all start on this show, and some guy named Alberto shows up at the end. No super match, but a lot of solid ones.

8: A Unique Opportunity (12/7/14)


Crazy 10 man single fall match is the best match of the show that no one remembers (because of next week), Mil Muertes & Fenix don’t go quite as well in the main event.

3: Cross the Border (11/02/14)


Debut of Fenix, Pentagon and Drago goes wonderfully; AAA guys made on day 1. Earlier, Dario trolls about lack of luchadors, Mascarita has a good debut, Mil Muertes has a better second match.

28: Shoots and Ladders (05/20/15)


An overachieving trios title match, with Mr. Cisco diving out of Dario’s office and Angelico diving off the top of it. Mundo mocks Alberto, Marty surprisingly good against Puma, and the most Lotus/Azteca time in one episode. Best episode name of the season.

26: Best in the Business (05/06/15)


Alberto beats Mundo in a great main event, Hernandez betrays Puma, next trios title match is set up and Daivari/Texano have an underwhelming brawl in a busy show. Mil Muertes v2.0 trailer well done, resets his status with Catrina

35: Fuel to the Face (07/08/15)


The first Atomicos is lots of fun, Havoc put up a fight against Muertes, and Pentagon nearly sets Vampiro on fire. A Texano promo sets up two different turns in about five minutes, and Mack & Cage have a quick but good match.

23: Fire in the Cosmos (04/15/15)


Good tournament match, three way finalists singles match also pretty solid, Aerostar/Drago match five goes Drago’s way and sets up his title match. Pentagon nearly breaks Melisssa’s arm, which actually gets him boos for a little while.

12: They Call Him Cage (01/28/15)


Cage does everything but win the title, including laying out multiple weapon wielding assailants; Air Force versus Crew match a hidden gym, Fenix/Muertes really gets started

7: The Top of the Ladder (12/10/14)


The great Puma/Ryck/Mundo ladder match goes near 20 minutes, shows they can change the format as needed. Cage debuts in vignette form, and Pentagon’s own awesome vignette does too.

38: Ultima Lucha, Part 1 (7/29/15)


Cage beats Mack in a great prop filled brawl, Drago & Hernandez have an overachieving fan’s strap match. The underdog trios champs lose in an average, clipped match. Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca get closer to actually getting in the ring.

16: Caged Animals (2/25/15)


Great in-ring show, with Cuerno & Mundo brawling around, Cage destroying Puma, a highlight full Drago/Aerostar match, and even a very destructive Pentagon squash. Dragon Azteca’s surprising return.

29: Fight to the Death (05/27/15)


Another episode where everything is good; Mundo gets challenged by Aerostar, Hernandez has a surprisingly strong title match with Puma, Mil Muertes destroys Fenix. RIP Bael.

27: Ancient Medallion (05/13/15)


Two very good matches and one great angle: Jack Evans debuts in a spectacular loss to Aerostar, Fenix wins an insane seven way for the first medallion, and Hernandez is gifted a title shot when Mundo smashes Alberto thru Dario’s office. Very obviously the starting point to UltimaLucha looking back, and a great episode in itself.

20: The Art of War (03/25/15)


Every match good or better, with Son of Havoc finally winning and finally splitting from Ivelisse, Alberto & Texano having the best bullrope match in forever, and Prince Puma finally being able to put away Cage with a little help from two stiff objects (Konnan’s cane and the debuting Hernandez). This and the previous episode feel like a mid season PPV

10: Law of the Jungle (01/14/15)


A four way debut match gets over pretty much everyone, and combines with the main event post match to make Cage as a contender on night one. Fenix and Puma have a great video game move battle in the main event.

32: All Night Long (06/17/15)


Prince Puma keeps his title over Johnny Mundo in show length lightning match, with a simple but well done storyline (Puma making a comeback), a lot of weapons, and Alberto returning. In the argument for best match of the season, definitely one of the most successful.

24: Trios Championship (04/22/15)


One night story of Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc getting it together and surprisingly winning the trios titles despite Dario throwing the Crew at them (and Ivelisse getting injured.) Angelico’s ludicrous leap. Lots of other things on the periphery, with Daivari attacking Texano, Black Lotus not being ready yet, Sexy Star ending Pentagon Jr.’s run, and Alberto and Mundo running into each other backstage.

9: Aztec Warfare (01/07/15)


Outstanding redefined Royal Rumble that moves along a bunch of storylines (Drago/Cuerno, Puma/Mundo/Crew, Chavo/everyone), starts some (Mil/Catrina) and serves as a great partial season finale.

19: Grave Consequences (3/18/15)


Best Lucha Underground match in the season; others are arguably as good, but this was a match which could only happen as it did on this show. Aerostar/Drago have another good match, Big Ryck gets satisfying revenge, Konnan plays chess. It’s possible I have no GIFs from this show because I was so blown away by the main event that I forgot I was doing a recap.

The last three episodes are really great, and were hard to sort. Ultima Lucha Part 2 will definitely have a chance to break in that top mix, but it won’t be easy.

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