Rey Escorpion versus Ultimo Guerrero, hair versus hair, to take place on July 17th

Not a team match, not a cage match, just a one on one singles match: Rey Escorpion will face his former mentor Ultimo Guerrero in about a month in a hair versus hair match. The two signed the contracts on CMLL Informa after teasing it at a press conference earlier today. The press conference and the previous matches had heavily suggested a multiman match, but the singles match is the best chance at drawing a big audience and delivering a good match. Some of Ultimo Guerrero’s best work in recent years has been as a pseudo-tecnico against Rey Escorpion and this should be no different.

The match should air on Azteca on August 1st. Unless there’s a change, it will not air in Mexico. Ultimo Guerrero is the favorite to win, both given how the feud has played out so far and Rey Escorpion’s record in apuesta matches, but it’s not a certainty.

The July 17 live event also should include the final first round matches of the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. The partner versus partner matchups of Delta versus Guerrero Maya Jr. and Disturbio versus Boby Zavala haven’t been scheduled yet, and would make sense for a big show. CMLL might add another bigger match, but there’s no telling for sure until it gets closer.

It’s really strange that CMLL waited until after the press left to make this announcement. Just another weird CMLL thing.

One thought to “Rey Escorpion versus Ultimo Guerrero, hair versus hair, to take place on July 17th”

  1. That makes sense, the two unmasked members fight for their hair. Could still do 6 masks in a cage at the anniversay with the remaining Guerrers/Revolucionarios.

    Perhaps this would be a good date for the missing Gran Alternativa tournament.

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