Lucha Underground 1×36: The Beginning of the End

Marty es loco


Bengala b DelAvar Daivari (rolling german suplex, 3:31, OK) for the fourth Aztec Medallion
King Cuerno b Killshot (suspended Dragon sleeper, 6:07, OK) for the fifth Aztec Medallion
Sexy Star b Super Fly (La Mistica, 0:32, OK) for the sixth Aztec Medallion
Sexy Star b Marty Martinez (La Mistica, 2:20, OK) to retain the sixth Aztec Medallion

all the gifs from the show can be found here


arrow from hell

Six Medallions have been given out: Fenix, Jack Evans, Aerostar, Bengala, King Cuerno, Sexy Star. One remains.

Sexy caught Super Fly in the submission super quick and out of nowhere. Super Fly immediately disappeared to nowhere. Marty stormed out, grabbing the microphone away from a startled Melissa and the medallion away from Sexy Star. Marty explained the medallion should belong to him, because it was a moth medallion, a symbol of his tribe. (The Moth Tribe.) Sexy beat him too in a longer match.

Pentagon doesn’t want medallions. he wants Vampiro. Vampiro responded, again trying ot say he was past all of this. Pentagon appeared to taunt “Ian”, who said Ian wouldn’t wrestle him – but Vampiro would. Vampiro surprised Pentagon with a chokeslam to accept the match.

Delavar Daivari again asked for Big Ryck’s help, and it back fired again.

The main event was supposed to be a one on one face off between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes, but Catrina doen’t respect the laws of Cueto or physics. She signaled the Disciples to help Muerte attack Puma. Konnan made the save with his cane, but Muertes put him down. Konnan was stuffed in a coffin (which still had a dent in it) and Muertes gave Puma the flatliner to end the show.

Current Card for Ultima Lucha

I don’t even know what this is.
  • Alberto el Patron vs Johnny Mundo
  • Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr.
  • Angelico & Ivelisse & Son of Havoc vs Disciples of Death for the Trios Championship
  • Drago vs Hernandez
  • Vamprio vs Pentagon Jr.
  • Prince Puma (c) vs Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground championship

(Obviously, we’re still missing something with the Medallions.)


keep your eyes on the tiger

Nothing bad on this show (unless you’re a Super Fly fan), but this also might be one you can skip by and just watch a minute recap of the show. Things happened, but mostly in checklist fashion. There wasn’t a lot of depth or a great match, but pieces being moved around the chessman to put everyone in their place for the final episodes.

The Pentagon Jr./Vampiro was the most satisfying moment of the show. It was definitely edited from what had occurred, but the intensity still came thru. (The Pentagon/Dario backstage skit was pretty great too.) Puma/Muertes was a typical build up angle for a title match. None of the four matches were anything you need to see. It was good to see Cuerno in action but his match with Killshot never clicked for me. Bengala is a little better than a random mask now, but really needs some sort of background feature. Sexy Star won some matches, that was fine.

the other story

don’t touch Catrina

Hernandez and TNA probably should’ve read his LU contract a bit closer. PWInsider says Hernandez is currently prohibited from appearing in TNA in any form and the weeks worth of segments already taped with Hernandez have to be cut out, because he’s actually still under exclusive LU contract. The story (which appears to be informed mostly by the TNA side) claims TNA offered LU a payment to get Hernandez out of his contract, but LU said no. That’s weird, but pales in comparison to TNA not checking to make sure Hernandez was clear to work with them before putting him on TV for months. TNA probably didn’t go directly to LU as to surprise them about the jump, but that seems to have backfired horribly.

I’d guess this would go all away if the worst happened and Lucha Underground was turned down for a second season and ceased to be. The worst situation for Hernandez is for the show to to be in limbo, still holding out hope for being renewed for the next few months even as it doesn’t actually get turned down. This is a reminder that it’s also the worst situation for everyone else on the show.