AAA on Televisa: 2015-05-09

Angelico’s plan seems flawed

Recapped: 05/17/2015

A lot of Jack & Angelico versus La Secta.

Previously: Fenix vs Fantasma, La Secta complain, Cage puts Alberto thru a table.

Fantasma, Texano and Cage come out to be boast being Fantasma, Texano Jr., and Cage. Fantasma reminds the crowd that Texano won Rey de Reyes, Cage beat Alberto and Fantasma is cruiserweight champion. Texano says his team at the World Cup won’t just make it to the second round (like the soccer team), but they’re going to beat everyone – including the so called Dream Team. Fantasma screams that Cage will beat Alberto tonight. Alberto interrupts at this point, with Myzteziz and Parka, disagreeing with the previous statements. Albert challenges Cage to do their match right now, and they tease doing it before Cage bails.

Random Fenix video.

Fenix & Fantasma actually working together

Match 1: Fénix vs Electroshock and Hijo del Fantasma [Copa Victoria Mexico Team 2 Selection]
Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas, 04/30/2015

Winner: Hijo del Fantasma (huracanarana on Electroshock)
Match Time: 7:30
Rating: ok
Notes: Hijo del Tirantes is referee, gets the longest introduction before the match.


double German suplex

Review: [ok] this was perfectly fine for being a 7:30 minute match, I just was not at all expecting it to be only 7 minuets and 30 seconds and was caught off guard when that was the three count. Electroshock spent a lot of the match looking like a monster who needed both técnicos to take him down, but it balanced out with him taking the pin. Fenix and Fantasma has a good 3-4 minute stretch without him in the middle that was somewhat more satisfying than their last match because there was no rudo referee bits – Tirantes was back to playing técnico.

Jack & Angelico respond to Scoria & Cuervo’s complaints: they get title shots because they actually win matches, unlike those two. The fans want to see them, not La Secta.

Red shirt kid’s day is made

Match 2: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas, 04/30/2015

Winner: La Secta (double submission on Jack & Angelico)
Match Time: 9:53 (4:09+5:34)
Rating: good

Jack gets flipped easy

Review: [good] Nice match to establish Cuervo & Scoria as being meant to be taken seriously again. The double submission win at the end was a nice spot and Cuervo’s spear on Jack keeps looking great. These teams seem like they have better matches in them and there were moments where the match was glaringly edited, but this was a good start. Production used a lot of ringside camera shots, which didn’t give the best view of the action at times – the guy taking the move was blocking the camera from seeing more. On the other hand, the editors faked the usual bit of doing the comeback right after the commercial break, with the real comeback coming later. May not have been even on purpose, but definitely enjoyable.

Jack does the Jack dive with an extra twist
friends double dropkick

In a short skit, Cuervo & Socira are thrilled to have beat the fan’s favorites.

Alberto’s really cooled off

Match 3: Angélico, El Patrón Alberto, Jack Evans vs Brian Cage, Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria
Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana, Tapachula, Chiapas, 04/30/2015

Winner: técnicos (Alberto inverted superplex Brian Cage)
Match Time: 10:0:6 (1:49+8:17)
Rating: ok
Notes: Match is billed all show as Alberto vs Cage. Scoria and Cuervo accompany Cage. Cage has his right elbow wrapped. Hijo del Tirantes is referee. Match starts as a singles match, with Alberto quickly getting the backcracker and signaling for the armbar. Cuervo and Scoria try coming in with a chair, but Alberto quickly gets the chair and disposes of them. Konnan hands cage a fire extinguisher and cage sprays in Alberto’s face to subdue him. The three luchadors stomp Alberto down, while Tirantes ignores or claps for Konnan. Jack and Angelico rush out of the save, attacking La Secta. Segment goes 1:49 before they stop to talk. Alberto rips Konnan, then challenges the rudos to a 3 on 3 match. Alberto taunts them into agreeing, and the match resumes as a trios. Konnan hands out at ringside. Everyone brawls, Alberto and Cage head into the crowd before the match resumes as normal. Konnan attacks Alberto at ringside at one point, and fans start tossing bottles towards the ringside area. Cage and Alberto brawl back into the crowd, people fleeing out of the way. Match breaks down into two separate brawls from there until La Secta send Angelico & Jack into a table. Alberto’s triple teamed for a bit, until Cage wanders off to the back for no apparent reason. Alberto makes the comeback over La Secta on his own. Cage comes back (Konnan waving him back – cage thought the bit was done?) and goes for a clothesline, but ends up taking the kick to the head. Cage kicks out at two in a relatively fair count. Cage and Alberto continue for a bit longer, until Alberto drops Cage on his head trying to do the Guerrero Special and that’s that. Cage can’t get back to his feet for a few minutes after the finish, but attacks Alberto after and lays him out with a belt shot as La Secta beat up Angelico & Jack. Cage says Alberto still hasn’t beat him one on one, and he wants the title. Konnan translates and insults the audience.

no one else is going to do this

Review: [ok] not totally simply an angle, but a lot of an angle and very little of a match. This wasn’t a great match but it definitely came off as A Thing, and that seemed to be an intention. The brawl was very good, it was all over the place and chaotic – not sure the people in it even knew what was happened. Cage losing to Alberto didn’t make much sense, but then maybe Cage getting dropped on his head was the bigger problem. That move hasn’t looked too safe with the guys Alberto’s been doing it too.

Brian Cage now 2 cm shorter.

Verano de Escandalo video package – a lot like the previous one, focusing on Alberto/Cage and Angelico/Jack/La Secta