CMLL weekend, Lucha World Cup iPPV, The Crash back in Tijuana

photo by Alexis Salazar-CMLL

CMLL (SAT) 05/09/2015 Arena Coliseo [CMLL]
1) Leono b Apocalipsis
Leono won via motocicleta
2) Flyer b Súper Comando
Super Comando replaced Disturbio on Monday. Fly won with a submission, something he’s not know for.
3) Sangre Azteca b Stigma
Sangre won with an anti-air dropkick and a submission.
4) Puma b Tritón
Puma double powerbomb for the win.
5) Morphosis & Ripper b Dragón Rojo Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr.
Straight falls, with Dragon taking Maya’s mask after the match to complete he return to the rudo side.
6) Ángel de Oro, La Sombra, Valiente b Ephesto, Luciferno, Nitro
Sombra worked poorly with his partners, as always, but they still won. Nitro replaced Mephisto.
7) Máximo © b Rey Bucanero [CMLL HEAVY]
Seconds were Valiente and Rayo Fulminante. Maximo took falls 1/3, the last with a Kiss of Death, for his first defense. Money thrown in.

Dragon Rojo’s tecnico stint lasted ten months. A lot of that was injury time. Guess it’s a good thing Escorpion and Polvora never got a new partner, would’ve been awkward.  (Poor Boby.)

AAA The Crash (FRI) 05/08/2015 Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja California [The Gladiatores]
1) Eternus & X-peria b Dementor & Sargon
2) Cardenal Jr., Mirage, Star Dragon b Black Danger, Búfalo Ayala, Destroyer
3) Black Boy & Rey Horuz b Bestia 666 & Mosco Negro and Daga & Steve Pain [The Crash TAG]
Daga & Steve Pain reunited Anarquia, but lost. Black Boy & Rey Horuz are the first champions.
4) Pentagón Jr. b Ángel Metálico © and Drago and Zarco [The Crash Cruiser]
Angel Metalico (champion) and Zarco were taken out when they went thru a table. Pentagon beat Drago to win the title. e dedicated the win to Hijo del Perro Aguayo.
5) Hijo del Fantasma © b Fénix [AAA CRUISER]
Texano seconded Fantasma and helped him during the win (finished via cradle piledriver.) Fantasma’s fourth defense. The Perros del Mal, including Kahn, brought out a giant picture of Perro as part of a cermony to honor him after the match.
6) Brian Cage, El Mesías, Texano Jr. DQ Angélico, Blue Demon Jr., Psycho Clown
Rudos took 1/3, Mesias knocking down the referee and faking a foul from Demon.

First show for the promotion back in Tijuana after Perro’s death. Can’t tell how well they did in the photos.  The Tijuana newspapers who wore extensively about Perro’s death gave the show normal levels (very little) of coverage – not even the standard “here’s how things have changed since the last show” article. It does point towards any momentum for changes in lucha libre commissions to be just about extinguished.

Pentagon now has three different belts in hand, and this one might also show up on AAA TV.

CMLL (SUN) 05/10/2015 Arena México [CMLL]
1) Bengala & Magnus b Camorra & El Rebelde
2) Estrellita, Goya Kong, Silueta b Dalys, La Seductora, Tiffany
Moms Silueta, Estrellita and Tiffany took photos with their children before the match. First Estrellita Arena Mexico match in nearly three months; she’s been busy with her dancing show.
3) Misterioso Jr., Pierroth, Sagrado b Blue Panther Jr., Fuego, The Panther
Pierroth surprised Fuego in the third with a powerbonb for the win.
4) Vangellys b Titán [lightning]
Vangellys beat Titan in 8:24
5) Blue Panther, Marco Corleone, Máximo b Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
6) Felino, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero b Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr.
Ultimo Guerrero replaced Barbaro Cavernario on Monday. Negro Casas replaced Mr. Niebla on Sunday. Ultimo Guerrero used the ropes to beat Volador.

Mr. Niebla’s last Arena Mexico match took place in the main event last Sunday. (He also wrestled the next day in Puebla.) That Niebla Arena Mexico match was edited out of the Claro Sports broadcast, which is very unusual on CMLL broadcasts. They didn’t cut out any of Mr. Niebla’s recent no condition appearances, so it could be for other reasons here, but it’s at least a little curious. It did end up leaving Cavernario/Titan with 27:25 of TV time, so no one is complaining.

