AAA on Televisa: 2015-05-23

this kind of falls apart when you stop think about it

where a dull period between big shows continues and AAA manages to give Demon his title match but not his title.

Recapped: 05/28/2015

Previously: Fantasma and Texano won their selection matches. La Secta got the better of Jack & Angelico. Chessman and Demon had an unresolved title match issue.

450 splash done easily

Match 1: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 05/02/2015

Winner: Angelico & Jack Evans (DQ)
Match Time: 8:59
Rating: ok

Cuervo bled from the forehead after a lot of kicks.

La Secta fouled the técnicos for the DQ, then gave the martinetes. Referee Piero waved for help, with La Secta keeping the doctor form getting their. Security eventually got involved, but La Secta still stomped the técnicos why thy were being put on stretchers, then jumped them again before they got to the ambulance.

Review: [ok] Match served the storyline well, but isn’t necessary to see in isolation. They played the storyline right, with an angry Jack and Angelico jumping La Secta and brawling more, but La Secta slowed it down when they were in control and it was just getting back up when it ended. The match was completely secondary to the post match attack. AAA security was pretty incompetent, letting Secta attack Jack & Angelico time after time.

totally illegal

Backstage, Fantasma is trying out Texano’s vest when Mascara Año 2000 wanders by. He’s got a shirt given to him – or at least it says it’s for him, it actually says “for the most sexy and beautiful.” Texano figures maybe they’ll learn more about this on the next show.

Before the show, Cibernético and Konnan are scheming to make sure Chessman keeps his title, when Zorro and his stick horse decide to involve themselves it. Cibernético thinks Zorro and his stick horse are nuts, and Zorro gets angry at calling Enrique Torres a stick horse. Konnan calms things down, and then does it again when Cibernético calls Zorro loco.

In the ring, Blue Demon talks about missing the title match way back in March 2014 and not getting his rematch until now. Demon doesn’t want an extreme match, no chairs, no fire, just a clean title match. Chessman arrives to say the people know Chessman is the real champion, except for the morons like Demon. This gets Chessman slapped, and clotheslined out of the ring. Demon topes Chessman for good measure. Chessman retreats to the back.

Rey Mysterio talks about his match for WCW, his appearance at the Super J Cup and his return to Rey de Reyes. Lucha World Cup hype.

Psycho plancha

Match 2: Psycho Clown vs Zorro vs Averno [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 05/02/2015

Winner: Psycho Clown (Code Red on Averno)
Match Time: 11:47
Rating: ok

Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Electrpshock and Kronoz ran in and attacked Psycho after the ring. Murder Clown and Monster Clown tried to make the save, failed and were beaten up.

Review: [ok] Better than the Texano match, less than the Fantasma match, nothing you need to see. Same layout as the last selection match, where the two rudos double team until they realize they both can’t win. Crowd was into Psycho, didn’t really react to Averno almost winning with his finisher. It’s been so long since Zorro’s won a match with a move outside the cane shot that I wouldn’t know to react to his finish, so the crowd not reacting to him is more understandable. As ludicrous weapon shot spots go, the amusingly increasing violence of the ones here actually worked well. There needed to be more hype leading into these matches to make them feel meaningful; seeing Zorro talk with his stick horse was okay, but they more needed promos with each guy talking about why they wanted to make the team.

super Devil’s Wings comes to AAA. same amount of pins from it
a little slow Code Red

Match 3: Blue Demon Jr. vs Chessman © for the AAA Latin American Championship
Lienzo Charro, Pachuca, Hidalgo, 05/02/2015

Winner: Chessman (DQ)
Match Time: 9:50
Rating: ok
Notes: Seconds are La Parka & Cibernético. Hijo del Tiarantes is referee. The Hell Brothers, Konnan, and Taya help Cibernetico interfere in front of Tirantes. Finally, Chessman accidentally hits Tirantes with a chair and tosses it to Demon, who is disqualified. Fenix and Alberto make the save after the math, teasing hitting Konnan forever before Alberto gives him some corner punches.

Review: [ok] Dry Blue Demon match. It’s not worked technical title match style, but more your turn my turn near finish style. You don’t get “mat wrestling” Chessman, you get “taking a tope in the back” Chessman. It’s also not the brawl Demon’s done, it’s just guys doing some moves, not particularly exciting moves, and a screw job finish. Apparently Cibernético attacking Blue Demon Jr. right in front of the referee is legal, half the rudo locker room attacking demon is legal, Averno pulling out Tirantes is legal, but a chair shot to Tirantes is not legal. The idea is explained is Demon got caught by his own instance on the rules being followed, but it came off as usual heel ref garbage in practice. I hope they’ve got real big plans for Chessman and this title to have to go thru all this to make Demon lose, but I suspect we won’t hear about it again for a year.

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