Lucha Underground 1×34: Gold and Guerreros

leg to the face


Texano Jr. beats Delavar Davari (6:09, powerbomb)
Hernandez DQ Drago (6:57, DQ for belt choke)
Alberto submit Marty (0:54, Destiny armbar)
Prince Puma pinned Chavo Guerrero (4:54, 630 senton)

All the gifs from the show are here.


The show was built around Chavo’s title challenge. He asked for it from Dario earlier in the night. Dario offered Chavo anything he wanted in appreciation for his earlier help, and Chavo really took Dario up on it: no DQ, Crew at ringside, and Puma would lose the title if Konnan interfered in anyway. Catrina and Mil Muertes confronted both luchadors, threatening to beat the winner at Ultima Lucha. Prince Puma seemed a little more disturbed than Chavo, but Konnan warned Puma not to let Catrina play mind games. Konnan was busy himself, recruiting an off screen character to get revenge on Chavo on behalf of Mexico and Blue Demon.

It all built to a big main event, but it didn’t turn out to be much of one. Chavo pulled his hamstring bending over for Puma’s roll over backdrop escape. He was pretty much incapable of going on, so the Crew jumped in and did spots with Puma for about 90 seconds before laying Puma out for the frog splash. Chavo very slowly climbed the ropes, while Konnan signaled for help – which turned out to beTexano, laying out all therudos and allowing Puma to get in his 630senton.Texano declared HE wa Mexico.

Heranndez dropping Draog easily

The show ended with Chavo in the locker room, still in pain. Blue Demon confronted him, mostly to mock Chavo’s failure while promising not to attack an injured man. Chavo took the moment to get in Demon’s head, saying Texano was the real Mexico rep and Blue Demon was a washed up guy who lived in Miami. Demon did not take this well.

Texano had a busy show, seemingly ending his feud with Davari via clean win. Texano charged Davari, but Davari got some help from Big Ryck in fighting back. Ryck again didn’t look totally thrilled with Davari ordering him around. A Ryck lasso punch missed, Texano superkicked him off the apron, then beat Davari with the powerbomb.

Hernandez and Drago met, following up on the recent fights. This one ended as an echo of the last, with Hernandez taking a belt from a fan, strapping Drago with it, then choking him out to get DQed. Hernandez declared dragon’s weren’t real and fans are dumb for cheering for him.

to be fair, it didn’t seem like he was using the belt right

Alberto quickly squashed Marty the Moth. Striker speculated that Dario is trying to run Marty off by feeding him to the top guys. Alberto was aggressive in the match, then declared Mundo had woken up his evil side. Alberto said he’d damage Mundo’s face much like Mundo tried to do him by putting him thru the glass.

Ultima Lucha Card so far

  • Prince Puma (c) vs Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground championship
  • Johnny Mundo vs Alberto el Patron


There’s been better shows. There was nothing bad on the show, but there wasn’t anything great either. There’s a little bit of things being played out a slower to peak on Ultima Lucha, and obviously the main event had some really bad luck.

Texano/Davairi was the best match of their feud, but also hopefully the last. Announcing have a lot of words to pound home Texano as the working man’s hero. I’s still such a leap since how he was introduced with nothing other than the necessities of the plot to explain it. They’re playing the Ryck/Davari issues much quieter.

seventh defense for Puma

Drago/Hernandez didn’t seem to have much chemistry. Drago probably should’ve been more ticked off than Texano, given how much more Hernandez has cost him, but it felt just like another Hernandez match.

Alberto/Marty was a really good squash, and Alberto’s promo was strong.

Chavo/Puma didn’t seem like a thrilling idea, but it really never had a chance. They edited so it just kept going, and the announcers tried to ignore the injury for the most part. (The Demon/Chavo skit was clearly an after the fact addition.) Just a bad fluke.

Next week’s episode looks much better.