The Lucha World Cup iPPV site is up, and it looks like the cost will be $19 USD. That’s nearly twice the price of Rey de Reyes. It’s probably a more expensive show than Rey de Reyes, but I’d also guess they’re still experimenting with finding out how much they can charge for these. Same provider as last time (which went well.) Not sure if they’ll be raising the price on the day of the show, as they did with Rey de Reyes, but you should prepare as if they will. On the other hand, the FAQ still says the show will disappear from on demand seven days after the show but the Rey de Reyes VOD is still available six weeks later.

Argos, and only Argos so far, turned out to be the exchange to TNA in return to for the US promoting being part of the Lucha World Cup. Argos hasn’t been on AAA TV in ten months, seemingly losing his already fringe TV role when AAA dropped Consejo as a group, but will be on TNA’s TV in May.  Argos, at least at the moment, seems like a guy unlikely to be used on Lucha Underground any time soon, which may have been the reason he was picked to go to TNA. In a show taped on Saturday for May 22nd, Argos was in a six way #1 contenders match.

Fuego en el Ring said Arena Coliseo Guadalajara is working on broadcasting their shows live locally. It appears a one hour show of Guadalajara lucha is airing on local channel 4 on Saturday mornings currently, having started last week.

Black Terry Jr. has photos of the Mamba 10th Anniversary show. Mamba reverted back to the Black Mamba gimmick from Nuevo Laredo for one match before coming back with a new gear for the main event.

Vanely won the WWS championship on Saturday, right before she heads to Europe to represent the promotion. Former champ Starfire (I think) vacated the title before heading to Japan, and Vanely says she’ll give her a match for the title.

Lizmark Jr. won the AIWA Heavyweight Championship, though it’s probably more newsworthy for being Hijo del Dr. Wagner’s first match since injuring his elbow in a match a few weeks ago.

Mr. Aguila, who’s gone missing from CMLL since March, missed a scheduled match in Cicero, Illinois on Saturday.

Arena Azteca in Torreon very quietly had an AAA vs CMLL match, by including locals Stukita and Machine Rocker in a normal main event trios. Fake Gloria Trevi was probably the draw.

SuperLuchas looks back at Andre el Gigante visiting UWA in 1992, just as AAA was about to start.

RobViper has a music video of 01/23/15 AAA in Naucalpan.

Leyendas Inmortales aired this week.

El Pancario previews the ex-AAA card main event and Payasos vs Payaso match.

Segunda Caida reviews PWR 05/09/15.


CMLL (SAT) 05/16/2015 Arena Coliseo
1) Molotov vs Cholo
2) Sensei vs Espanto Jr.
3) La Vaquerita vs Reyna Isis
Isis’ Coliseo (and CMLL Mexico City) debut
4) Pegasso vs Okumura
5) Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Sagrado
6) Dragon Lee & Tritón vs Hechicero & Kamaitachi
7) La Máscara, La Sombra, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible

Ingobernables/TGR is a bit bigger name match than usual for this show. Semimain could be a great match if they’re up to it, and Maya/Sagrado should be good as well.

CMLL (SUN) 05/17/2015 Arena México
1) Magnus & Metatrón vs Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Flyer, Soberano Jr., Stigma vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Cancerbero, Raziel
3) Tritón vs Okumura [lightning]
4) Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther Jr., Valiente vs Ephesto, Kráneo, Luciferno
5) La Sombra, Rush, Super Porky vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys
6) La Máscara, Máximo, Volador Jr. vs Felino, Negro Casas, Shocker

The following week is the Lucha World Cup, and it would be usual for CMLL to make a token effort at competing. Top two matches make no sense the way they have them set up. It’s possible there’s some juggling because Mr. Niebla was supposed to be doing something (with Volador?) and now he’s not around. The rudo sides are broken up the same way they’ve been on Tuesday when they’ve set up the tag title feud, so it’s possible the new idea is Maximo & Volador challenging Negro Casas & Shocker on the 24th.