Cara Lucha: 2015-05-30

Volador doesn’t know who he’s messing with

Recapped: 06/20/15
(I did the whole show! I’m probably not going to do that any more in hopes of actually getting these done. ChilangaMask has been sitting on my TV to watch for weeks…) There’s 27 GIFs to follow…

Match 2: Wasson vs Aramis in the Bestario I final
Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, 05/30/2015

Winner: Aramis
Match Time: 12:55

Wasson a little fired up

Review: [good] Enjoyable end to a rookie tournament. They felt like rookies at times, sticking with planned sequences when they didn’t make sense and wearing matching outfits for no reason, but they did some exciting spots and had some good ideas. Wasson looked the better guy of the two, with his dive really being a standout and Aramis not turning it on until the closing third of the match. The effort level was definitely there.

Aramis tope con giro
dueling kicks to the face
torture rack bomb!
spinning cloverleaf? Sure!
450 splash

Match 3: Imposible vs Dinamic Black vs Wotam vs Hombre Bala Jr.
Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, 05/30/2015

Bala double knee smash comes to San Juan

Winner: Wotam (superpowerbomb on Dinamic Black)
Match Time: 9:16
Review: [good] Chaotic and interesting four way, with just a lot of guys spots. I’ve seen the least of Wotan and he looked fine here – better than Dinamic Black, who was didn’t make many waves. Hombre Bala did well to adept to a different (hostile) environment and Impossible looked great as usual. It was a lot of one on ones with two guys sitting out, and no real story outside of guys taking out each other. Felt longer than the run time because so much was done, though it would’ve been nice to have some time for the match to breath at more points and build up to a big spot.

senton to the floor
Imposible lands on his feet and his opponent’s head

Match 5: Fly Star vs Toxin Boy and Kilvan and Rey Lobo Jr. and Yoruba and Andy Boy and Danger King and Guerrero Mixtico and Rayo Star and Sky Man , loser loses the mask or hair
Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, 05/30/2015

playing it off like he meant it
  1. Kilvan STO Fly Star (20:42)
  2. Guerrero Mixitco rope flip tornillo Danger (21:29)
  3. Rayo Star top rope huracanrana Toxin Boy (22:40)
  4. Danger powerbomb backcracker Sky Man (24:00)
  5. Fly Star tiger suplex Andy Boy (24:23)
  6. Rey Lobo Jr. senton con giro Yoruba (25:54)
  7. Toxin Boy powerbomb backbreaker Yoruba (26:26)
  8. Sky Man Spanish Fly Andy Boy (26:52)
  9. Yoruba package powerbomb Andy Boy (35:51)

Loser: Yoruba
Match Time: 35:51
Notes: wrestlers escaped by pinning someone. The last one left lost their hair (or the mask, had it been a masked luchador.) It appeared thee wrestlers had been drawn into two teams, but it didn’t seem the teams were especially stable.

walk up the ropes flip headscissors


Review: [good] Lots of action, while longer than it needed to be and a bit bloated. I was completely ready for people to start being eliminated by the twenty minute mark, and Yoruba and Andy Boy kick out of five hundred things before the finish. It was a very indy feel to a lot of the match – it produced a lot of cool spots but then enough spots to number you on the concept by the end. This match was enjoyable at full length but probably better as a highlight reel. The Neza boys were my favorite group, with Mixtico, Danger and Andy Boy looking like the most complete wrestlers of the bunch. Rey Lobo was the only person who seemed to really understand the rules (laying down for your friend is a nice move!) but after Yoruba refused to pin him, Rey Lobo kicked out of a package piledriver anyway so that really didn’t make sense. Also doesn’t make sense: every time they do that dive counted by a chair shot spot, since the guy doing the “dive” slows way down when he gets to the ropes so he can get hit properly. I feel like I’m being too harsh on this match, which was generally well received live because the crowd is into all these guys, but it might have been a little too much for me.


back suplex in the vicinity of the apron
Guerrero Mixtico as Valiente
double senton con giro to the floor
powerbomb one knee backbreaker
Yoruba tope
when you think they’ve run out of head drops
Shadow Driver

Match 6: Rush vs Hechicero
Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, 05/30/2015

Winner: Rush (Rush Driver)
Match Time: 12:49

Hechicero tope

Review: [ok] Disappointing match. Rush wasn’t feeling it and was moving at half speed. Rush at half speed can still annoy the audience greatly, so there was no chance of the crowd turning on this in the wrong way, but the epic match between these two guys will have to wait for another day. Hechicero put for more effort but wasn’t totally clicking either. Crowd was appreciate of Hechicero but I’m not sure they really ever believed he was going to win. They weren’t reacting to the near falls that way. Surprising how many people cheered when Rush won.

sliding splash!
Rush tosses Hechicero easily

Match 7: Titán & Volador Jr. vs Bestia 666 & Flamita
Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México, 05/30/2015 

Winner: Volador & Titan (Volador Spiral on Titan)
Match Time: 18:51
Crowd respectful of Bestia and Titan, but Flamita and Volador is the match.

Bestia takes over the front row

Review: [great] Easily best match on the show, worth watching on it’s own. Flamita has gotten so much more complete in the last two years – there’s no way he’s landing that great uppercut he did here before – and he’s still a super flyer. Volador and him had a struggle on one early spot but were excellent together as the match went on. Bestia 666 and Titan did not stand out the way the other two did, but were both very solid in their roles. The whole first dive sequence was superb. It was a little strange to see Flamita & Bestia as the rudos. The CMLL guys definitely brought fans, but the majority of the crowd was rooting for the indy guys to beat the bigger names and went a little crazy every time they came close. There were a couple moments where it seemed their unfamiliarity with each other caused them to slow down or lose their place, but it was strong while they were going. Could see it rated higher; not sure it’s match of the year but it’s one worth watching.

Bestia catches Titan
Flamita flurry
Volador sneaks into a superkick
Flamita 450 splash
Volador spiral works on him too!

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