AAA on Televisa: 2015-06-20 

Recapped: 07/04/2015. 

Kind of a lame duck show, but some good matches anyway.

Previously: Secta challenged Angelico & Jack, Electroshock & Pirata had problems with the Hell Brothers and revealed their six month old plan. Someone played a police siren very loudly. Cage and Mesias beat Alberto.

Match 1: El Elegido, Faby Apache, Perseus, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Hijo de Pirata Morgan, La Hiedra, Parka Negra, Taya Valkyrie
Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 06/01/2015

the invisible mat monster grabs Taya

Winner: rudos (Taya double stomp Faby Apache)
Match Time: 12:04
Notes: Perseus & La Hiedra are local luchadors added to the match, and also brother and sister – they’re children of Sangre Chicana. This is only aired on the extended version of the show. Six sided ring this week. Hijo del Tirantes is the referee.

Review: [good] Got better as it went along, building to a pretty chaotic finish. Maybe a bit too chaotic, as the cameras had trouble keeping up at time and there two different pairs of people holding onto submissions for a long time as the finishing sequence was going on. Still, no major problems (outside of the mat reaching up and grabbing Taya early) and everyone did fine. Hiedra & Perseus acquitted themselves well in their appearance.

Pirata likes his over the ropes moonsault
Peresus is kicked out of the club.
sibling violence

Cuervo/Scoria vs Angelico/Jack video package

Match 2: Angélico, Jack Evans, Laredo Kid vs Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, Mocho Cota Jr.
Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 06/01/2015

Cuervo tries to put the can in the trash

Winner: Rudos (Scoria powerbomb Angelico)
Match Time: 8:36
Notes: Mocho Cota Jr. is the former Tigre Cota Jr. (Poder del Norte, La Milica), with a new look. Laredo Kid is an original members of Fuerza Aerea, making his first appearance on AAA TV since being fired years ago for working a CMLL show in Texas, looking a little bigger. They’re both here as local additions to make this card a little different than the previous week, though Laredo would be brought back to work the Alas de Oro (next show in the taping order, but aired lived before this one.) Copetes is referee. The two teams manage not to fight each other before the whistle, but start going after it right as it blows. The AAA four head into the crowd early, brawling towards soome folded up bleachers behind the floor seats. The rudos control things until the tecniso are able to ram them into the bleachers. Jack climbs up to the upper level, then leaps off with a plcnah onto everyone with a plancha.

Jack dives off the second floor


Review: [great] A fun trios match which felt like it lasted a lot longer than eight minutes. They got in a lot in that time, both traveling to get in the big spectacular leap by Jack and coming back to get in an exciting sprint match. The feuding teams are looking better against each other the longer this goes; La Secta seem more confident and are pulling out stuff they hadn’t been trying prior. Laredo Kid looked awesome. Mocha Cota blew his first real spot, but otherwise did well enough as a rudo.

three jump frog splash
crucifix powerbomb into the corner
off the post tope con giro

Repeat of the Hell Brothers/Holocausto video form the start of the show.

Match 3: Monsther Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs El Mesías, Electroshock, Pentagón Jr.
Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 06/01/2015

Circus splash

Winner: rudos (Mesías top rope splash Psycho Clown, Pentagon backcracker Monsther Clown )
Match Time: 8:02
Notes: Referee is Piero. Rudos attack the Psycho Circus as soon as they get in the ring. Electroshock attacked his partners after the match for no apparent reason, with Hijo del Pirata Morgan rushing out to help him. The Hell Brothers made the save, with Mesías & Pentagon Jr. popping right back up to life to make it 5 to 2. The Psycho Circus then beat up the five, with Muredr Clown splashing Averno and Pentagon. Hell Brothers declared they’d be champs after Verano de Escandalo.

Review: [ok] a thousand belt whipping spots and not a whole lot more. Shorter but usual Psycho Clown match – boring brawling beatdown, a couple trademark spots on the comeback, and then a quicker than usual finish. Mesías & Pentagon, the two guys definitely not in the trios title picture, being the two guys who got the win makes not much sense at all, but then they did a dozen different thigns in the post match to make you forget about it.

sneaking backcracker

Backstage, Konnan and the Sociedad met with the Hell Brothers to remind them (and us) of their alliance against the AAA técnicos. Whatever’s going on with Cibernetico’s goatee is distracting, but everyone seems to be on good terms.

Match 4: Blue Demon Jr., La Parka, Myzteziz vs Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 06/01/2015

Winner: Hell Brothers (all three pin Parka)
Match Time: 7:24
Notes: Referee is Piero. Finish is bizarre, as Parka is punching Averno, and the other two Hell Brother swarm him with punches. Averno helps in, and all three guys just cover Parka for the finish. Hell Brothers take the masks of the técnicos after the win.

mask party


Review: [ok] an AAA main event trios match, without it actually being the main even. Actually more active and less routine than usual and seemingly headed to a Good rating with a strong finish, but instead the match just sort of suddenly ended. This, and the mask pulling after, feels like something that’ll make a lot more sense once AAA explains what they’re doing with TripleMania. Hell Brothers probably need to stop doing their pose just before they’re about to lose control of the match.

Match 5: El Patrón Alberto & Fénix vs Brian Cage & Texano Jr.
Polyforum La Fe, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, 06/01/2015

Fenix taken out

Winner: rudos (Cage powerbomb thru a table Alberto)
Match Time: 13:35
Notes: Pentagon and Konnan accompany Cage to the ring. Referee is Hijo del Tirantes. Rudos attack before the whistle. Pentagon, Konnan and Tirantes help out the rudos during the match. Alberto bleeds after a chair shot to the head. A table is set up in the ring, with Cage setting up a superbomb on Fenix thru it, when Alberto starts his comeback. The table sits in the ring undisturbed for quite a few minutes. Texano has a right arm/shoulder injury about 7 minutes, after taking a Fenix dive – a stretcher comes for him, but he continues. (This appears to be the opposite arm which he’d hurt later this month.) Tirantes tries to fast count Alberto down for Cage, but can’t count fast enough to beat Alberto. Alberto eventually gets the armbar on, but Pentagon and Konnan break it up and it’s not clear Tirantes is ever going to call the submission anyway. Alberto clears house on Pentagon & Tirantes, and is punching Konnan in the corner then Cage pulls him off for a powerbomb, finally putting him thru the table. Tirantes fasts counts that time too. They cut away with in 20 seconds.

Fenix put thru the shredder

Review: [good] Another good Alberto/Fenix vs Cage/partner match. Texano and Fenix is not a match up seen a lot, but they played off each other well and Cage & Texano were great as a pair. Fenix has come thru well in these main event appearances, coming off as big a star as his partner. Cage and Alberto had better chemistry here than other matches. The usual over done interference/heel ref spots were annoying, but it didn’t drag this match down as much as some others (and wasn’t done quite as much as those others.) As a TV program, this has steadily improved.

walk the ropes tope con giro
Texano attempts to crack Fenix’s head
tornado DDT
Fenix finally gets back at the bullies