CMLL Friday preview, En Busca de un Idolo, All Elite main event

Today’s CMLL show follows up on Wednesday’s confusion and match making with a Guerreros versus Revolucionarios main event. That should end up with Rey Escorpion and Ultimo Guerrero repeating their challenges. Hopefully only those two, or I want my Wednesday back. That show – Juicio Final? – probably needs a good semimain. This show has a random relevos incredibles with Sombra, Rey Bucanero & Rush versus Diamante Azul, Negro Casas, and Volador Jr., which could provide a lot of different possibilities for a big show semimain match. En Busca de un Idolo matches are Flyer/Zavala (promising) and Panther Jr./Casas (promising doom).

LuchaWorld reviews Tuesday’s En Busca de un Idolo matches. The voting isn’t final yet, but Zavala & Maya will be way ahead of everyone else. They’re doing good in the results, slightly better than everyone else in the judging, and just blowing everyone else in fan poll so far. Everyone else will be within 40 points of each. If any of the others turn it around in the fan polling, they’ll make it to the top 4 quick.

El Pancracio’s recap of Thursday’s Liga Elite press conference has Juvi saying he’ll be teaming with Rush, so it must be Volador Jr. & Shelton Benjamin as the other team. Juvi called Volador a bad clone of him. Fuerza Guerrera and Octagon are still teasing their mask match; that feud started in 1991 when Octagon was still in EMLL. +LuchaTV has video of the press conference, so you be weirded out by seeing Octagon in front of the CMLL logo.

The Lucha Dragons were in Mexico City this week to promote the WWE’s November tour. A WWE official said they’re planning a lucha libre themed movie, and “expect to” tape TV in Mexico in 2017. The WWE TV in Mexico often comes off as a carrot on a string.

Virus says he enjoyed his match with Avisman at ChilangaMask, and also Pagano/Hechicero. (The Peridico Enfoque Arena Puebla reporter was very busy this week, this is his fourth article.)

Vice Mexico visited the DTU show at Arena Aficion to write about extreme luchadors. It’s a familiar piece – luchadors insisting they do extreme wrestling right and it really hurts – but it’s still well done. Rich Swann makes a great cameo.

A TV special on Okumura & (still masked) Kamiatachi aired today in Japan. I’m not sure what show it was on, only that there were a lot of kanji messages about it on Twitter.

Cassandro has an interview win the Guardian, talking about El Paso, to promote his upcoming UK tour.

Hijo del Fantasma was actually in London to promote the completely separate but overlapping AAA shows there.

+LuchaTV had an interview with Los Ingobernables.

Black Terry Jr. has highlights of XMW Tag Team tournament.

SuperLuchas writes about an injury that ended Alberto Munoz’s career, Flama Azul winning a mask, and CMLL honoring Bobby Bonales.

CMLL & AAA have free shows this weekend in Tuxtla Guiterrez.

Segunda Caida reviews Oro Jr. versus Metalico. I forget exactly when Oro broke his jaw in that match. Metalico’s really come out much better from that feud (since he came up with the new character and wasn’t out for months), but they’re still about in the same place. There doesn’t seem to be that sort of midcard apuesta feud going on this year.

Voices of Wrestling has a review of this week’s Lucha Underground.