CMLL’s 82nd Anniversary show will be on September 4

Tonight’s Puebla broadcast mentioned the annual CMLL Anniversary show would now take place on September 4th. This is a major surprise: CMLL had quietly listed the show as taking place on September 18th 25th as part of their story writing contest. Recently, a reliable source had said the show would be moved to September 18th 25th, but I couldn’t get that confirmed.

September 4th is the earliest anniversary show since 2010, when Sombra beat Olimpico in a hastily assembled cage match on September 3rd. That seems like the most likely template for this year as well: this show is four Fridays away and there’s nothing remotely resembling an Anniversary main event being put together. The only thing CMLL’s set up is Ultimo Guerrero versus Thunder, which would die as a singles match. They do better with a cage match, but not at the same ticket prices as past years and they’re unlikely to fill the building. It’s also possible CMLL will run the Universal tournament final on that show, though it would have to overlap the En Busca de un Idolo final to work. There’s no strong options and the Anniversary name is going to have to carry the day.

This would be the only second first week of September anniversary show since 1963. That year saw EMLL run a second show on September 27th. They didn’t run a second anniversary in 2010, but they did have the Volador Jr. versus Mistico (I) Copa Bicentenario final, which was about an event in itself. Not sure we should expect anything extra this year.

8 thoughts to “CMLL’s 82nd Anniversary show will be on September 4”

  1. Hmmm a random cage match, smells like a “send them home happy” match where a veteran rudo loses his mask to a random tecnico?? Or will they surprise us?

    Predictable: Morphosis, Kraneo loses their mask
    Acceptable: Polvora loses to Angel de Oro
    Surprising in a CMLL way: Villano IV loses his mask to La Mascara
    Horrible: Rush loses his hair to Diamante Azul
    Unlikely: Guerrero/Thunder ends
    Wishful: Rush & Sombra defeat Volador Jr and Diamante Azul in a non-Cage match
    Awesome: Villano III defeats Blue Demon Jr and forces him to retire.

  2. At this point there’s sadly only ultimo/thunder that cmll is making a big deal of, maybe the ingobernables/tecnicos feud would be bigger if they hadn’t got suspended.. I still expect mistico to get reapers mask maybe in a cage and go on to get mephistos.
    What would you think of a ruleta de la muerte?
    Guerrero/thunder azul/rush. Sombra/Volador polvora/angel dragon/ kamaitachi. Mistico/mephisto

    A cage seems the only way to go this year

  3. They should take mr nieblas mask while it has any respect with the way his year has been.. Give it to diamanté azul, mistico, sombra, rush.. Anyone! How long does he have at any kind of peak level? And mite be one of his last few chances for a big pay day.. Though it would be insane to give him a singles match at your biggest event, but in a cage would at least feel monumental more than morphosis or reaper…

  4. Good point on Niebla, in a cage he can lose without working too much but is still a “name” to.some extend. If not this year then it will not happen in CmLL but on the Indies ii front of 200 people who for booze afterwards afterwards.

    They may have the Universal champ finals too, throw in a title match and it is not a horrible card, better than anything else this year

    Although that may say more about 2015 than the anniversary show.

  5. The problem with Niebla losing his mask is you’re rewarding a guy with a payoff who’s done anything but deserve it, and there’s no way of knowing if he’ll be in any condition for the cage match (or will show up even for the cage match.) You’d need someone else to be in the match who could be an alternate loser – and at that point, why not just have that person lose to begin with?

  6. Why are they rushing with this, smh… It’s not like someone rented all the other September Sudnays for half a million each.


    Mistico & Lee vs. Casas & Shocker (c)
    Something with Cavernario.
    Rush vs. Thunder vs. Ultimo Guerrero (hair, mask, hair)

  7. Trusting Niebla is probably the biggest thing keeping him from a payday so far. Didn’t he leave aaa after they teased a cagematch at triplemania or something like that? Honestly not sure why he keeps getting chances.

    Sombra vs Parka!!! Why not dream big ;-)

  8. You know if the Ingorbernables are punished by not being in the cage there are really not a lot of other feuds going on – which is CMLL’s general problem really. Now they could dust off some on-again-off-again storylines for a cage if they want to make it more than just Guerreros and Revolucionarios – although the three masked Guerreros vs the three masked Revolucinarios is not a bad choice – throw in Guerrero and Escorpion and it could be a great match. Could add that if Escorpion is the loser the Revolucionarios disband or something since he has very little hair right now.

    Other storylines that could converge if revived
    Angel de Oro/Plovora
    Mistico / Ripper
    Los Invaores are not liked by anyone in CMLL
    Atlantis / Mr. Niebla – bring their 2014 issues back to life.
    Los Reyes de Atlántida develops a deep seated hatred for Los Hijos del Infierno?

    Or just have CMLL give Esfinge Ephesto’s mask or something?

    They have to go all masks if it’s random cage – mixed hair/mask or all hair would just not draw the same, they need the spectacle of the mask loss to make up for the fact that CMLL seems to have forgotten to build any long term storylines.

    The fact that this is the same company that built Guerrero/Atlantis for YEARS I am saddened that there are no really heated angles except the Guerreros/Revolucionarios and stuff with Los Ingobernables.

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