CMLL on CadenaTres: 2015-05-30

Recapped: 06/01/2015

En Busca de un Idolo ciberentico

Flyer connects with the barricade

Match 1: Fantasy & Último Dragoncito vs Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Olímpico
Arena México, 05/26/2015

  1. rudos
    • Pequeño Olímpico STF Ultimo Dragoncito (4:42)
    • Pequeño Nitro frontcracker Fantasy (5:10)
  2. técnicos
    • Fantasy Spanish Fly Pequeño Olímpico (3:24)
    • Ultimo Dragoncito kneeling body vice Pequeño Nitro (3:36)
  3. técnicos
    • Fantasy guillotine moonsault Pequeño Nitro (2:58)
    • COR Pequeño Olímpico (3:19)

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Rating: ok

wheelbarrow front cracker

Review: [ok] generic minis match, just with one less person and no particular spark. Outside of a Dragoncito 1 v 2 spot near the end, everything just looked fine if forgettable. Pequeño Nitro was just in a mood to do a lot of backcrackers, I guess. That flat back bump to the floor looks like a terrible bump to take on a regular basis for no particular reason, but that’s what happens here. At least they made it a finish this time.

Match 2: La Vaquerita, Lluvia, Silueta vs Amapola, Dalys, La Seductora
Arena México, 05/26/2015

GIF of something that went well!
  1. técnicas
    • Lluvia inverted crab Amapola (6:28)
  2. técnicas
    • DQ Amapola [mask Vaquerita] (4:51)

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 11:19
Rating: good

Dalys sort of catches this

Review: [good] much better than last week and may be a generous score, but they won me over with the near fall teases before the DQ finish and the work they did before it was pretty good. Rudas killing the técnicas in the start of the second fall was very good and the tecnica comeback was good given who was involved. Tencico crowd being suddenly into chanting for Vaquerita while the rudas focused on her and took her mask sure makes it seem like something’s up. They probably should’ve given her the first fall win to explain why Amapola was so angry with her, but we got see Lluvia’s confusing submission instead.

all purpose reaction GIF
This seems not fun

Stellar Moments

El Castigo: Demus Driver on Ultimo Dragoncito

Lo Doloroso: Dalys powerbomb on Silueta

El Rudo: Gran Guerrero sliding dropkick to Rey Escorpion

El Triunfo: Negro Casas casita on Dragon Lee

La Combinacion: Volador & Maximo dives onto Thunder & Euforia

Match 3: Blue Panther Jr., Boby Zavala, Canelo Casas, Delta, Disturbio, Esfinge, Flyer, Guerrero Maya Jr, Akuma, Cancerbero, Gallo, Joker, Pegasso, Raziel, Sagrado, Stigma in a En Busca de un Idolo match in a cibernetico match
Arena México, 05/26/2015

Pegasso dive
  1. Joker Driver on Akuma (7:07)
  2. Guerrero Maya reverse suástica Raziel (9:03)
  3. Pegasso 450 splash Joker (10:09)
  4. Delta Formaction on Cancerbero (12:09)
  5. Stigma powerbomb Pegasso (14:29)
  6. Boby Zavala arm trap armbar Sagrado (15:51)
  7. Esfinge springboard splash to the back Stigma (17:41)
  8. Canelo Casas casita Gallo (20:22)

Winner: Blue Panther Jr., Boby Zavala, Canelo Casas, Delta, Disturbio, Esfinge, Flyer, Guerrero Maya Jr.
Match Time: 20:22
Rating: good
Notes: Seeding battle royal occurs, much to everyone’s confusion. It had been announced as rudos versus técnicos for the cibernetico. Sagrado appears to be the only person in the ring to realize they’re down to eight when it happens. The referee, with no other responsibility in this match (and no real reason to stand in the ring rather than on the ramp or someplace else out of the way) has to stop and count before he can tell everyone to stop fighting. Battle Royal goes three minutes.

Joker wins!


A: Akuma, Esfinge, Flyer, Pegasso, Guerrero Maya Jr., Boby Zavala, Gallo, Cancerbero
B: Joker, Raziel, Delta, Stigma, Sagrado, Canelo Casas, Distubrio, Blue Panther Jr.

this got out of control suddenly

Review: [good] Probably underrating this one, weird cosmic balance. I tend to put emphasis (probably too much) on the ending when I write these, because they’re the last things I’ve seen, but doing a few minutes of painfall breaks up in this match of all matches makes no sense and hurt the match. It was still an exciting match, just not as exciting as last year and with some obvious flaws. Stigma had a rough match (which could’ve been fixed in editing and was not) and Sagrado had the one bad moment and then the total lack of sense just hurt. They went out to put on an exciting match instead of an exciting match that made sense. On the rewatch, it was noticeable how Joker didn’t get anything until he got one move in, and then hit his finish to take out Akuma. He did a little better right before his own elimination, but this was basically an introduction to him by showing him getting up a lot. Blue Panther Jr. and Canelo Casas stuck out as feeling like they were barely in the match at all. There was a lot of Maya, Delta and Zavala working with everyone, which at least gives some hope to how the matches should go. Announcers seemed under the impression the En Busca matches would be airing on this show, even though that doesn’t seem to be the plan.

Sagrado has a bad day
Canelo Casas looks for safety
Stigma had a worse day

Match 4: Marco Corleone, Máximo, Naito vs Hechicero, Kráneo, Mephisto
Arena México, 05/26/2015

Kraneo and Mije are the best
  1. técnicos
    • Naito slingshot dropkick to the chest Mephisto (3:52)
  2. rudos
    • Mephisto stomps Máximo (3:10)
  3. técnicos
    • Mije splash Kraneo (3:49)
    • Máximo back mounted tirabuzón Hechicero (3:53)

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:55
Rating: ok
Notes: Naito appears to have his NJPW music, but they’re using his CMLL video from his original run. Máximo has new music : “Girls in Luv” by Djane Housekat.

Naito rushing in for the dropkick

Review: [ok] Hechicero attempting to get a tour of Japan by tying Naito in knots made for a fun first fall. Everyone else was taking a few notches less serious, with a lot of comedic spots. It was probably a better match as semi-comedy than it would’ve been if they took it seriously and mailed it in. This is nothing you need to see but also more enjoyable than a lot of matches on this show. We don’t get a lot of Kraneo lately, with made it more fun to see him here. It is hard to see how La Mascara and goofy eye pose Naito are more Ingobernable material than Máximo.

Mije has a strong right hand
Maximo doesn’t take this quite the right way.