07/10 AAA TV Results (Puebla) – Alberto/Cage set for TripleMania

AAA TV (FRI) 07/10/2015 Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo, Puebla, Puebla [@FlyDeportes , AAA, Cinco Radio]
1) Dinastía, Mini Drago, Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Psycho Clown
Pimpi beat Charly.
2) Goya Kong & Niño Hamburguesa b Carta Brava & Taya Valkyrie
Goya Kong was the mystery luchadora, is now 2-0 in AAA. Hamburugesa splash on Carta Brava.
3) Fireball & Ludxor b Daga & Steve Pain
Ludxor replaced Argenis. Fireball (Flamita) was the surprise luchador. Fireball beat Steve Pain with a Spanish Fly, and Pain was stretched out.
4) Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria b Monsther Clown & Murder Clown and Electroshock & Hijo de Pirata Morgan and Australian Suicide & Jack Evans
Cuervo beat Jack.
5) Aerostar, Drago Argenis, Myzteziz DQ Averno, Chessman, Cibernético
Argenis replaced Drago. Myzteziz had La Mistica on Chessman, but Avenro pulled off his mask.
6) Brian Cage b El Patrón Alberto, El Mesías [bull terrier]
Cage powerbombed Alberto thru dry wall, then touched four corners to win. Cage covered Alberto up with the American flag, and Cage challenged Alberto to hair versus hair. Alberto later accepted.

Air Date: 08/08 (day before TripleMania) & 08/15.

AAA’s confirmed Alberto versus Brian Cage, hair versus hair, is official for TripleMania. It’s the second match set for the show, joining Rey Mysterio versus Myzteziz. The Mega title is not mentioned, though the outcome seems pretty set either way.

Even with that match set, Averno is still hassling Myzteziz. Secta versus Jack & Angelico is still going, and that one could actually be another TripleMania match. (They did a cage match, maybe they do a ladder match? If only they had something to hang up there.)

The Fireball thing is weird. It suggests AAA has larger plans for him than the Belial/Arez level guys who turned up earlier this year, because they’ve gone thru the effort of introducing him with a name AAA will own. (He was still wearing his Flamita gear, so the naming wasn’t any more than that.) I’m sure what it means long term. AAA wanted to bring back Flamita for at least a year, Flamita’s was still said to be going back to Dragon Gate in September at last report, so this might just be a couple shows. CMLL has appeared not to object to their luchadors wrestling those who’ve appeared just once or a few times on AAA TV tapings this year, but they’re also completely inconsistent about those things. Maybe the Flamita/Dragon Lee match in Veracruz happens (help by being a small enough town that no one will know if it does happen), but it’s probably a good thing for CaraLucha that they went to Volador/Flamita right away.

There is no next announced taping until TripleMania. It’d be a four week break as currently scheduled, so the guess is something gets announced today on TV to take place in a couple weeks.

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  1. Fireball is such a suck ass name. He is still better than Fenix. Oh btw Goya and Hamburguesa team is nectar of the gods. New mixed champs.

  2. Maybe the wanted to get away from the diminutive name? Afraid he may be thought off as a Mini? then again Gotita de Plata still uses that name so maybe AAA is just being AAA to get a name they can trademark.

    But Flameball? Isn’t that a candy?

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