Lucha Underground 1×29: Fight to the Death

Aerostar meets Mundo, knees first


Johnny Mundo beat Aerostar (6:33, fin de mundo) [good]
Prince Puma beat Hernandez (12:45, 630 senton), keeps Lucha Underground Championship [good]
Mil Muertes beat Fenix (9:12, Flatliner) in a death match [great]


Black Lotus reached the Lucha Underground Temple, but was cut off from going inside by Chavo Guerrero Jr. He convinced her to take his assistance and not go after Matanza just yet. That was the last we saw of him, but later events would prove Chavo and Dragon Azteca correct.

simple but effective

Mundo fought more aggressively, keeping Aerostar and pounding him repeatedly. His confidence was higher than before. Aerostar fought well and pushed Mundo, similar to his matches with Havoc & Angelico, but Mundo won in the end again.

Vampiro sat down with Sexy Star for an interview. It was less confrontational and more informational than his recent ones: Sexy Star is not scared of Pentagon Jr. and had no problem accepting a rematch for next week, even though Dario Cueto has made it a submission match. Sexy Star has not heard from Super Fly since his arm was broken by Pentagon, but believes he’s rehabbing for a return.

Hernandez versus Puma saw Puma survive a lot of tough shots, and get in a cheap shot with a chair thanks to a Konnan distraction. The match continued for many minutes after, with Puma missing one 630 senton but landing one when he got another chance. They got a lot of time and the match didn’t drag. There were other title matches which were better, but Hernandez was fine here. He doesn’t seem like the easiest guy to work with (the senton where he landed full on Puma seemed unfun) but he fulfilled his role here.

Prince Puma does this like it’s easy

Mil Muertes sported a new look, all black, including black pants. He was accompanied by Catrina and some Disciples, though it’s less clear if they’re his disciples or hers. All four stayed out of the way during the match, though the announcers made special note of them repeatedly circling the ring counter clockwise, believing it had some meaning. Mil Muertes didn’t really need the help. Catrina told the truth, Mil is back stronger than ever, no selling dives and destroying Fenix. Fenix got in a few hope moments, but less so than Grave Consequences. The rules of this death match were no DQ, no count, pinfall or submission in the ring, referee instructed not to stop the match unless it’s absolutely necessary. Mil Muertes took advantage of the lack of DQs to nail Fenix with a few chairs shots in between gigantic chokeslams and other moves. Mil carried a limp Fenix all the way up the stairs and towards the overhand near the announcers. Mil first teased throwing Fenix off the overhand, then instead powerbombed thru the ceiling of the room (closet?), sending Fenix down out of view. In a first, Lucha Underground took a break, then came back with replays of what had just occurred. The Disciples broke down the locked door to the room where Fenix had fallen, carried him back to the ring, and Muertes finished Fenix off with a brutal flatliner.

moonsaulting into your lap

After the credits, the Crew were seen meeting with Dario, upset they had let him down and demanding a sacrifice. Cortez and Cisco betrayed Bael. They forced him against the cage, where the monster Matanza (off screen) destroyed Bael, shooting blood onto the faces of Cortez and Cisco, as well onto Dario’s shirt. The remaining Crew members appeared shaken by what had just happened.


That was something. This was an episode of TV that could only be a Lucha Underground episode of TV becuase – from start to deadly end – no other wrestling should could possibly pull that off. And no one else would think to try. Johnny Mundo versus Aerostar in a wrestling match would be the most astounding thing on most TV shows. This one had a guy being murdered by a monster.

Fenix powerbombed to his doom

The spoiler reports for the rest of the season just had Mr. Cisco & Cortez Castro in the Crew, which always seemed weird. Was there a split up? Did B-Boy have some other commitment? It made a lot more sense when they aired the vignette of Dario introducing The Crew to Matanza, but even than I couldn’t possible imagine it. It certainly was the best devouring of a human I’ve seen on a wrestling show.

This show had matches too! And all pretty good. Johnny Mundo continues to have reliably entertaining matches against midcard guys, and meshed better against Aerostar than it would’ve figured. This match, much like last week’s promo, was about introducing newly rudo Johnny Mundo, but Aerostar got a lot and both men came out of it looking good.

Prince Puma and Hernandez exceeded expectation. It was a lot of Prince Puma doing crazy things, Hernandez getting him in trouble with a lot of power moves, and Puma making a comeback again. Just letting Puma do highlight reel stuff is entertaining enough. Hernandez worked well with him, and they had a quite a few nice near falls.

end of the line

Mil Muertes didn’t squash Fenix, but it was a calculated destruction designed to showcase Muertes as stronger than ever. The stunt fall to the floor looked spectacular and Muertes came off like a monster. Though not as much a monster as that last guy. Grave Consequences was the better match but this was a good sequel.

This would’ve been a good effort in matches under any circumstance. This wasn’t any circumstance: this episode and the next three week were all done in the immediate hours after Hijo del Perro Aguayo passed away. It’s amazing they were able to pull it together like they did.

10 episodes left.

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  1. I wonder if Mil Muertes is Hollywood’s LA Park’s re-imagining with the disciples looking like Parklings… (and Catrina doing the talking, which doesn’t make sense since Mesias is one of the few who can actually speak English) O.o

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