Leyenda de Plata, Lucha World Cup, Dragonmania

Tonight starts a busy weekend in Mexico. CMLL has it’s annual Leyenda de Plata final tonight. Toryumon holds it’s annual DragonMania show in Arena Mexico on Saturday afternoon, and many of those same wrestlers will work the Lucha Fan Fest Saturday evening. Sunday has the Lucha World Cup. TripleMania and CMLL Anniversary weekends will likely be bigger events, but they’re unlikely to match the eclectic group of foreigners coming in for one show or another.

The actual main event tonight is Marco Corleone, Maximo and Volador Jr. vs Euforia, Thunder and Ultimo Guerero, which might continue the slow build to a cage match. The big match is Negro Casas versus Dragon Lee for the Leyenda de Plata trophy. Dragon Lee won the cibernetico last week, Casas is the defending champion (beating Titan last year.) CMLL’s preview of the show notes Casas has a chance to become the first ever three time champion, noting the original Mistico is the only other one. CMLL’s ignored the existence of Mistico in the past. It’s built up as the biggest match in Dragon Lee’s career and it might be; Lee needs to be treated as a top guy going forward if he can win this tournament.

The Lucha World Cup is Sunday, but it looks like most of the wrestlers are going to be in Mexico by today. The TNA & ROH wrestlers were in yesterday (that looks like Reforma 222) and Team NOAH flew in this morning. The first round matchups for the tournament are supposed to be set today, but everyone’s also doing a lot of press building up the events. The sponsors also seem to have a bunch of tickets to give away; I don’t think it’s because they’re having trouble selling the tickets (the building is far from sold out, but the most expensive tickets are pretty much gone) but that Victoria got a large lot of tickets as part of their sponsorship.

Dr. Wagner Jr. is pretty sure his team is winning, because he and Demon are great and Solar knows holds that no one else knows that can instantly win matches. Wagner calls Rey Mysterio & Myzteziz as “jugglers”, and says they’ve proven themselves against US wrestler but never against Mexicans. Dr. Wagner Jr. remains Dr. Wagner Jr.

The Toryumon Mexico show at Arena Mexico is always said to be a free ticket show, but how you actually gets the tickets is always a mystery to me. (Go to Arena Mexico, loiter, and don’t buy them from the scalpers, I’d guess.) The Lucha Fan Fest, isn’t free, but comes with an autograph signing prior to the wrestling event. Main event is Atlantis, Mil Mascaras, Octagon versus Canek, Fuerza Guerrera and Ultimo Guerrero.

The scheduled Koguma vs Sexy Angel title match is off the Lucha Fan Fest show, with the promotion noting Koguma lost the title to Starfire and saying Koguma also decided to retire. (??) They’re doing a women’s trio instead.

KPCC has a story about how the look of the Lucha Underground Temple came about, including talking with the set designer about how they had to carefully make it look a bit run down. It also includes Vampiro explaining how worked pro wrestling came about.

The Gladiatores La Cerveza del Cuberto mentions two CMLL wrestlers were unprofessional in a match in Merida, so much so that the rest of the wrestlers on the show asked the promoter not to pay the CMLL guys and instead give the money to the guys who had to work with them. The item doesn’t name the CMLL headliner but it’s exactly who you’re guessing.

Joker’s excited to debut in Arena Mexico.

RobViper has highlights of 01/23 & 01/30/2015 CMLL.

LuchaWorld has Alfredo with all his thoughts on the news of the week and KrisZ’s news update.

+LuchaTV has Black Terry saying he’d like a singles match with Caifan, but not with Satanico. The best. There’s also highlights of Aero Boy vs Rey Horus.

Germany’s WXW announced the Rotation will be wrestling in DTU sometime this summer. The Rotation is a said to be a crazy high flyer, so he’ll fit right in.

Matt D at Segunda Caida reviews Marco Corleone, Mascara Dorada, Titan vs Cavernario, Rey Bucanero and Terrible.

Guerrero Universal talks about his career.

Lucha Libre in Japan

05/22 NJPW (BOSJ Day 1)
Barbaro Cavernario [2] beat Chase Owens [0]
KUSHIDA [2] beat Mascara Dorada

I watched the Cavernario match this morning, it was fine for two guys who were totally unfamiliar with each other. The NJPW crowd likes Barbaro. Dorada/Kushida was said to be good but too short.

Barbaro Cavernario’s club is said to now be 6000 Yen (~$50 USD)